efficiency expert

Mary Vinson knew she was facing an uphill battle the day she started working for Donnini Enterprises (Lake Park, FL). Her job, simply put, was to install a back-office accounting system using the state-of-the-art computers the company purchased a year earlier.

Just hours into her tenure Vinson faced her first daunting challenge: opening the boxes the computers came in. In addition to getting 23 convenience stores plugged into a centralized accounting system, she had to conduct impromptu training to get other employees up to speed.

"Not many people had computer experience, but it was worth the effort," says Vinson. "The office became more efficient and the information coming from the stores was more accurate and timely. Life as we knew it changed drastically."

That was 16 years ago, and, while those computers have come and gone, Vinson continues to make an indelible impression on Donnini Enterprises.

Shortly after completing the hardware installation, Vinson's role expanded. She became the company's primary tech support contact helping to create, review and correct monthly income reports automatically. Over time, she learned every aspect of the company


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