How to Improve Restroom Appearance

The best way to improve restroom appearance by cleaning for health. Not only is a clean restroom a crucial element for maintaining customer satisfaction, it is also a matter of concern for public health. Illness-causing bacteria and germs can be found on many bathroom surfaces, and these contaminants can be easily spread to customers, which can also


Alliance Data Systems Corp. Provides Tap-and-Pay Functionality to Retail Partners

Alliance Data Systems Corp. provides retail partners with technology which makes customer payments fast and easy. Alliance Data Systems Corp.’s card services business will now provide an EMV-based co-brand credit card solution with tap-and-pay functionality to its retail partners. This new technology will make payments simple, fast and easy by allow customers to pay for purchases by tapping their card

General Sessions Expand in NACS Show 2015

NACS has expanded its annual event to contain an additional day of general sessions. In addition to the four days of more than 55 educational sessions, the 2015 NACS Show will now feature an extra day of general sessions. The event will take place in a 400,000 square-foot expo, and will play host to more than

How to Spruce Up Sandwich Offerings

Ham and cheese on white bread used to be the go-to sandwich for grab and go. But now many consumers are expecting options that are unique, upscale and even unusual. By Marilyn Odesser-Torpey, Associate Editor It’s not often that customers express their approval when a retailer raises prices. But that’s exactly what happened when Englefield

Westex Capital Completes Assets Sale

NRC Realty & Capital Advisors LLC assists in the sale of 26 convenience stores. Del Rio Texas-based Westex Capital LTD and Bohica Investment LTD have completed the sale of 26 convenience stores in several markets in South Central and West Texas. The asset sale also included a fuel and propane distribution business with six bulk

How Kum & Go Is Optimizing Store Space

Kum & Go partners with Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. to more efficiently manage convenience store space. Kum & Go has partnered with Symphony EYC, employing its G.O.L.D. Space Optimization software with centralized data management to simplify the merchandising process across its stores. With G.O.L.D., Kum & Go will also streamline daily tasks such as importing of

How The Frozen Bakery Products Market Is Growing

As consumer lives get busier, ready-to-bake products gain momentum. The frozen bakery products market is one of the fastest-growing segments of frozen food market due to the growing trend towards ready-to-bake or ready-to-thaw frozen products. This growth is being driven by the rising demand for convenience food products, to save customers both time and effort,

Kendrick Oil Partners With VP Racing Fuels

Dealer flexibility and a nationally-recognized brand attracts Kendrick Oil to the VP retail branding program. Kendrick Oil Co., based in Friona, Texas, has become the newest chain to add VP Racing Fuels retail branding program. Kendrick provides a range of quality fuel products to 47 retail locations and a variety of other customers in Texas,

Gregg Gellman to Help 22nd Century Group in New Brand Approval

Previous success with attaining FDA approval makes Gellman an obvious choice for his new position. Gregg Gellman has been appointed the new director of business development and regulatory affairs of 22nd Century Group Inc. This new position will require Gellman to drive regulatory affairs strategies for the company’s two modified risk cigarettes in development. These

G&M Oil Co. Upgrades To EMV-Certified Technology

G&M looks to enhance performance through new partnership. G&M Oil Co. Inc. has partnered with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to provide an extensive EMV-certified technology upgrade. The upgrade will be integrated at 120 locations across Southern California. In order to enhance performance, seeks to utilize Gilbarco’s integrated Passport point-of-sale and media at the pump solution, Applause TV with VNET. G&M Oil leadership had been searching for

How to Brew Coffee Profits

Variety and customization help coffee sales to continue to grow. By Anne Baye Ericksen, Contributing Editor Whether it’s the desire for a jolt of caffeine in the morning or craving a specialty hot beverage as an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee remains a top beverage choice for consumers. The 2014 National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) survey, produced by

U.S. Oil Acquires Indianapolis Terminal

U.S. Oil hopes to strengthen relationships with fuel retailers through newly acquired terminal. U.S. Venture Inc.’s petroleum and renewable energy division, U.S. Oil, has expanded eastward. According to a report by the Oil & Gas Financial Journal, U.S. Oil has acquired a refined products terminal, which adds 410,000 barrels of capacity, in Indianapolis. Along with increased

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast to Roll Out in October

McDonald’s customers have long desired breakfast to be served during all dayparts, and McDonald’s is finally delivering. In an effort to climb out of a two-year slump, McDonald’s officials have been working to devise a turnaround plan. CEO Steve Easterbrook proposed that McDonald’s expand its menu options by extending its breakfast menu to all dayparts.

