Chevron Debuts aFANity Rewards Program

Fans in select states can earn sports related rewards through Chevron’s new program. Chevron U.S.A. Inc. has launch the aFANity Rewards Program, a sports-themed rewards program where sports fans can win items and experiences that fit their passion. The program is available to residents of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New

Prepaid Cards Gain Popularity

Safety and security are contributing to the popularity of prepaid gift cards. The new Prepaid and Gift Cards in the U.S., 5th Edition from Packaged Facts has revealed that prepaid cards are growing in popularity, especially among low income customers, Millennials and individuals who are unbanked or underbanked. Giving credit where credit is due, PayPal

African-American Buying Power Increases

The number of affluent African-American households has risen drastically, increasing the buying power of the African-American demographic. New research from Packaged Facts has revealed that African-American buying power has grown rapidly over the past five years. The new African-Americans: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 10th Edition from Packaged Facts has revealed that African-American buying power has topped $1

U.S. Gasoline Market’s September Surprise(s)

Fuel marketer intelligence: supply chain dynamics to retail fuel prices. By Brian Milne, Editor, Schneider Electric In a year when soothsayers’ crystal balls are as foggy as London in November, September encompassed a few unexpected surprises for the U.S. gasoline market that underpinned gasoline prices and sharply cut down an inventory surplus. This was especially true

7-Eleven Improves Calorie Labeling on Menu Boards

7-Eleven commits to helping Canadians make informed meal choices on-the-go. 7-Eleven stores across Canada have now improved the calorie labeling on its menu boards, making it easier for Canadians to find healthier options on-the-go. Now, calorie counts are on both price tags and menu boards for non-packaged foods and beverage products. The labeling applies to hot

Franchise Financing Available for VP Racing Fuels-Branded Dealers

Allied Brand Capital offers first time Subway franchisees a 50% discount on the initial franchise fee. VP-branded dealers now have access to a new Subway Franchise Financing Program through VP Racing Fuels’ exclusive financing partner, Allied Brand Capital (ABC). The new program from ABC features a 50% discount on the initial franchise fee for first

McLane Expands SPARK Initiative

McLane commits to maintaining a diverse, inclusive workforce. McLane Co. Inc. is expanding its company-wide initiative, SPARK. This initiative is focused on identifying workplace diversity opportunities through a variety of programs, community outreach and lending support to nationally recognized diversity-focused annual events. With the expansion, McLane furthers its commitment of creating and maintaining a diverse

Flavored Aloe Waters

The Coca-Cola Co. has announced that the company’s Venturing & Emerging Brands unit obtained a minority equity stake in Aloe Gloe in June 2016. The organic aloe water is available in four flavors – Crisp Aloe, Coconut, Lemonade and White Grape. These aloe waters are now available in select convenience retail outlets around the country. […]

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Wayne Fueling Systems Makes EMV Compliance Easy for Fuel Retailers

Wayne Fueling introduces a simple, cost-effective way to make fuel dispensers EMV compliant. Wayne Fueling Systems has now made its new iX Pay T7 terminal available for fuel retailers. The iX Pay T7 terminal can be used to bring legacy fuel dispensers into EMV-compliance regardless of original equipment manufacturer. To be compliant with payment network

Zero-Calorie Sweetener

Heartland Food Products Group has announced the arrival of a new natural sweetener, SPLENDA Naturals Stevia Sweetener. SPLENDA Naturals Stevia Sweetener has no calories, no added flavors, no added colors and no artificial ingredients. SPLENDA Naturals Stevia Sweetener is made with two ingredients: stevia leaf extract and erythritol. The stevia leaf extract and erythritol used […]

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Real Fruit Chips

TERRA Real Vegetable Chips has debuted a fruit snack that can be enjoyed at home or on the go: TERRA Real Freeze Dried Fruit. The new snack is available in two delicious varieties: Honey Infused Fuji Apples and Tropical Blend with Coconut Oil. With people snacking more and current on-the-go lifestyles, this freeze dried fruit […]

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Zesty Jerky Line

Consumer Value Products (CVP) has announced the launch of the new Excursion Jerky line. This new line is CVP’s premier control label jerky line that offers the ultimate protein snack with zesty flavors including Smokey BBQ Pork Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky and Smokehouse Beef Jerky. With rugged, adventurous packaging and quality […]

