RYO Faces the Future

Roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco isn’t immune to regulatory policy, but still has the equilibrium to remain a solid industry player. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor Roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco remains a segment in flux, tied as it is to such diverse factors as the health of the economy, the price of gasoline and stiffening federal and state

Stirring Up E-Cig Sales

Could the e-cigarette segment rebound now that federal regulations are finalized? By Anne Baye Ericksen, Contributing Editor On May 5, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its deeming regulations, concluding that e-cigarettes fall within the same purview as other regulated tobacco products. Also of note, recent research results out of the United Kingdom

Walmart Tests Grocery Delivery

Beginning in late June, customers in certain markets will have the chance to order their groceries from Walmart online and have them delivered to their door. In an attempt to keep up with the competition that Amazon has imposed on the grocery market, Walmart has announced plans to launch its own grocery delivery service. According

C-Store Driven Out of Business by High Swipe Fees

Is the prevalence of credit and debit card payments driving small businesses into the ground? In mid-May, Quechee Mobil Mart was forced to close its doors for good, as it filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy status, and store-owner Sheryl Trainor has laid the blame on credit and debit card acceptance fees. According to a recent

Loyalty Programs Drive Traffic

New data has revealed that return on loyalty programs is now higher than ever, but many loyalty programs are not as effective as they could be. Bond Brand Loyalty has released the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, its sixth annual consumer loyalty report. Data collected in the report has revealed that a growing number of consumers

Holiday Stationstores Opens its Second CNG Fueling Location

Holiday Stationstores has partnered with Trillium CNG to add a CNG fueling station to one of Holiday’s existing convenience store and fueling locations.  Customers of the Holiday Stationstores located at 21100 Kenrick Ave. in Lakeville, Minn. now have access to compressed natural gas (CNG), as the company has added a fast-fill CNG fueling location to

Some Divisions of the Restaurant Industry are Faring Better than Others

As a whole, the restaurant industry has seen little growth in recent years, but there are sections within the industry that have experienced more promising growth. Data representing the restaurant industry has revealed that the industry as a whole is experiencing only minimal growth, quarter-after-quarter, year after year. Research from The NPD Group has revealed

Core-Mark Acquires Pine State Convenience

A recent transaction between Core-Mark and Pine State Trading Co. is expected to improve Core-Mark’s financial outlook for 2016. Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc. has officially closed on its purchase of Pine State Convenience. According to a report from StreetInsider.com, Core-Mark now owns the Pine State Convenience division of Gardiner, Maine-based Pine State Trading Co. The

Rutter’s Sponsors Newly Announced Film

Rutter’s has donated $10,000 to the production of a film that features a Central Pennsylvania little league team. A new film featuring a Central Pennsylvania little league baseball team may feature one popular convenience store brand. According to a recent report from Central Penn Business Journal, Rutter’s Farm Stores has announced plans to purchase a

Hershey Recalls SoFit Products

As sunflower seed supplier expands its recall, Hershey has chosen to voluntarily recall certain SoFit products. On June 1, a supplier who provides sunflower seeds for The Hershey Co.’s SoFit brand expanded its sunflower seed recall, and, in response, Hershey has issued a voluntary recall of three products sold under the SoFit brand. The supplier,

Consumers Cut Calories by Increasing Bottled Water Consumption

Bottled water has gained popularity, as Americans continue to become more health conscious, and many Americans are increasingly choosing bottled water as a means to cut calories. A new study from the Beverage Marketing Corp. (BMC) has revealed that a tremendous rise in U.S. bottled water consumption has resulted in significant caloric savings among consumers.

