Does a Wage Increase Mean More Take-Home Pay?

Last year’s wage increase in Seattle may not have had the desired effect on workers’ income. In 2015, Seattle increased its minimum wage to $11 per hour for large businesses. Since this wage increase, the city seems to be thriving, but the true results of the new wage are difficult to determine, as there are

Consumers Demand Convenience in Meal Preparation

Convenience is key when it comes to consumer purchases in the grocery aisle. When it comes to shopping for food to make at home, there are a number of factors that weigh on consumers’ choices in the grocery aisle. Among these factors, convenience stands out as a key decision driver. A recent report from the

NRF Forecasts Stronger than Expected Growth in Retail Sales for 2016

A number of factors have led to growth that has exceeded the NRF’s expectations thus far in 2016, and the trend is expected to continue. The National Retail Federation (NRF) has announced that retail sales for 2016 are expected to grow 3.4% over last year. This newly announced projection is represents an increase over the

Defining the Foodie Label

Many Millennials identify with the foodie label, but what that label means may differ greatly from person to person. When someone says that they are a foodie, a number of different adventurous food items come to mind, but not everyone who identifies as a foodie is eating raw fish and quinoa. In fact, the term

Consumers Consider Product Labels

When it comes to food packaging, the information provided may be more attractive to consumers than a flashy design. Many Americans are now looking to product labels when making their food choices. New research from Packaged Facts has revealed that more than half of Americans (56%) are actively seeking nutritional information on food labels before

Consumer Spending May Soon Decline

This year’s election process seems to have caused a shift in consumer sentiment, as many are expecting a decline in their financial well-being, regardless of who wins the November election. The results of the recent IRI Consumer Connect survey have revealed that many U.S. consumers expect their financial situations to deteriorate in 2017. According to

Opportunities Emerge to Reach Flexitarian Consumers

Consumers are trending toward consuming less meat is on the rise, and retailers and food manufacturers are working to appeal to these consumers. As consumer diet trends continue to shift, Innova Market Insights has observed drastic increases in the release of vegetarian and vegan food items. Innova Market Insights data shows a 60% rise in

Retail Theft Plagues Industry

The latest Annual Retail Theft Survey has revealed an increase in shoplifter and dishonest employee apprehensions in 2015. The 28th Annual Retail Theft Survey, conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, has revealed that, in 2015, the number of shoplifter and dishonest employee apprehensions has risen from previous years. The survey showed that over 1.2 million

Why Millennials are Grocery Shopping Online

Although the majority of grocery shopping is still done in-store, a growing number of Millennials are choosing to grocery shop online, for a number of different reasons.   A growing number of shoppers have started doing their grocery shopping online; however, data shows that, despite the fact that more and more consumers are choosing to

Food Marketers Adapt Based on Consumer Ingredient Avoidance

A new report from Packaged Facts has revealed which foods consumers are trying to avoid, as well as their reasons for doing so. A recent report from Packaged Facts has taken an in-depth look into the growing “free-from” foods trend. The new report, Food Formulation Trends: Ingredients Consumers Avoid, 2nd Edition, identified the ingredients that

Snacking Changes Consumer Relationships with Traditional Breakfast

The idea of snacking for breakfast, rather than eating a traditional meal, is being embraced by a growing number of consumers. A new report from Packaged Facts has revealed that consumers are embracing snacking, both as a ‘between meal’ solution and as an opportunity to eat more frequent, smaller meals. The new report, Breakfast: Retail

Mondelēz International Addresses Child Protection in Cocoa Production Sectors

Embode has advised Mondelēz International to address the root causes of child labor in cocoa-farming communities in order to address the bigger picture and foster the well-being of children. As part of the company’s continued efforts to empower cocoa-farming communities through its Cocoa Life program, Mondelēz International recently commissioned two independent assessments of child protection

Millennial Grocery Shopping Trends

A new report from Retale has revealed grocery shopping trends and preferences among Millennial consumers. The results of a recent commissioned study from Retale that examines grocery shopping preferences among Millennial consumers have been released. The study, “Retale Millennial Grocery Report” collected data from 1,000 Millennials across the U.S., and was conducted May 2-6, 2016.

