valero sings a new tune

With the holidays right around the corner, San Antonio, TX-based ValeroEnergy Corp. has introduced several new in participating Valero Shamrock CornerStores, making holiday shopping that much more convenient for customers. Theproducts include a new line of Texas-themed music CDs, a variety of popularvideo games and a selection of blockbuster movies.

In nearly 600 of its Texas retail stores, Valero has rolled out a new lineof proprietary CDs featuring songs from a variety the Lone Star State's favoriteTejano, Blues, Reggae/Latino and country music artists. And before November'send, the company will add two holiday CDs to the mix: A Texas Christmas andA Tejano Christmas. The CDs sell for $9.99 each, while the ChristmasCDs will carry a $7.99 price tag. All of the were made exclusively for Valerothrough with Urban Box Office (

"Especially with the holidays right around corner, we're excited about offeringthis special line of CDs to our customers," says Gary Arthur, senior vice presidentof retail and specialty products marketing at Valero. "These products are notonly unique to our stores, they're also priced competitively. And, since musicCDs are such popular gift items, we're confident that customers will appreciatethe convenience of them in a Valero or Diamond Shamrock Store." Arthur addsthat the CDs are delivered to the stores by the company's retail distributioncenter in San Antonio, which has helped drive the costs of the product.

As part of Valero's entertainment product about 350 of the company's largerstores throughout its retail network now carry a variety popular PlayStation2 and Xbox video games. Customers can also choose from a selection of previouslyviewed movies and new releases. The video games and new movies are priced at$19.99, and previously viewed movies sell for just $12.99. As an added draw,Valero is running a special promotion where customers can purchase two previously-viewedmovies for just $20.

"Not only do we offer a great selection of quality games and movies, we'vepriced them so they'll go head-to-head against everyone else," says Arthur."And they're quick and easy to purchase, which is important to our customers


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