Kum & Go Tests E15 Fuel in Little Rock, Ark.

Kum & Go has revealed plans to make E15 fuel available at 65 of its stores over the next two years. On Wednesday, Dec. 16 and Thursday, Dec. 17, Kum & Go is partnering with Growth Energy to bring E15 fuel to Little Rock, Ark. On these days, Kum & Go offered E15 fuel to residents


Stripes Welcomes Sunoco Fuel

Stripes celebrates the addition of Sunoco Fuel to its fuel offerings with NASCAR Celebrations.  As a part of welcoming Sunoco Fuel to its Waco, Temple and Killeen, Texas area stores, Stripes Convenience Stores is hosting five “Neighborhood and Community NASCAR Celebrations.” The entire community is invited to join Stripes team members as they welcome the

ExxonMobil Partners with The University of Wisconsin-Madison

ExxonMobil looks to explore what is and isn’t possible with biomass conversion with its newest research partner, UW-Madison. As part of a two-year agreement, The University of Wisconsin-Madison and ExxonMobil will soon begin researching the fundamental chemistry of converting biomass into transportation fuels. The research is a part of a broad effort to identify meaningful

How Food Trends Are Evolving for 2016

Significant changes are expected to occur in the food world in the coming year. Using research from CultureWaves  and the International Food Futurists, The Food Channel  has compiled the Top 10 Food Trends for 2016. “We’re seeing a huge emphasis on clean label, sustainability, functional food and knowing the story behind a product,” said Kay Logsdon, editor

GPM Reveals Promotion Winner

GPM has marked the end of its 2015 Golden Ticket Game A winner has been chosen for the GPM Investments 2015 Golden Ticket game. The GPM Investments 2015 Golden Ticket game was held at participating Road Ranger, Village Pantry and Next Door Stores in GPM’s Midwest division. On Monday, Nov. 16, Debbi B. was notified

U.S. Produce Packaging Market to Experience Healthy Growth

Demographic and demand are changing in favor of the U.S. Produce Packaging Market. The sustained demand for healthy snacks has driven the demand for produce packaging in the U.S., which is forecast to rise 2.4% per year to $5.7 billion in 2019. Fresh-cut produce and healthy snacks require high-value packaging to extend the shelf life

How Retailers Plan to Drive Sales

Heavy mark downs may be on the way. Sales have slowed down as November is behind us, and this lack of momentum is expected to make December even more promotional than previously planned. A recent Forbes article has predicted that retailers, in an attempt to drive holiday sales, will make some heavy markdowns the week

Wayne Fueling Systems Acquires Simmons Sirvey

The new acquisition made by Wayne will help to expand the company’s fuel management services. Global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation and control technologies for retail and fuel stations, Wayne Fueling Systems, has reached an agreement to acquire Simmons Sirvey, provider of real-time Fuel Management Services (FMS) and traditional Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) in

What’s Ahead For Beverage Innovation?

A Beverage Digest Conference has left Wells Fargo feeling optimistic about the beverage industry. After attending Beverage Digest’s “Future Smarts” Conference in New York, Wells Fargo came away feeling generally positive about the current state of the beverage industry. Although the industry remains plagued by concerns over sweeteners and health & wellness trends, as well

The One Word Exercise

By Mel Kleiman, President, Humetrics If you find yourself easily distracted by the overwhelming amount of possibly important, but definitely not urgent, information we’re all asked to deal with every day, here’s a simple exercise that can help keep you focused as well as help guide your decision-making process… Ask yourself, “What one word would I

Bakery-Fresh Taste

Sunbelt Bakery has introduced new Grab-N-Go Granola, which is being sold in convenience stores across the country. Currently available in Simple Granola and Raisin Almond Granola flavors, the Grab-N-Go Granola has the same delicious, bakery-fresh taste of Sunbelt Bakery granola cereal but in a single-serve pack— making it a quick, convenient snack that contains a […]

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Carbonated Smartwater

The Coca-Cola Co. is bubbling with excitement to introduce new smartwater sparkling. With the purity of vapor distillation, combined with electrolytes for taste and just the right amount of delicate carbonation, smartwater sparkling is carefully designed to deliver a taste that is distinctly fresh, crisp and delicious. Smartwater sparkling is now available at select retailers […]

