next stop for first stop handheld computing

First Stop Convenience Stores has implemented Pricebook Connect fromTiva Software LLC (,in conjunction with barcode scanners from Socket Communications Inc.(

) toimprove the speed and accuracy of order processing and information sharing forits chain of 30 stores throughout Ohio and Kentucky. Using the handheld system,First Stop has automated its inventory management process and simplified datacollection, reducing the staff time required for price changes alone by morethan 20 hours per month in each store, according to Chad Moore, chief informationofficer for First Stop. First Stop implemented Pricebook Connect running onan HP iPAQ mobile device with integrated Socket CF Scanners to streamline ordering,pricing, inventory and back office activities. The wireless system eliminatesmanual processes and enables real-time access to accurate information, allowingprice updates to occur in hours. The solution also enables stores to print newshelf tags immediately to comply with pricing updates.


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