Smokeless Sales are Surging

Innovations and competitive pricing are pushing the popularity of moist smokeless tobacco. By John Lofstock, Editor. With cigarette smokers in flux—some sticking to favorite brands, others trading down or trying e-cigarettes and some transitioning to smokeless products—opportunities for c-stores abound. Industry insiders are looking for increased moist smokeless tobacco (MST) usage and concomitant rise in


Cumberland Farms, NJOY Partner

NJOY products are now available at all Cumberland Farms stores; NJOY Kings available in December 2012. Cumberland Farms, a convenience store chain with locations throughout the Northeast and Florida, and e-cig company NJOY have announced a distribution partnership. The partnership includes chain-wide distribution of NJOY’s newest electronic cigarette, the NJOY Kings, to the nearly 600


Study Examines Ways To Prevent Teen Smoking

Researchers “found no support that banning tobacco ads throughout the store would discourage kids from trying to purchase cigarettes,” according to the study’s author. U.S. teens are much less likely to buy cigarettes if they are hidden from view, new research suggests. The study tracked the purchases of a group of adolescents as they “shopped”


Red Buck Soft Tip Cigars

Tantus Tobacco, a company dedicated to bringing high-quality, value-priced filtered cigars, tipped cigars,  cigarettes and pipe tobacco to the market, has added Red Buck Soft Tip (ST) Cigars to its product line. Four flavors are available in 10 count packs: Full Flavor, Menthol, Cherry and Blueberry. For More Information From Tantus Tobacco


Sheetz Inc. Partners With NJOY

NJOY Kings to be available at all Sheetz stores November 2012. Sheetz Inc. has entered into a distribution partnership with e-cigarette company NJOY. Beginning mid-November 2012, the partnership includes chain-wide distribution of NJOY’s newest electronic cigarette, the NJOY Kings, throughout the more than 430 Sheetz retail locations. “At Sheetz, there is a clear focus on


Recycling Program For Cigarette Waste Launches

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco And TerraCycle team to help the environment. Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. has teamed up with TerraCycle, a world leader in developing solutions for hard-to-recycle materials, to do something about cigarette butt litter. According to Keep America Beautiful (KAB), 65% of all cigarette butts are disposed of improperly. But thanks to


Serving Cigar Smokers

Little cigars are gaining a loyal following with older demographics based on affordability. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor. Consumption of little cigars, which have lower taxes and fewer marketing restrictions than cigarettes, has increased dramatically over the past three years. And while convenience store retailers can apply the usual merchandising techniques to them, an in-depth


Pan-Oston Delivers Custom-Designed Merchandisers

“Pan-Oston’s collection of planning tools and functional capabilities help ensure delivery of our client’s vision and quality requirements on time and within budget,” says president of Pan-Oston. Pan-Oston, a provider of custom and integrated retail planning and merchandising solutions, has taken just-in-time design, manufacturing and logistics to an entirely new level. Earlier this year, Pan-Oston


The Logical Choice for E-Cigarettes

LOGIC Technologies is pushing the limits of electronic tobacco with new varieties and patented technology. LOGIC Technologies is a clear leader in disposable electronic cigarettes. It’s a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. LOGIC offers an alternative to smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars or pipes. LOGIC products


Redefining The Rechargeable E-Cig Category

Logic Technology, the New Jersey-based electronic cigarette company best known for creating the disposable electronic cigarette market, has now changed the landscape once again, launching the all new Power Series Line in October. The all New Power Series Line features Logic’s all new rechargeable e-cig technology, which uses the state-of-the-art Power Series Battery to be


NJOY Joins We Card

Helps retailers prevent youth access to electronic cigarettes.  NJOY Electronic Cigarettes has become the first independent electronic cigarette company to support the nationally recognized We Card Program and join its Manufacturers Advisory Council.  The We Card program is widely accepted across the country as a premier sales training and education program working with retailers, trade


Cigar Taxes In Michigan Changing Effective Today

A retailer who is licensed as an Unclassified Acquirer in Michigan must posts a sign in the store informing purchasers of cigars through catalog or Internet of new tax requirements. Taxes on premium cigars are changing in Michigan, effective today, Nov. 1, the National Associate of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) reported. Cigars that cost $1.5625 or