Amazon Offers Delivery from Local Restaurants

Amazon Prime members in Atlanta can now order from select local restaurants and enjoy free delivery within the hour. Amazon Prime members in Atlanta now have the ability to order from their favorite local restaurant and enjoy free one-hour delivery by Amazon. Using the Prime Now mobile app or by visiting the new Prime Now

RILA Fears Consequences of the Potential Repeal of the Durbin Amendment

RILA fears that banks will begin imposing excessive fees on merchants if House Republicans are successful in repealing the Durbin Amendment. Recent comments from Jeb Hensarling, House Financial Services chairman, regarding the Durbin Amendment, have evoked a strong reaction from the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).  The comments from Hensarling revealed that House Republicans have

Casey’s General Stores Reports Record Earnings for Fiscal Year 2016

The opening of a second distribution center and the launch of the company’s new mobile app, among other factors, contributed to significant earnings for Casey’s in the recently ended fiscal year.  Casey’s General Stores Inc. has released data on the company’s financial standings, which have revealed that the company encountered substantial growth during the recent

Parker’s Hires New Inventory Control Lead

One former U.S. Marine Corps supervisor will now serve as Parker’s inventory control lead. Brian McClure will now be responsible for conducting inventory audits at all Parker’s locations, in his new position as the company’s new inventory control lead. A former supervisor in the U.S. Marine Corps, McClure excels at directing others to complete tasks

Dunkin’ Donuts Announces National Launch of Mobile Ordering App

Dunkin’ Donuts is keeping pace with the competition, making it even easier for Americans to “run on Dunkin’.” Dunkin’ Donuts has launched the national release of its new mobile ordering platform. A new report from Nation’s Restaurant News revealed that, on June 6, Dunkin’ Donuts introduced its new mobile app that allows customers to order

C-Store Designer, James Mitchell, Passes Away

The creator of “feel-good” convenience stores has passed away. On June 1, 2016, the passionate, imaginative and innovative James “Jim” Edward Mitchell passed away, at the age of 76. For over 30 years, Mitchell worked as a designer for a number of convenience stores and truckstops, according to Asian American Trade Association Council (AATAC). Mitchell

Dunkin’ Donuts Celebrates National Iced Tea Day

Dunkin’ fans can celebrate National Iced Tea Day with a free Iced Green Tea from participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Dunkin’ Donuts is helping its guests in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire celebrate National Iced Tea Day by offering free Iced Green Tea to customers at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants. On June 10, Dunkin’ Donuts

Fuel Prices Continue to Creep Upward

Growing demand is driving fuel prices higher as the summer driving season commences.  Over the past week, fuel prices inched higher, as fuel supply tightened while gasoline demand remained strong. According to the recent fuel report from AAA, the national average fuel price is currently $2.36, which marks a four cent increase from last week’s

Baltimore May Soon Require Warnings on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Legislation has been introduced that would require sugar sweetened beverages to sport a new warning label.  Pending the approval of new legislation by the Baltimore City Council’s Health Committee, Baltimore may soon become the second city in the U.S. to require warning labels on sugar sweetened beverages. According to a report from WBAL News Radio,

New Legislation May Remove Tobacco Products from California C-Stores

Pending the approval of new legislation, California residents may soon be required to visit tobacco shops in order to purchase tobacco products. A new bill that will remove tobacco products from grocery and convenience stores is now one step closer to approval, as it has officially received Senate approval. According to a report from Central Valley

Beverage Sales Expected to Grow during 2016

As quarter two progresses, retailers have reported significant growth in multiple beverage categories. This growth is expected to continue throughout the year. New innovations and heavy promotions from a number of beverage manufacturers have led to strong category growth in the beverage category in the second quarter of 2016. Memorial Day Holiday Sparks Beverage Sales

Thorntons Announces New Store Opening

Thorntons has invited the Blue Island, Ill. community to participate in the celebration of its newest store location. On Friday, June 10, Thorntons Inc. will open the doors of its newest convenience store location in Blue Island, Ill. In celebration of the new store opening, an official ribbon cutting ceremony will be held, along with

Greed Could Be Killing Our Industry

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC Every now and then I get a request from a vendor that wants to know how their products are selling in our customers’ stores. I don’t mind providing that information. It’s a simple task and if the short amount of time I spend helps our customers, then all the

Plaid Pantries Appoints New President

Plaid Pantry has promoted one of its own board members to the position of company president. Jonathan Polonsky has been appointed by the Board of Directors of Plaid Pantries Inc. to the position of president and chief operating officer, effective immediately. Polonsky assumes his new position after being promoted from his previous position of chief