cleaning up at the coffee bar

A new addition to 7-Eleven’s coffee bar targets the road warrior: spill-protection wipes.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a “road warrior” than to stain a freshly-pressed shirt or suit coat with a splash of hot coffee. And 7-Eleven Inc. knows it. The retailer that began offering hot-to-go coffee in convenience stores almost 40 years ago now offers protection from spills for the 365 million cups of coffee it sells each year. It’s called Coffee Wipes, a pack of six individual stain-removing towelettes that were co-developed with Enzyme Solutions (

The bio-degradable, travel-size towelettes (SRP $1.99) remove coffee stains completely and are available only at 7-Eleven stores. Coffee Wipes contain a powerful, organic multi-enzyme solution that is safe for all fabrics. The product can immediately remove a stain once the area is allowed to dry. And they’re versatile, too. The stain solution works not only on coffee, but also on stains produced by other spilled beverages or food items.

“In the morning rush, it can be hard to juggle a cup of coffee, a newspaper and a sandwich to go without any spills,” says Denny Zimmerman, category manager for 7-Eleven. “[With Coffee Wipes], we wanted to provide our customers a quick, easy solution to keep in their car, at work or in a purse or handbag.”

Also new to 7-Eleven stores: insulated, plastic coffee cups with no-spill, snap-on lids designed by Solo Cup Co. These new lids— Traveler Plus—are easy to snap on and have a re-closable mechanism to reduce coffee spills. Solo’s new thermal line of insulated plastic cups that allow customers to comfortably grip their coffee cup, while keeping beverages hot, are the perfect complement to the new lid.

Kris Nelson, 7-Eleven’s manager of hot beverages, says the coffee cup solution is “the best cup and lid combination-designed with the customer’s convenience in mind.”

And to fill those new cups, 7-Eleven stores recently added some tempting new flavored hot beverages and sugar-free syrups to its roster of options. They include Caramel Crunch flavored coffee, Bananas Foster flavored cappuccino and a new hot cocoa infused with the flavor of the new Hershey’s “Take 5” candy bar.

For a limited time, 7-Eleven will promote its coffee with the new “Take 5” chocolate bar by offering 25′ off the candy bar price with the purchase of any size coffee.


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