a revolution in portability

Looking for a unique foodservice offer that requires minimal labor and comes with its own edible package? A new company founded by food designer and consultant Nir Adar offers "the first real food innovation since sliced bread."

While living in New York, Adar saw how people wrestled with enormous pizza slices and wondered if there was an easier way to eat pizza on the go. He then traveled to Italy and saw people walking around eating ice cream cones. An idea hit him like a lightning bolt. If the cone can make ice cream portable, why not pizza? And that was the birth of Crispy Cones.

Crispy Cones (

www.crispycones.com)uses a 6" edible cone as the vessel for a meal. The idea started with pizza,but Adar has since developed several cone flavors to complement fillings forbreakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. There's a slightly salted cone for pizza(pictured), a taco cone for chili, and a dessert cone similar to a pie crustfor sweet fillings; Adar is also in the process of developing a rice cone forgluten-free food options.

"The idea is to use familiar things and take them to the next level," says Adar, founder and CEO of Crispy Cones. "We all have great memories of eating ice cream cones. Now we're using that same great vessel to make meals and snacks as portable."

The cones are made from a proprietary dough with a drip-free bottom that bakesto a crispy finish. It took Adar almost a year and a half to develop the dough,but the end result can be heated in an oven and held for hours in a warmer


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