Freshly-Crafted Meat Snacks

Duke’s Smoked Meats new look and new products are hitting shelves nationwide as the brand’s growth continues. Duke’s new line includes six varieties of Smoked Shorty Sausages in five-ounce bags and three varieties of pasture-raised, grass-fed Steak Strips in 2.5-ounce bags. The company is also rolling out a Shorty three-pack line as a convenient, single-serve […]

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Meat-Based Nutrition Bars

Country Archer Jerky Co. recently introduced The True Bar, a new line of high protein meat-based nutrition bars boasting 20 grams of protein and low sugar content. Made from high-quality, real food ingredients with no antibiotics or hormones, The True Bar is available in three unique flavors—Cayenne made with beef and pork, Herb Citrus made […]

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Unique Fruit Fusions

Dole Packaged Foods LLC has unveiled its latest, innovative product offering: DOLE Mixations. Available nationwide, these one-of-a-kind fruit fusions showcase imaginative combinations of smooth fruit sauces and juicy chunks of real fruit in four delectable flavor pairings: Apple-Strawberry Sauce with dices of apple, Pineapple-Mango Sauce with Pineapple Pieces, Peach-Apple Sauce with Pineapple Pieces and Apple-Raspberry […]

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Organic Tortilla Chips

Good Health has now officially launched Organic Black Bean & Rice Tortillas, the first tortilla chips to join the brand’s portfolio of savory snacks. USDA Certified Organic and gluten free, Good Health Organic Black Bean & Rice Tortillas pack a distinctly crisp texture and south of the border flavors for a seriously dippable chip. Now […]

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Autumn-Inspired Treats

Just in time for autumn’s arrival, Tastykake has introduced new, fall-inspired treats. The new Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple Mini Donuts from Tastykake capture the comforting fall flavors of pumpkin spice and caramel apple in delicious mini doughnuts. Pumpkin Spice Mini Donuts feature a pumpkin spice doughnut covered in cinnamon and the Caramel Apple Mini […]

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Veggie Snacks

Good Natured Selects is extending its premium snack food product line with the addition of Veg-ables. These new snacks are made with nutrients naturally extracted from real vegetables including spinach, carrots and tomatoes. Veg-ables are fun, 3-D triangle shaped and offer a crunchy, good-for-you snack the whole family will love. Veg-ables are available in 1.5-ounce […]

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Clean Whey Protein Products

PowerBar has added new Clean Whey Protein Bars and Clean Whey Protein Drinks to its rapidly evolving portfolio of real and energizing foods. In response to consumer requests for cleaner ingredient labels, PowerBar Clean Whey products feature no artificial sweeteners, two grams of sugar and high quality whey protein for sustained energy, all while maintaining […]

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Fruit Cups for Adults

Del Monte is now teaming up with actress Katrina Bowden to introduce the new Del Monte Fruit Refreshers. These refreshers are a unique Fruit Cup snack made just for adults. With unexpected flavors, exciting combinations and refreshing fruit waters, it’s the Fruit Cup all grown up. Del Monte Fruit Refreshers are a modern, delightful twist […]

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Nutrient-Packed Snacks

Absolutely Gluten-Free has introduced the new Organic Superseed Crunch, a light, sweet and crispy snack packed with a powerhouse of important nutrients that every body needs for good health. These nutrition dense superfoods provide 2000 milligrams of Omega 3 ALA per serving, gut-friendly prebiotic fiber and powerful antioxidants and lignans from the superseeds in a […]

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Crispy Baked Snacks

GOOD THiNS has now introduced three new flavors to its snack line. The new flavors include The Potato One! White Cheddar, The Oat One! Sweet Oat & Flax and The Corn One! Sea Salt. These new flavors start with real ingredients like wheat, potato and corn, paired with delicious flavors like white cheddar, sweet oat […]

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Yogurt On-the-Go

GoGo squeeZ is making its way into a new healthy snack category with the launch of GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ – a scrumptious and squeezable yogurt snack with absolutely nothing artificial and no fridge needed. Like all GoGo squeeZ products, GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ comes in the iconic GoGo squeeZ pouch and is filled with the GoGo […]

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Nutrient Packed Pretzels

Good Health has now launched two new savory snack varieties: Veggie Pretzels and Gluten Free Pretzels. Joining Good Health’s existing family of flavorful, crispy snacks, the new products each boast trending ingredients and feature Extra Goodness!— a proprietary, unique nutrient blend offering the same vitamin equivalent found in veggies with 2.5 cups broccoli (25% vitamin […]