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Premium Chocolate Bars

Baron Chocolatier has announced a new line of convenient premium chocolate bars that are packed with flavor and sure to satisfy chocolate lovers. The new 5 Bites bars come in three delicious flavors: crunchy peanut butter, airy milk chocolate mousse and creamy caramel, all covered in rich milk chocolate. They are currently available and sold […]

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Hands-Free Oil Management Systems

Frontline International has introduced a safer, cleaner way to get both fresh and waste cooking oil to and from fryers with the new, hands-free Smart Oil Management systems. The company offers a choice of automated, direct-plumbed systems for both fresh and waste oil, which send the oil directly to its destination with minimal or no […]

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Gourmet Pretzel Rods

Van Wyk Confections has announced an exciting new retail Pretzel RODS Variety Pack. The new 30-count RODS Variety Pack brings together a trio of Van Wyk’s best-selling toppings with decadent chocolate and crunchy pretzel rods. These new snacks offer consumers a gourmet treat that tastes handmade. Each piece is individually wrapped for convenient, on-the-go freshness. […]

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CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Classes for Managers

Today’s idea of the day: Give classes to help managers at each store learn how to read a P&L. By teaching managers how to read a profit and loss (P&L) statement you’re also showing them what you are tracking and how you are tracking it, how losses impact the company and the costs and expenses

QMart Markets to Millennials

A Snapchat geo-filter will help QMart to engage with Millennial consumers at the ACL Music Festival. By Amber Koontz, Editorial Assistant QMart, a chain of 24 convenience stores owned and operated by Northwest Petroleum, has announced that it will offer an on demand Snapchat geo-filter at the Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival, which is

Thorntons Partners with Alessi Bakery

Thorntons is now offering a variety of fresh bakery items in its Florida stores. Thorntons has entered into a new partnership with Alessi Bakery in Tampa, Fla. Through this new partnership, Alessi Bakery products are now available in Thorntons’ Florida locations. Alessi Bakery is a Tampa, Fla. favorite that offers a traditional bakery feel. A

Gulf Expands in Florida and Texas

Gulf is continuing its U.S. expansion by offering its branded wet barrel supply in a number of new markets. Gulf Oil has announced the expansion of its branded wet barrel supply offerings in Tampa, Fla and a number of Texas market areas. This new service offering is a part of Gulf’s growth initiative in Florida

Retailers Applaud Postponement of Federal Overtime Regulations

The new deadline for the new overtime regulations is July 1, 2017, six months after the initial implementation date. The House has officially voted to pass the legislation which will delay the Labor Department’s expansion of the overtime rules. The new overtime rules will now be delayed for six months after their initial implementation date

Dunkin’ Donuts to Launch New RTD Coffee Line

Dunkin’ Donuts has announced that it will soon be entering into the ready-to-drink coffee category through a partnership with Coca-Cola. On National Coffee Day, Dunkin’ Donuts  announced that, in early 2017, the company will launch of a new line of Dunkin’ Donuts branded ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverages in the U.S. The new line will be

New eTIPS Version Improves Alcohol Sales Certification Process

eTIPS 3.0 helps cashiers and clerks build skills and gain confidence when and ensures that alcohol is sold responsibly and legally. Health Communications Inc. (HCI) has released a new version of its online alcohol sales training and certification program, eTIPS Off Premise 3.0. The eTIPS training and certification program is designed specifically for clerks, cashiers and

Kum & Go Offers Discounted E-15

Kum & Go offers discounted E-15 at nine Iowa locations. On Sept. 30, 2016, Kum & Go offered E-15 fuel for $1.15 per gallon at several Iowa store locations. The promotion ran from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at a number of stores in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the Iowa City-area. E-15, a fuel blended

C-Store Executive Shares Why Biodiesel is Good for Business

By Jon Scharingson, Renewable Energy Group Inc. A lot of times in this space, I tell you why offering biodiesel makes good business sense for convenience stores. This time, I’m going to let someone else do the talking — namely, a representative from a large c-store company that has experienced the benefits of biodiesel blended

Jerome Sedelmeyer to Speak at NACS Show Prayer Meeting

Volunteer program offers an all-faith event on Oct. 19 at the NACS Show. Industry technology professional Jerome Sedelmeyer is set to share his personal message at this year’s Annual Interfaith Prayer Meeting at the 2016 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show on Oct. 19 in Atlanta. The event takes place at the Georgia World