Online Grocery Shopping Set to Grow

Online grocery shopping is especially appealing to Millennials who appreciate global cuisines. The internet is quickly becoming the virtual grocery store for many U.S. consumers with 52 million currently grocery shopping online, finds a new study from The NPD Group, a global information company. According to the NPD report, 20 million consumers who are current,

Consumer Holiday Spending Up in 2016

Shoppers continue to gravitate online, with retail eCommerce transactions increasing 12% year-over-year. First Data has released its Holiday 2016 SpendTrend report, which found that overall consumer spending growth increased 4.7%. Whether using a PC, tablet or mobile device, Americans continued the recent trend of making their holiday purchases online as retail eCommerce transactions grew by

Experian Report Examines Email Marketing Trends

Mobile usage is impacting email marketing click rates. Experian has released the findings of its Cross-Channel Marketing’s Q3 2016 Email Benchmark Report. Among the highlights, the report examined year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter email marketing trends. The analysis found that total click rates have declined year-over-year for the past four quarters, while the percentage of clicks generated

October Means Business at the Nation’s Major Retail Container Ports

Major retail container ports are seeing a spike in business this month, as retailers are stocking up for the approaching holiday season. The National Retail Federation’s monthly Global Port Tracker report has revealed that October is expected to be the second busiest month of this year for the nation’s major retail container ports. This major

Second and Third Quarter Comparisons

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC The winner for the greatest advancement in positions is: Nestle Pure Life Jumping up 267 positions to a ranking of 37, quite impressive for H2O. No other product even came close. Fuze Berry Punch one Liter rose 67 positons, followed by Kool Box, Powerade Lemon Line 32 ounce, Powerade

A Number of Trends Expected to Drive Holiday Spending

While holiday spending is expected to rise, it may not benefit store-based retailers as much as they would hope. The new 2016 Holiday Outlook report from PwC has revealed that holiday spending is expected to reach its highest point since the Great Recession. According to the report, holiday spending will increase 10% over the 2015

Nielsen and EthniFacts Unveil Intercultural Affinity Segmentation

Nielsen and EthniFacts are helping CPG marketers to market across various cultures. A new resource has been released by Nielsen and EthniFacts to uncover the key consumer segments that provide a deeper understanding of consumers. The new Nielsen Intercultural Affinity Segmentation has combined Nielsen’s Homescan Panel with EthniFacts’ CulturSort cross-cultural survey to reveal that consumers, regardless

August-September 2016 Figures Are In

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC What happened in September? There was little change in the first three-quarters of the rankings in the Top 100, but from there down it got crazy. The prize for making the greatest showing was Coors Light 16 ounce six-pack, which rocketed into position 99 for a gain of 165

African-American Buying Power Increases

The number of affluent African-American households has risen drastically, increasing the buying power of the African-American demographic. New research from Packaged Facts has revealed that African-American buying power has grown rapidly over the past five years. The new African-Americans: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 10th Edition from Packaged Facts has revealed that African-American buying power has topped $1

Hispanic Consumers Want More

The reasons why the U.S. Hispanic community increasingly matters to c-stores’ marketing plans are becoming more varied, and important. By Sylvia Klinger and Tania Melendez, Contributing Editors In a country that has been shaped by the cultures of many different lands, it should come as no surprise that the many changes occurring in convenience stores

Are You Ready for Generation Z?

Retailers, restaurants and leisure companies will be required to adapt to meet the demands of the upcoming generation. According to the new report “Gen Z: Get Ready for the Most Self-Conscious, Demanding Consumer Segment,” from Fung Global Retail & Technology, having grown up with social media and assuming instant access to almost all things digital,

July/ August 2016 Comparisons Are In

By Bill Scott, president, StoreReport LLC Taking samples from 33 stores located in the southeastern U.S., the same Top Ten items held their own with the exception of 20/32 ounce Ice Cup dropping four positions and making way for Newport cigarettes moving up one position to command position number 10. Note: Not all of these

How Long will Baby Boomers Remain in the Workforce?