Organic Food Industry Reaches All Time High in 2015

Enormous growth in the organic food industry in 2015 can be attributed partially to overwhelming consumer demand. A recent survey from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) has revealed that the organic food industry reached new industry records in 2015. The Organic Trade Association’s 2016 Organic Industry Survey revealed that the industry reached a new benchmark

Independent Restaurants Increase Spending with Broadline Distributors

Independent retailers who were able to withstand recent economic hardships are now doing quite well. Research from The NPD Group has revealed that, despite declines in the number of independent restaurants in the industry, independent restaurant operators account for one third of broadline foodservice distribution dollars. Data from the NPD’s report also revealed that independent

How to Ensure Customer Retention

A new survey has revealed what consumers consider when deciding whether or not to return to a particular retail location. As many consumers continue to turn to online shopping rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar retail location, it is becoming increasingly important for retailers to work to ensure customer retention. While not all variable that may

Many Factors Shape Future Eating Habits

The NPD Group seeks to discover what life factors influence current and future eating behaviors. A recently released study from The NPD Group has revealed that, when it comes to eating behaviors, there are more variables weighing in when it comes to predicting future consumption trends than previously believed. Previously, a great deal of weight

April 2016 Figures Are In

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC Changes in sales for April were relatively small. An analysis of 30 convenience stores located in Mississippi comes up with a new winner for April. The winner is CAMEL CRUSH Hard Pack that jumped from the 125th position to 91, an impressive gain in rank of 34. Last month’s

Cake and Pastry Market Poised for Growth

Three major factors have been identified as having a significant impact on the state of the global cakes and pastries market. New data gathered by Technavio analysts has revealed that the global cakes and pastries market is poised for growth over the next few years. According to their latest report, the global cakes and pastries

Exploring Today’s Workforce

The Eighth Annual CSD/Humetrics Human Resources Benchmarking Survey identifies the key employee issues affecting convenience store retailers and what chains can do to overcome them. By Mel Kleiman, President, Humetrics and John Lofstock, Editor Convenience Store Decisions and Humetrics have again collaborated on our eighth annual Human Resources Benchmarking Survey. The results reported here are

Forecasting? What’s That?

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport Convenience store operators tend to live in the present—How much will I sell today, this week, this month, this year—and put little or no effort in forecasting. Forecasting is easy, IF you have the tools to do it. Forecasting may consists of multiple systems addressing multiple objectives. For example, merchandise planning,

In-Store Sales Drive Profitability

While motor fuels account for the majority of industry sales, they did not do much for profitability. The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) released the industry metrics for 2015 at NACS State of the Industry Summit, which took place in Chicago from April 11-13. According to the data collected by NACS, U.S convenience stores

Customers Desire a Healthier Restaurant Experience

Many consumers are on the lookout for healthier menu items, but the majority believe that healthy menu items are too expensive. New research from Mintel has revealed that the shift away from calorie counting and toward holistic wellness has led to a search among U.S. consumers for restaurants that provide clear indicators of healthy items.

Low Gas Prices Increase Spending in Other Markets

Although some are spending the money they save on fuel in different areas, many are choosing to save more and pay off their debts.  According to data from a recent consumer survey conducted by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), there is variation in the categories that are profiting from current fuel savings. More

Technavio Forecasts Food Stabilizers Market Growth

Growth in the food stabilizers market will help the foodservice industry to innovate and expand. The new Global Food Stabilizers Market 2016-2020 report from Technavio provides an in-depth analysis of the food stabilizers market in terms of revenue and emerging market trends. Data from the report suggests that the market will generate $9.69 billion in