7-Eleven May Be GlobeOne’s Newest Corporate Member

GlobeOne aims to launch in the U.S., Mexico and Vietnam in 2016.  7-Eleven Mexico has signed an official letter of intent with GlobeOne. 7-Eleven Mexico would be GlobeOne’s latest corporate member in Mexico as it builds up its rapidly expanding network of both corporate members and member banks around the world. Targeting both the financially


QuickChek Stores Open Christmas Day

QuickChek senior vice president worked in a store on Christmas Day. QuickChek convenience stores were once again open on Christmas Day this year, and Senior Vice President Mike Murphy worked in a store on Christmas Day for the 40th consecutive year. According to a report from My Central Jersey, Murphy claimed that if the company

Sheetz Offers Gift of Coffee on Christmas Day

Sheetz once again thanks loyal customers for their business by offering free coffee on Christmas. Sheetz Convenience Stores celebrated the holidays by offering coffee lovers a free cup of freshly brewed Sheetz coffee on Dec. 25. Guests were invited to walk into any one of 511 Sheetz stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland

Parker’s Expands Presence in Bluffton, S.C.

Parker’s has opened a new location, just in time for the company’s 40th anniversary. The company expects to open four more locations in the coming months. Bluffton, S.C. is now home to the 42nd Parker’s retail location. The company’s sixth Bluffton, S.C. store, located on the Buckwalter Parkway at 8251 Pinellas Dr., sells high-quality Parker’s gas,

Biggest Trends in Retail 2015

Retale president Pat Dermody revealed the top trends in retail from 2015—including all things mobile and more. Retale president Pat Dermody has shared industry insight on the trends of 2015, and she has revealed trends expected to grow in 2016. The Three Biggest Retail Trends of 2015 “Mobile and all things related to mobile would

Weigel’s Volunteers Help Local Kids Have A Happy Christmas

Since the program in conjunction with the Salvation Army began in 1998 more than 3,200 children have been impacted. Weigel’s celebrated its 18th year of teaming with the Salvation Army. This year more than 400 volunteers brought joy and dreams to 200 underpriviledged children from Knoxville and the surrounding areas via a Christmas shopping spree.

Pressure on CST Brands Heats Up

A second shareholder asks CST Brands to consider a sale. By Erin Rigik, Senior Editor and John Lofstock, Editor-In-Chief JCP Investment Management Group on Dec. 22, a significant shareholder of CST Brands Inc., became the second shareholder to put pressure on CST Brand’s CEO Kim Lubel and CST’s Board of Directors in a public letter

Second CST Shareholder Voices Concern

Another shareholder of CST Brands has joined Engine Capital in identifying concerns and offering suggestions on how to solve profitability issues. Significant shareholders of CST Brands Inc. — JCP Investment Management LLC, Josh Schechter and Brad Radoff — have delivered a letter to the Kim Lubel, CEO of CST Brands, and CST’s board of directors. The full

Western Refining to Absorb Northern Tier Energy

At the completion of a new merger agreement, Northern Tier will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Refining.  Through a new merger agreement, Western Refining Inc. will acquire all of Northern Tier Energy LP’s outstanding common units not already owned by Western. Under the terms of the merger agreement, Northern Tier unitholders will receive $15

What’s Ahead For The 2016 Cheese Market?

Seven key factors are expected to play a role in the 2016 cheese market. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has identified the key factors that will drive consumer cheese purchases in 2016. Americans’ passion for cheese continues to be at an all-time high. According to recent reports from the USDA, the average American consumes 34

What’s Behind America’s Fascination With Heroes?

