A new digital badge could help increase sales, improve the execution of in-store promotions and raise awareness of your brand. Seems like you just might need some ’stinkin’ badges’ after all.

Picture this: It’s Super Bowl weekend and an adult customer comes to the register with a sixpack of Bud Light. He places the package on the front counter and his eyes are immediately drawn to the associate manning the register.

On the sales associate’s shirt is a flashing badge that reads, “Don’t forget the snacks for your Super Bowl Party,” When he returns to the counter with a bag of Doritos, his eyes immediately return to the flashing badge, which now reads, “Did you remember the ice?” The customer then lopes off toward the ice doors.

The chance of reaping ancillary sales of ice, snack chips or anything else in the store may go up substantially thanks to a new “digital badge.”’s new PromoTagZ scrolling LED (light-emitting diode) message badge is completely programmable to “say” whatever its owner conjures up—making it an extremely valuable sales tool since a customer’s eyes are drawn to motion (see Pumping up sales, Oct. ’03, p. 20).

Messages can be changed quickly and easily with a computer or through an “on-board” programming feature that enables users to switch on the fly. The PromoTagZ Pro badge contains a dot matrix of 168 Super-Bright LEDs. Users can toggle between as many as 16 promotional messages with a one-touch feature.

The LED lights are rated to last for more than 100,000 hours of continuous operation. PromoTagZ badges operate off a standard CR2032 watch battery, operating for roughly 40 hours per battery. The badge’s face plate is scratch resistant and measures just 3.15″ by 1.5″. The badge has a light, slimline design that will not weigh down shirts or jackets, to which it attaches using a super-strong magnetic clasp. The wholesale cost per badge is approximately $20, though key suppliers may be able to help offset costs through co-op deals.

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