Fuel Prices Impact C-Store Sales Trends

The majority of retailers feel optimistic about business prospects in the coming quarter. A new survey of convenience retailers from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) has revealed that fuel prices are having a significant impact on c-store sales. According to data from the study, low gas prices are driving convenience store sales, in

Snack and Beverage Dollar Sales are Up

Wells Fargo has released data on the current status of the beverage and snacking markets, specifically considering the industry’s giants. Wells Fargo has released data on the beverage and snacking markets. The research has revealed that the sales in both of these markets is up for the period in the last period. All Channel Sales

Significant Growth Expected in the Soy Food Market

Growth in the soy food market is being attributed to a number of factors related to the benefits of soy products, along with the introduction of new products. New research from a study conducted by Technavio has revealed that the U.S. soy food market is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. Data

January/February Comparison Sales Based on Sales From 33 C-Stores in Southern Mississippi

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC Sales comparisons are in for the previous two months. Not a lot of surprises in February. ‘Pall Mall Blue 100 .50 Off Deal’ dropped off the Top 100 List this month after showing a strong showing in the previous month; however Pall Mall Blue 100 HP did well, jumping up

Easter Spending Soars

Consumers are expected to spend nearly $150 per person this Easter holiday, but not all of that spending will be made on the traditional Easter gifts; such as candy and flowers. Data from the annual Easter Spending Survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) has revealed that Americans anticipate spending more than ever before on

How to Drive Gift Card Sales

Gift cards are some of the most popular gifts, but customers may have some reservations about purchasing generic gift cards for such special occasions. As spring approaches, another season of giving is upon us. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a slew of graduation parties are fast approaching, and the warmer weather has consumers turning their

What’s The Value of Rewards Programs

Consumers expect to be paid for their repeat business. A new study from Martiz Motivation Solutions has revealed that, for a wide range of consumers, the opportunity to earn rewards is a key driver for purchasing from specific brands. The study revealed that this is the primary driver in more than 45% of consumers. The

Meat and Poultry Markets Remain Strong

Despite the growing popularity of alternative diets, the meat and poultry diets are poised for growth. The annual “Meat and Poultry: U.S. Retail Market Trends and Opportunities” report from Packaged Facts has revealed that, despite the increase in the number of Americans turning to vegetarian and flexitarian diets, the market for meat and poultry remains

What’s Driving Retail Sales in 2016?

Technology is rising to the top of the list of influences on the current retail market. A new market brief from Synchrony Financial has revealed the top 10 trends that are expected to impact retail sales in 2016. The retail environment is in a constant state of change, and in addition to consumer and retailer

Retailers Name Data Security Top Priority

A special report from Boston Retail Partners has revealed the impact of security breaches on retailers. A new report from Boston Retail Partners (BRP) has revealed that the threat of data security breaches is consuming retailers’ resources. 53% of retailers are planning to implement EMV compliance (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) within the next 12 months;

Food and Beverage Trends Continue to Shift

Consumer consumption patterns are forcing major food companies to evolve to meet consumer needs. New research from The NPD Group has revealed that evolving attitudes and behaviors have caused a shift in which foods and beverages consumers choose. Fewer dishes and ingredients are being used in meal preparation, and the number of food and beverage

2016 Products of the Year Announced

Product of the Year USA has named the products that are expected to have an edge for success in the coming year. The 2016 award winners of the Product of the Year USA have been announced. Product of the Year USA is the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, polling the votes of over 40,000

C-Stores and Gas Stations Vulnerable to Data Skimming

Data breaches are on the rise, and preventing them is not as simple as it may seem. A new report from Risk Based Security has revealed that convenience store and gas station chains seem to be highly susceptible to data breaches. According to a report from Credit Union Times, Risk Based Security’s “Data Breach QuickView:

Valentine’s Day is Becoming a High Spending Holiday

Some $1.7 billion is expected to be spent on Valentine’s Day candy this year. MarketResearch.com, a leading research distributor, has released new insight into the spending patterns this Valentine’s Day season. In the U.S., 54.8% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day, and many buy presents for their significant other. The average amount spent per consumer reached

Economic Optimism Plummets

Low fuel prices are not enough to spur economic optimism among consumers. The results of a new consumer survey from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) have revealed that, despite fuel prices having fallen to their lowest point in seven years, optimism about the economy has reached its lowest level in almost a year.

Millennial Shopping Trends

Growth is on the horizon, and the new trends revealed in What’s in Store 2016 will help retailers to prepare. The annual trends research report from the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA), What’s in Store 2016, has revealed that Millennials will be moving into the heaviest spending life stage over the next 10 years. Millennials currently

Online Versus In-Store

Generations Y and Z, who are often lumped into one category, have some differing shopping preferences. A new GfK study of shopping habits and preferences has revealed that Generations Y and Z have differing opinions when it comes to using computers to make purchases online rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Not surprisingly, some of

How Retailers Can Prepare for Super Bowl Sales

IRI has revealed the Super Bowl’s influence on consumer shopping trends and numerous product categories. With the approach of Super Bowl 50, numerous categories have experienced growth in the retail segment. Data from IRI has revealed that shopping sprees and pre-game preparations have lifted the sales of various food, beverage and consumer product categories. Key

Chicken Wings: America’s Favorite Party Food

Super Bowl Sunday is the hottest day of the year for chicken wings. The new National Chicken Council’s 2016 Wing Report has revealed that 1.3 billion wings will be eaten the weekend leading up to and during Super Bowl 50. That figure is up 3%, or 37.5 million wings, from last year’s big game. It

How Consumer Views On Weight Are Changing

Americans today are becoming more willing to accept their weight status and to take responsibility for their weight. “Weight Management & Healthy Living 2015,” the latest report from The Hartman Group, has revealed that society today is much more accepting of being overweight than society was in the 1950s, when modern dieting culture began. Most

America’s Favorite Comfort Foods

Although generations and demographics differ, there seems to be a general consensus when it comes to comfort food choices. When it comes to stress and depression, many Americans tend to look to food for comfort. According to data from The Harris Poll of 2015, just over half (53%) of Americans indicate they eat more when

How Americans View Health in Modern Society

Health is taking on new forms as society becomes more accepting. New research from Mintel has revealed that all of today’s modern conveniences are making it difficult for Americans to be healthy. In fact, the study revealed that 43% of Americans agree that living a modern lifestyle makes it very difficult to be healthy, and

Americans Are Becoming Increasingly More Budget Conscious

Research has shown that low prices tend to trump convenience, as consumers become more willing to sacrifice their time in order to save money. New research from Mintel has revealed that, despite the continuing growth in the U.S. economy, Americans remain fixed on tightening their purse strings. In fact, Mintel’s research revealed that more than

Top Five Food Trends for 2016

Some unexpected trends will soon be hitting stores for 2016. At the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show, which is owned and produced by the Specialty Food Association, an expert panel of trendspotters discovered a slew of specialty products that are expected to be hot trends in 2016. Snacks made with crickets, grass-fed everything and protein

Why ‘Sugar-Using’ Industry Jobs Are Declining

Outdated policies are leading to massive declines in sugar industry jobs. According to an analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau data from the Coalition for Sugar Reform, between 1997 and 2014 U.S. sugar-using industry jobs declined by 18%. The Coalition claimed that outdated U.S. sugar policies are the cause of much of that decline. The