The nation’s most reliable generation is not likely to be exiting the workforce any time soon. New research indicates that baby boomers, some of the most driven members of today’s workforce, are not likely to be retiring early. In fact, a newly released survey from the Futurestep division of Korn Ferry suggests that businesses can

How to Manage the Five Generation Workplace

Each of the five generations are looking for different things in the workplace, and employers must work to appeal to top performers. There are currently five different generations in the workplace. With Generation Z (under 18 years old) now entering the workplace, the workforce is now more diverse than ever. Research has revealed that Gen

The Healthy Eating Trend Shows No Signs of Slowing

Americans are now more willing to try new better-for-you options, but health food trends have not completely removed unhealthy snacks from consumers’ diets. A new national health food study from Earth Balance, which polled two thousand consumers, has revealed that grocery shoppers are increasingly searching for better-for-you options. The study observed which new foods consumers

Ice Cream Consumption Cools

Americans may be cutting back on their ice cream consumption, but they are not necessarily cutting back on spending, as many are willing to pay more for premium products. Ice cream consumption is quite popular among Americans, as research has shown that it is almost universally consumed, many Americans are taking a different approach toward

Health Trends haven’t Hurt Sales of Less Healthy Breakfast Items

Despite current health trends, syrup smothered breakfast items remain a menu staple in American households. While American consumers continue to opt for healthier food choices, new research from Packaged Facts has revealed that Americans have not completely cut out the less healthy items, especially when it comes to breakfast. Recent research by Packaged Facts reveals

Consumers Increasingly Opt for Specialized Diets

Consumers are willing to pay more for foods that do not contain the ingredients that they are trying to avoid. According to recent research from Nielsen, consumers around the world are increasingly choosing more specialized diets in order to eat organic, low-fat, low-carb or to eliminate certain ingredients from their diets for a variety of

Americans Seek Healthful Comfort Food

Traditional comfort foods are getting the boot as consumers continue to grow more health-conscious. New research has revealed that consumers are growing more interested in comfort foods, but the definition of comfort food may be evolving. A national consumer survey on Pinterest has revealed that consumers are moving away from traditional comfort foods in favor

Giving the Gift of Food

Americans are increasingly giving food as a gift, in fact, food gifting sales are expected to reach $18 billion in 2016. New research released in the new Food Gifting in the U.S., 5th Edition has revealed that many Americans are choosing to give food as a gift for a variety of occasions. Since 2010, consumers

Americans Avoid Drinking Calories

Many Americans are seeking healthy swaps for their favorite foods and beverages in an attempt to cut back on caloric intake. As Americans continue to grow increasingly more health-conscious, many are seeking ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, while also finding opportunities to indulge. According to a new Harris Poll survey, which was commissioned by

Generational Differences in Dinner Preferences

Millennials’ desire to personalize their food has led them to prefer preparing their dinners at home. A new generational study from The NPD Group has revealed that dinner is the one meal that exemplifies the differences between generations, as each generation seems to have unique motivations, needs and wants when it comes to dinner. Millennials,

Now Trending in the QSR Industry

New insight on the QSR industry has been provided by xAd in its new QSR Foot Traffic Trends report. A new report from xAd has revealed a number of trends in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. The report used data collected from April 1 through June 30 on 16 of the top QSR brands

Millennials Pave Their Own Path to Purchase

The typical Millennial has a path of purchase that is unlike any other generation. New generational research from Alliance Data has revealed that Millennials have a path to purchase that is quite distinct from other generations. For example, Millennials are more apt to shop online or to visit comparison shopping Websites and couponing Websites to

Americans Seek to Reduce Food and Packaging Waste

Food items with minimal packaging and that offer convenient portions are popular among American consumers. Many Americans are becoming more conscientious of their carbon footprint when it comes to purchasing packaged foods. In fact, half (52%) of Americans prefer to purchase foods with minimal or no packaging in an attempt to reduce waste. As Americans