if the safety shoe fits

Outfit your employees with stylish, comfortable shoes that can prevent slip-and-falls.

One of the leading causes of employee injuries is slip-and-fall accidents. All the safety procedures in the world can’t protect a company from a momentary lapse that results in an employee taking a spill on a slippery floor, but a simple footwear program can help reduce such accidents by 60% to 70%.

Vendor Shoes For Crews (www.shoesforcrews.com

; 877-667-5477) manufactures one of the highest-rated slip-resistant footwear brands for men and women in the workplace. The shoes feature a patented SFC III Slip-Resistant Outsole that grips the microscopic roughness of the floor surface and have a grid-pattern that channels liquids away from the bottom of the shoe. The shoes come in over 40 different styles for employees to choose from and are priced at $30 and under.

Employees purchase shoes through a voluntary payroll deduction plan. Workers fill out a simple order form and give it to the manager, who places the order by Web, phone or fax. The shoes are shipped directly to the employee at the facility, and an invoice is sent to the company’s accounting/payroll department for deduction. The cost of the shoes are deducted from two or three paychecks, depending on the cost of the style chosen.

Shoes For Crews is so confident that the program will help prevent slip-and-fall injuries that it offers a $5,000 accident warranty. If any employee has a slip-and-fall accident in the work place while wearing the shoes, Shoes For Crews will reimburse a company up to $5,000 for each Worker’s Comp claim paid.


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