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Strawberry Banana Hydration

ZICO Beverages LLC, maker of ZICO Premium Coconut Water, has introduced a flavorful way to hydrate with the launch of ZICO Chilled Strawberry Banana Juice Blend. The newest addition to ZICO Chilled Juice Blends line combines chilled natural coconut water with a fruit juice fusion of strawberry and banana puree and apple juice. With five […]

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Healthful Holiday Chips

Live Better Brands has introduced a number of new all-natural snacks under the Way Better Snacks name. Three limited-edition holiday chips, and one new everyday flavor have been introduced. Oh My Sweet Punkin’ Cranberry, a new holiday flavor arrived in time for Thanksgiving. Dried cranberries dot each chip, baked into a base of savory pumpkin, […]

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Vegan Veggie Spread

GO VEGGIE has launched new GO VEGGIE Vegan Spread & Dip Minis for health-conscious consumers on the go. GO VEGGIE minis are the only vegan, plant-based substitute for traditional spreads and dips. Aimed at more than 108 million Americans with special diets looking for healthier ingredients, better nutritionals or to avoid food allergens, GO VEGGIE’s new […]

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Bohemian Series Lighters

Bic introduces Special Edition Bohemian Series Lighters. The lighters in this series are based on intriguing design elements from tapestries and blown glass, making them the perfect accessory for consumers who want to express their inner free-spirit. The lighters in this series are proudly made in the USA, with a suggested retail price of $1.89 […]

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Suction Display Products

iSEE Store Innovations LLC and Display Technologies have released iSEE’s best-in-class suction display products to beverage clients in Europe and Latin America. iSEE’s suction display products include the iSEE Apex, iSEE K2 and iSEE Sherpa product lines. Each of the display lines uses the power of the patent pending iSEE Suction technology–an ultra-reliable design that […]

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Rutter’s 61st and Biggest Store Welcomes Customers

The exterior fuel monument sign and gas canopy showcase an enhanced Rutter’s brand identity. Rutter’s newest and largest store opened its doors to customers on Monday, Dec. 14. The new location is situated in York Springs, just 10 miles north of Gettysburg, Pa. The new site marks Rutter’s 61st store and the third Rutter’s location

How $2 Gas Could Impact Holiday Sales

Despite lower pump prices, customers remain split when it comes to their outlook on the economy. Customers who—thanks to lower gas prices—find themselves with extra cash on hand are expected to put that money toward holiday gifts. Two in three gasoline customers report that gas prices in their area are lower than they were last

BW Gas & Convenience Expands

As a part of its expansion efforts, BW Gas & Convenience has added 10 locations to its store portfolio. BW Gas & Convenience Holdings LLC, an affiliate of Brookwood Financial Partners LLC has acquired a 10-store gas station and convenience store portfolio in western Iowa. The acquisition included eight company-owned and -operated stores, two company-owned

Hershey Builds Global Sales Team

The Hershey Co. appoints a new leader to its global sales team. Sales veteran, Rob Gehring, will be joining The Hershey Co. as global chief sales officer on Jan. 18, 2016. Gehring joins Hershey from Coca-Cola North America where he served as president, Walmart Global Team since 2011. “Rob is a seasoned sales leader who

NRF Foundation Scholarship Finalists Selected

The NRF Foundation supports the next generation by offering $125,000 in scholarships. As a part of its Next Generation Scholarship program, the NRF Foundation will soon award $125,000 in scholarships to 25 outstanding students. The top five finalists have been identified, and these finalists will interview with a panel of executive judges to determine the

Black Friday Versus Thanksgiving Day Shopping 2015

Data has shown that fewer consumers spent both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping this year. This year, more consumers chose to take advantage of only one of the big holiday retail days. Only 39% of consumers opted to venture out on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, which is down from 46% in 2014. Black

Advanced Beverage Solutions Changes Name

As business evolves, Advanced Beverage Solutions has chosen a name that is more appropriate to the company’s current operations. Advanced Beverage Solutions, a premier beverage equipment and parts supplier, has announce that the company name has been changed to Lancer Direct. Their operations have become more global in nature and include product lines beyond where

C-Stores: Sustaining a Relationship with Hispanics

Strategies to attract new users, upscale stores and expand must incorporate Hispanics By Tim Powell, Vice President of Consulting, Q1 Food and Beverage Practice A few years ago, Walmart dabbled in copying Target’s “upscale” success by catering to a higher income segment. Walmart implemented many of the same strategies as Target throughout its furniture, apparel