By Bill Scott,  founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Recently, I came upon a list of heroes with over 100 names. I suppose heroes exist in the eyes of the beholder. There is no greater hero (man or woman) than one who forfeits their lives so that others may live. Maybe that should be

Take a Tip from Your Medical Practitioner

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics When you are asking for information, skip saying things like: “How’s it going” or “Is everything okay?” All you’ll get are answers like: “Fine” and “Yes.” To elicit meaningful feedback, do what doctors do when they want to assess how much pain a patient is experiencing and ask: “On a

Unwrap the eB2B Gift

By Ed Collupy, executive consultant, W. Capra Consulting Group It’s the time of year of giving and reflection—throughout the convenience store industry people come together in many different forums and give of their time to help each other and you. As I look back on 2015 one group that has been hard at work advocating for

Midwest Retail Group Appoints New Chief Strategic Officer

After selling his family business, Peter Tedeschi joins the Midwest Retail Group. The Midwest Retail Group LLC has appointed Peter Tedeschi as its new chief strategic officer. His appointment follows the successful sale of Tedeschi Food Shops Inc. to 7- Eleven in September. Tedeschi is joining forces with Jim Fiene and Paul Reuter as part

First Ever Port Arthur, Texas Stripes Store Opens

Stripes adds 30 new jobs to Port Arthur, Texas community.  Stripes Convenience Stores has announced that it will soon open its first Stripes Convenience Store in Port Arthur, Texas. Stripes Stores will host a grand opening fiesta and ribbon cutting ceremony with the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce beginning at 11 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 5,

New Stripes Opens in Conroe, Texas

Stripes adds over 30 jobs to Conroe, Texas community. Conroe, Texas is home of the newest Stripes Convenience Store. A grand opening fiesta and ribbon cutting will be held with the Conroe Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, beginning at 11 a.m. The new store is located at 2325 N. FM 3083 E.

2016 Top 10 Food Trends

Whole Foods Market’s product experts have released their 2016 food trends forecast.  Whole Foods Market’s product experts, who draw from more than 100 years of combined industry experience, have pinpointed 10 top food trends to watch in 2016. From “old-world” ingredients and new vino vehicles to emerging flavors and sourcing trends, this year’s forecast covers

Retailers Relieved By New Spending Plan

The newly passed spending plan is expected to stimulate the economy. The final passage of a wide-ranging spending and tax-relief package is a welcome change for the National Retail Federation. The new package includes provisions that will delay onerous portions of Obamacare, make it easier for businesses to share cyber threats and renew tax law

New Year, New Food Trends

Consumers will remain nutrition conscious in 2016. The fourth annual “What’s Trending in Nutrition” Survey from Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian has collected data from 450 nutrition professionals to reveal what food consumers will seek and avoid in the coming year. From food celebs like kale or cauliflower and claims like gluten-free or no additives, to diet plans

2016 Trends Forecast from quench

quench has revealed a number of foodservice trends that are expected to gain momentum in 2016. The 2016 edition of the Food and Beverage Marketing Trends forecast from quench has been released. The forecast includes a list that features trends widespread across the food and beverage category as well as those that exist in a

How Online Shopping Is Changing Demand

Consumers aren’t satisfied by rapid shipping, they want their orders now, and they want them delivered free. “Holiday Shipping 2015: Faster, Faster,” a new report from Fung Business Intelligence Centre Global Retail & Technology (FBIC), has revealed that the growing popularity of online shopping has boosted the appeal of companies that can offer free and

NPD Group Reveals 2016 Eating Trends

Clean eating is expected to beome more prominent in the New Year. Research from the NPD Group has revealed that consumers will focus on foods that are “real” or “clean” in the coming year, whether they are eating in or away from their homes. Natural, fresh and preservative-free are attributes that consumers will look for

NATO Concerned With Tobacco Grandfather Date

Tobacco grandfather date may remain unchanged. The federal omnibus budget bill that recently passed through the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives did not offer any relief to concerned members of the tobacco industry. According to a report from NATO, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives did not include in the bill language that

2015 Foodservice Growth Drivers

The foodservice industry has grown over the past year, and that growth is expected to continue into 2016. Research from The NPD Group has revealed that the U.S. foodservice industry has recovered the visits it lost during the Great Recession. The industry will end the year with a total traffic volume at 61 billion, visits

Fueling Innovation in 2016: Top 5 Trends in Convenience Retail

By Marek Polonski, senior vice president, Applied Predictive Technologies Over the past 12 months, the industry has been abuzz with M&A activity, new in-store technologies and oscillating fuel prices. As the rate of innovation continues to increase, there will be a number of opportunities for convenience retailers to gain a competitive advantage, but only if