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7-Eleven adds to trend of selling wristbands to support worthy causes.

Following the enormous success of the “LIVESTRONG” bracelet from cancer survivor and champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong, 7-Eleven Inc. (Dallas, TX) has launched its own wristband for another noble cause—supporting U.S. troops.

7-Eleven is helping customers support American troops and the United Service Organizations (USO) that assist them by selling “Support Our Troops” wristbands. For each wristband sold, $1 is donated to the USO to fund programs and services for military service members and their families worldwide. An informal CSD poll of 7-Eleven stores in southeast Pennsylvania revealed stores selling the bracelets for $2.99 each. The fatigue-green wristbands are embossed with “Support Our Troops” on one side and “USO” on the other.

7-Eleven is the first national retailer to offer a wristband program as a way to raise money for U.S. troops through USO programs. A nonprofit charitable corporation, the USO (www.uso.org) relies on the generosity of the American people to support its programs and services.

Meanwhile, “imposter” bracelets modeled after Armstrong’s “LIVESTRONG” wristband have been causing a stir in some parts of the country. In Connecticut, some convenience stores were selling rubber bracelets made to resemble the ones being sold as a fundraiser by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Even though the bracelets bore the word “LIVESTRONG,” they weren’t the real deal. When one gas station owner in New Haven started selling the knock-off bracelets, they ranked among his most popular items. But he decided to pull them from store shelves after realizing some customers thought they were paying $1.99 per bracelet to fight cancer— which was the aim of Armstrong’s $1 wristbands.

If the New Haven retailer does decide to sell the bracelets again, he tells WFSB-TV, he intends to display a sign to let customers know the bracelets are not “authentic” and that the proceeds would not support the Armstrong foundation’s battle with cancer.


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