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Organic Goldfish Crackers

Pepperidge Farm has unveiled new Goldfish Crackers Made with Organic Wheat. This new snack innovation is made with non-GMO ingredients, and comes in three delicious flavors: Cheddar, Parmesan and Saltine. These Goldfish are now available nationwide in eight-ounce re-sealable bags for $3.99. As always, Goldfish are baked with 100% real cheese, contain no artificial flavors […]

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Better-For-You Snacks

In response to Millennials’ unique snacking preferences, Lehi Valley Trading Co. has launched Snackworthy, a new, budget-friendly line of high-quality, great-tasting and authentic better-for-you snacks for the generation that has become the most powerful consumer bloc. Lehi Valley Trading Co. conducted extensive research on Millennial values, purchasing behaviors and even its snacking inclinations to become […]

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On-The-Go Snacking

Justin’s, maker of naturally-delicious, high-quality nut butters, nut butter snacks and organic peanut butter cups, has introduced its Snack Pack in three nut butter and pretzel combinations: Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Pretzels, Classic Almond Butter and Pretzels, and Maple Almond Butter and Pretzels. Each Snack Pack provides convenient nutrition for kids and adults alike with […]

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Nut Butter Biscuits

General Mills Convenience has introduced a new version of its Nature Valley Biscuits, featuring a layer of creamy almond or peanut butter between two 100% whole grain oat biscuits. Already a success in retail channels, the new biscuits help c-store retailers meet consumer demand for protein with a product that delivers a unique texture and […]

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7-Eleven Launches a Flavorful Promotion

7Rewards members can now receive a free bag of 7-Select chips with the purchase of a 7-select beverage. Through its latest promotion, “One Million Chip Free-For-All,” 7-Eleven Inc. will be giving away one million single-serve bags of 7-Select chips through Sun., Aug. 7. 7Rewards members can purchase any 7-Select bottled beverage and scan the 7-Eleven


A Cool Category

With ice cream remaining a hot commodity, there is opportunity in this category for convenience stores that make the necessary space commitment. By Lisa White, Contributing Editor Ice cream is no longer a seasonal indulgence, which makes it an even more viable category for the convenience channel. A recent survey for National Ice Cream Day


Health Bars Enjoy Boost

Clean labeling and diverse options bolster category sales, attract new customers.   By Pat Pape, Contributing Editor Each day after Jen Morton’s workout, she reports back to her husband on what snacks her fellow health enthusiasts brought to the gym that day. In turn, Ryan Morton, category manager for snacks, HBA and grocery at Maverik of


Snack Medleys

Kar’s Nuts has introduced two new Second Nature five-count pantry packs. The pantry packs are available in Wholesome and California Medley for on-the-go healthy snacking. The pantry packs were unveiled at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in May. These Medleys are non-GMO, gluten free, low in sodium or sodium-free and made with no artificial preservatives, […]

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Global Processed Snacks Market Forecast

The global processed snacks market is expected to grow significantly by 2020. A new report from Trchnavio has revealed that the global processed snacks market is expected to encounter significant growth over the next four years. In fact, the market study from Technavio indicates that the global processed snacks market will grow at a CAGR


Meat Snacks Market Evolves

Meat snacks are finding favor among the health conscious consumer, but some manufacturers of these snacks are struggling to meet consumers’ needs. Over the past few years, as consumers have become more health conscious, meat snacks (jerky and other snacks such as meat sticks) have become a go-to in the snacking world. These snacks appeal


New Summer Applesauce Flavor

Knouse Foods has now added a new flavor to its Musselman’s Apple Sauce line. This new, on-trend flavor, Mixed Berry, is available in the 4.5-ounce format. Made from fresh-picked apples for peak flavor and strawberry, red raspberry and blueberry puree, the new Mixed Berry is sodium free, with no artificial flavors, added sugars or high-fructose […]

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Healthy Snacks are a Hot Commodity

Healthy-ingredient snack market growth outpaces overall food and beverage sales growth. Over the past five years, snacks with healthy ingredients have gained immense popularity, and today the segment is thriving. Healthy-ingredient snacks combine portability, label transparency and healfulness to create the perfect snack item for modern food industry trends. According to recent data, the healthy-ingredient snack


Peanuts with a Kick

Kar’s Nuts has introduced a blazin’ new flavor to its line of snacks. Kar’s Sriracha Bold & Spicy Peanuts have just the right blend of spices with a little ‘hot-cha-cha’ to put you back in business. Available in 2.5-ounce, 3.5-ounce and 6.5-ounce bags, the new peanuts sell for an SRP of 99 cents to $2.89. […]

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