Phillips 66 to Accept Chase Pay

Phillips 66 customers now have a more convenient way to pay at the pump and for in-store purchases at Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 branded locations. A new multiyear agreement between JP Morgan Chase and Phillips 66 will now enable Phillips 66 to accept Chase Pay at its Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 branded locations

McLane Unveils POMS Mobile App

McLane has made ordering inventory even simpler than ever with a new mobile app. The popular Premium Order Management Suite (POMS) from McLane Co. Inc. has now been adapted for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. McLane has now officially introduced new POMS applications for c-store and grocery retailers so that they can execute their

PriceAdvantage Goes International

PriceAdvantage is expanding to provide its fuel pricing software to European companies.  PriceAdvantage is now expanding its reach beyond the U.S. to serve clients in Europe. The company will now be providing software enhancements that are designed to cater to the specific needs of European fuel marketers. This expansion also includes the addition of new

Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Hoover Commercial announces the launch of the HUSHTONETM 6Q Cordless Backpack, now available in North America. Lightweight, with an ergonomic harness, the HUSHTONE 6Q Cordless Backpack improves productivity by reducing cleaning time by 30% when compared to a corded backpack. These backpacks deliver the speed and convenience necessary for tackling the cleaning needs of high-traffic […]

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Toot’n Totum Food Stores and Pak-A-Sak Adopt PDI/Labor Scheduler 2.0

Toot’n Totum Food Stores and Pak-A-Sak are optimizing labor costs with PDI’s second generation labor scheduling software. Toot’n Totum Food Stores and Pak-A-Sak have now officially completed their rollout of PDI/Labor Scheduler 2.0. This second generation labor scheduling software uses market basket transaction data to predict customer traffic and recommend appropriate staffing levels. The result

Filling a Gift Card Niche

Gift cards come in many varieties, providing convenience stores the flexibility to generate more sales. By Jeffrey Steele, Contributing Editor Technology is increasingly impacting the way convenience stores sell gift cards. As a result, c-store retailers are changing their marketing approach to meet this merchandising metamorphosis. Specifically, the technology that’s spurring a new era within

Probing Scan Data

Convenience stores are analyzing scan data to better determine what items to carry, how to optimize penny profit, improve promotions and target customers more effectively. By Lisa White, Contributing Editor For 17 of John Tomlinson’s 19 years as director of merchandising and purchasing for Duchess Shoppe, he relied on sales rep data to determine what

McDonald’s Goes High Tech

Labor costs may be cut in U.S. McDonald’s restaurants, as the chain has plans to rollout high tech stores that allow customers to order via tablets and self-service kiosks. McDonald’s Corp. has announced yet another initiative to help boost its U.S. sales, but this new project is a bit more intricate than a revamp of

Bolla Oil Partners With NCR

Bolla Oil is creating a luxurious customer experience, using technology provided by NCR. Bolla Oil Corp. has officially chosen NCR as the company’s technology partner. Through this partnership, NCR will assist Bolla Oil in providing customers with a smooth, hassle free shopping experience. Bolla operates convenience stores across the New York City, Long Island and

Cut Cash Handling Costs

Gunnebo has introduced the new Gunnebo Cash Management Solutions for retailers. With Gunnebo’s Cash Management Solutions, you can cut your cash handling costs, take control of your cash, improve store security, automate manual counting and re-counting, streamline time-consuming reconciliation processes, reduce risk of loss and theft and track cash interactions across all of your locations […]

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Does Digital Maturity Boost Employee Retention?

A number of employees at companies that lack digital maturity have plans to leave their organizations.  A new study from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital has revealed that companies that re not keeping pace with digital advancements are at risk of losing their employees. In fact, the recently released study revealed that more

GC Express Accepts Mobile Payments at the Pump

One Michigan fuel station is now rewarding customers for making mobile payments at the pump. Caro, Mich.-based GC Express is now offering one free coffee or fountain beverage to customers who use the Team One Credit Union Mobile Banking App to pay for their fuel purchase of $10 or more. GC Express has made it