Why There is No Excuse for Poor Customer Service

Tony Huppert, CEO of Team Oil Inc. I believe working at a convenience store should be offered as a work release credit in high school. The benefits this education offers students are priceless. Tolerance, patience and self-control are just a few of the social skills that have to be mastered as a convenience store employee. I recently

Tyson and LULAC Donate 40,000 Pounds of Protein

The partnership between Tyson Foods and the LULAC has resulted in the feeding of thousands of poverty stricken individuals. In an effort to eradicate hunger in some of America’s most vulnerable communities, Tyson Foods along with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) have donated 40,000 pounds of protein to the South Texas Food Bank in Laredo,

Spinx Opens First CNG Fueling Station in Anderson, S.C.

Piedmont now has 10 public fueling stations that offer CNG as an alternative transportation fuel. The Spinx Co. and Piedmont Natural Gas and have opened the first public compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station in Anderson, S.C. The new station is located at 1207 S.C. Highway 28 Bypass. The is third public refueling facility in South Carolina for

How Hunt Brothers Pizza Is Expanding Internationally

Service men and women in Germany receive a “taste of home” as Hunt Brothers Pizza expands internationally. Hunt Brothers Pizza has announced its international expansion. Three months ago the company opened four German locations, which are listed below, and has now opened a fifth German location at the Pulaski Express on Vogelweh Air Force Base

Pro Food Systems Launches New Umbrella Brand

Pro Food Systems has introduced a new brand that is expected to help in the company’s continued growth. Pro Food Systems (PFS) has experienced rapid growth, since its inception, and in an effort to maintain that growth, the company has devised a new strategy, image, focus and enthusiasm. As a part of the company’s new growth strategy, it has

Profit Margins Increase for Tobacco Producers

After 10 years of annual $1 billion payments to tobacco farmers, tobacco producers feel a great weight being lifted from their shoulders. Profit margins are on the rise for the producers of tobacco products one year after the expiration of a 10 year federal assessment, the Tobacco Transition Payment Program, which required cigarette manufacturers, cigar companies

Chicago Mayor Proposes New Tax on Vapor Products

The proposed tax on vapor products in Chicago may be detrimental to public health. Fran Spielman from the Chicago Tribune recently reported that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel intends to propose a new tax on vapor products, and this proposed tax would be “roughly equivalent” to the $7.17 tax on tobacco cigarettes in Chicago. In response to this report, the

New Love’s Opens in Lubbock, Texas

The new Love’s Travel Stop offers a wide variety of driver services, including a safe place to park and a place to rest. There is now a new Love’s Travel Stop (Love’s) along Interstate 27 in Lubbock, Texas, at Exit 8. This new stop is the second location along the Interstate. Professional drivers will now

Turkey Hill Acquiring Two Giant to Go C-Stores

Two new Turkey Hill stores will offer a wide variety of products to residents of Lancaster, Pa. Turkey Hill Minit Markets will soon acquire two Giant to Go convenience stores from GIANT Food Stores LLC. Although an agreement has been made, the settlement on both properties will not be completed until the third week of September. The two stores,

How Marijuana Legalization Could Help Your Business

Now that four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana, and others weigh similar moves, what might it mean for the retail landscape? Marijuana and the potential for wide-spread legalization of the substance continues to be a controversial topic, yet wherever you stand on this highly political subject, one thing is hard to

How to Power Up Savings

What operational areas should convenience stores—intent on conserving energy and cutting electric bills—tackle first? Start with the basics. By Traci Dawn Carneal, Contributing Editor Efforts to reduce energy consumption can reap significant benefits for any retail operation, especially in convenience stores where even small cutbacks can mean big cost savings. The sliding scale of options,

How to Deal With Real Estate

Anytime a c-store acquires an existing property, there are various items to consider—from the environmental pollution that might exist in ground, to the traffic patterns on the corner, to the competition down the road. By David Bennett, Senior Editor A popular saying touts that the three most important considerations of a real estate deal are