OCSA Fights Contraband Tobacco

Niagara area retailers and members of the OCSA expect to see a reduction of contraband products following recent commitments in the Ontario budget. The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) announced that the Niagara Regional Council, passed a motion against contraband tobacco at a Council meeting held Thursday, Oct. 25th. The motion requested that the Regional


JTI U.S.A. Names New Director of Portfolio, Brand & Trade Strategy

“I know Christopher will continue to challenge the status quo with clear strategies for growth and improvement of JTI U.S.A. brands,” says JTI U.S.A. general manager. JT International U.S.A. (JTI U.S.A.) has appointed Christopher Mitchell as director of the portfolio, brand & trade strategy pillar in the consumer & trade marketing department. In this role,


Shifting Smokers Spur Category Evolution

As more cigarette buyers switch to smokeless and electronic tobacco products, convenience store retailers juggle SKUs to drive profit.    By Howard Riell, Associate Editor. Traditional cigarettes—once the mighty margin maker for retailers—continue to face a rocky road as the tobacco market shifts toward increasing consumer interest in moist smokeless, flavored cigars and electronic cigarettes.


E-Cigarettes Coming of Age

Exponential growth in usage and innovative packaging lead some experts to believe e-tobacco may be the wave of the future. By Bob Phillips, Contributing Editor. In fiction there was Roy Hobbs, the athletic prodigy who came, unheard of, out of the Iowa cornfields to take the world by storm. In real life there is Mike


FDA Strikes Again In Graphic Warning Label Battle

The agency has requested a hearing before all eight judges on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fighting back after a three judge panel with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, on Aug. 24, barred the FDA’s


Pipe Tobacco With Legs

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane has introduced PIPA, a product that will make it easier than ever for cigarette and cigar smokers to explore the world of pipe tobacco.  Each package comes with 1.5 ounces of Vanilla Cavendish pipe tobacco, a free corn cob pipe, a free sticker, and a free ‘Pipe Smoking 101’ instruction booklet—all


Seizing Control of Smokeless Tobacco

With new flavors, brand extensions and increased promotional activity, MST sales continue to post strong gains at convenience stores. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor. The smokeless tobacco category remains strong, and not just because legislators have chased consumers away from cigarettes. New products and flavors combined with competitive pricing, increased promotional activity and effective merchandising


Maintaining Strong Cigar Sales

Despite a demand from adult consumers, retailers are continually forced to defend their right to sell flavored cigars responsibly. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor While tobacco has long been a bread-and-butter product for convenience stores, accounting for millions in individual unit sales and boosting the profits from the average smoker’s market basket, it remains a

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Customers ‘Krave’ Electronic Tobacco

E-cigarettes offer consumers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are also virtually odorless, allowing them to be consumed in locations where traditional smoking is commonly prohibited. By CSD Staff Vapor Corp., one of the only publicly traded companies (OTCBB: VPCO) servicing the electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry, maintains its integrity in a fiercely competitive market


Seizing Smokeless Opportunities

Convenience store operators are enjoying the growing popularity of smokeless tobacco products, but they are also being forced to keep a wary eye on federal and local regulations. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor Is the smokeless tobacco product category, which includes moist snuff, snus and dissolvables, the lifeboat that convenience store retailers hope it will


FDA Scrutiny Clouds Cigar Outlook

While flavored and pre-priced cigar sales are booming, FDA’s pending regulation of the category could upset trends and profits. by Erin Rigik, Associate Editor. Tedeschi Food Shops does a strong cigar business, and with 3-4 feet of space reserved for cigars on the back bar, consumers take notice. Sales on cigars were up for the

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Leveling The RYO Playing Field

In recent years, roll-your-own tobacco machines have surfaced at various retail locations putting convenience stores at a competitive disadvantage on price. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor America, and in particular its lawmakers, remains caught in a love-hate relationship with tobacco. That push-pull has resulted in very well-publicized attempts to dissuade Americans from using tobacco, or


E-Tobacco Shows No Signs of Slowing

Although the electronic cigarette category in the U.S. is barely five years old, a dizzying number of brands are vying for the attention of retailers—and more are entering the fray just about every day. By Marilyn Odesser-Torpey, Associate Editor In a report released in May, UBS Investment Research likened the chaotic e-cigarette category to the e-commerce