Retailers Could Capitalize on the Pokémon Go Concept

By Andrew Levi, CEO of Blue Calypso While driving around, have you noticed more people outside standing in parks or on the street staring at their phones? The latest phenomenon, Pokémon Go, is creating a lot of buzz in the news right now as thousands of people of all ages are becoming obsessed with playing

ATM Currency Converter

Cash Depot has introduced Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). For the ATM owner, DCC offers a way to generate a new stream of income. With each DCC transaction, ATM owners are entitled to additional revenue based on the total withdrawal amount. For ATM owners who have machines in popular tourist spots, adding DCC could add a […]

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Mastercard Unveils Masterpass Digital Payment Solution

Mastercard introduces an omni-channel, all-digital payment solution for consumers, issuers and merchants. Mastercard has introduced the new Masterpass global digital payment service, which the some are calling the foundation for the future of commerce. This enhanced solution enables consumers to look no further than their own trusted bank or credit union to make fast, simple

Walmart Launches Mobile Pay Platform

Walmart has launched an app that will allow customers to pay in-store with their mobile phones. While Walmart has chosen not to accept digital wallets such as Apple or Android Pay programs, it has now introduced one a mobile payment platform of its own. According to a report from WPRI Eyewitness News, the existing Walmart

Survey Says It’s Card Companies Who Are Holding Up Chip Cards

By Mallory Duncan, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, The National Retail Federation A new NRF survey proves what we’ve been saying for months about conversion to the new chip-and-signature credit cards – that retailers have done their part and it’s the card industry that’s dropped the ball. The survey, conducted in May and June,

Enhancing Omnichannel Efforts Helps Retailers Grow

The nation’s top retailers have maintained their top spots thanks to their enhanced omnichannel efforts. The nation’s largest retailers, as ranked by STORES Magazine and Kantar Retail, have all shown considerable efforts in rethinking their merchandise offerings while enhancing omnichannel efforts, and it is believed that these efforts are what keep them on top. “Retail’s

ATMs Generate Returns

ATMs have always been valuable tools for c-stores, and with the possibility of rising debit card fees, that value figures to rise. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor In an economy where more and more U.S. consumers have less access to big bank accounts, ATMs are still considered a viable commodity in the convenience store channel.

Is Cashless Now King?

More and more, U.S. consumers are adding modern payment systems to their wallet so they can have more flexibility when making transactions. By Mark Battersby, Contributing Editor The continued use of cash is surprising given its inconveniences and the risk consumers face in carrying it around. Love it or hate it, cash is increasingly playing

Tesla Looks to Sheetz for Expansion of EV Charging Stations

An increase in consumer interest in EVs calls for an increase in charging stations, but will gas station owners agree to adding these stations on their lots? Sheetz may soon be helping to make taking long road trips in electric vehicles (EVs) possible. A new report from the Consumerist has revealed that Tesla Motors is

TravelCenters Introduces In-App Purchase Feature to its TruckSmart App

Professional drivers can now guarantee themselves a parking space at a TA or Petro Stopping Center using their mobile phones. TravelCenters of America LLC has announced the launch of an exciting update to its TruckSmart Mobile App. The new feature that has been added to the free app is the mobile version of TravelCenters popular

Kroger Sues Visa

Kroger has joined the growing list of retailers that are suing credit card companied over new debit card acceptance rules. Kroger Co. recently announced that the company is filing a lawsuit against Visa Inc. According to a report from PYMNTS, Kroger is suing Visa over EMV PIN debit-card transactions. In the suit, Kroger claims that

Walgreens Introduces Convenient Paperless Coupons

Walgreens is making it even easier for its customers to save with the launch of new digital coupons on the brand’s mobile app. Walgreens now offers its customers the opportunity to redeem paperless coupons from Walgreens and manufacturers for in-store and online purchases. These new digital coupons can be “clipped” from product detail pages, and

An Interactive Buying Experience

BMC Universal Technologies Inc. has introduced its new Media-Kiosk. This new Media-Kiosk provides an innovative method of selling items and provides consumers with convenience, speed and personalized purchases. The new Media-Kiosk provides an interactive buying experience with state-of-the-art, patent pending features including: consumers’ ability to have complete control over their selection and quantity of snack […]

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