If You Never Start, You Will Never Finish

By Mel Kleiman, President, Humetrics Is there an idea or project on the list in the back of your mind that stays there because it feels like, once you start, there’s no end in sight? Is it one of those “not urgent,” yet, important tasks that could make a real difference when it comes to


Swisher International Names 2015 Farmer of the Year

Swisher names one of the most diverse farmers as farmer of the year for 2015. Swisher Sweets has named Danny Kornegay, a diversified farmer from Princeton, N. C., as the overall winner of the Swisher Sweets/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year for 2015. Kornegay was named as the overall winner during the Willie B. Withers Luncheon

Kofdarali Takes the Helm as NACS Chairman

NACS helps to connect those in the industry to our country’s most influential people. NACS encouraged industry members to strive for greatness at the 2015-16 NACS Show. “Test your limits. Test the unknown. And work together to get better,” Jack Kofdarali, president of Corona, California-based J&T Management Inc., told NACS Show attendees after accepting the

NACS Releases 2015 Ideas 2 Go Video

Retailers can now experience the Ideas 2 Go program from the comfort of their home. The 2015 NACS Ideas 2 Go program can now be purchased in an online video format. The fast-paced “Ideas 2 Go” program showcases emerging concepts that redefine convenience — as well as quick takeaways that retailers could easily implement at

NACS Celebrates Victories of 2015

NACS has faced a number of industry problems head on in the past year, and continues to fight for what is best for the industry as a whole. NACS scouts and shares global best practices in order to improve the convenience retailing industry. NACS develops programs to help members improve their operations and addresses critical

NACS Recognizes 11 Scholarship Recipients

NACS recognizes future industry leaders. The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) has awarded 11 college students with a $3,000 scholarship, awarded by the NACS Scholarship Program. In addition to the scholarship, each of the recipients received a stipend to attend the 2015 NACS Show in Las Vegas, Oct. 11–14, where they were recognized during a special

Jiffy Mart and Tevis Motor Fuel Named Small Business of the Year

Jiffy Mart and Tevis Motor Fuel has been awarded by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and Carroll County Department of Economic Development to recognize their contributions to the local economy. When evaluating each business for recognition, the Chamber considered each company’s history and background, performance and growth, innovation and creativity, Competitiveness and Community Involvement. Jiffy Mart and Tevis Motor Fuel received a Chamber of

NACS Elects Four Board Members

NACS has added four successful retailers to its Board of Directors. The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) has elected four retail members to serve on its Board of Directors. The new members were announced at the NACS Board of Directors meeting at the 2015 NACS Show in Las Vegas. The four NACS retail members elected to serve

Voting by Proxy

By Tony Huppert,  CEO of Team Oil Inc. I am beginning to understand the corporate takeover of media outlets. At first I thought it was for profit, now I realize it is for control. Now that the political parties are selling the rights to the Presidential Debates to PAY TV for profit, the results of

Recognizing NAG Leadership

Toot’n Totum’s David Johnson receives the National Advisory Group’s inaugural Lifetime Award for Convenience Retailing. By John Lofstock, Editor The National Advisory Group (NAG), a convenience store trade association focused on small, mid-sized and family-owned businesses, has a long history dedicated to helping convenience store owners improve their businesses through education and networking. Through the

Tifton, Ga. Farmer Named 2014 Farmer of the Year

Innovative doublecropping crop production system helps Tifton, Ga. farmer earn Farmer of the Year award. Philip Grimes, a farmer from Tifton, Ga. who is known for his conservation practices and high crop yields, has been selected as the overall winner of the Swisher Sweets/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year award for 2014. Grimes was named

Hershey Launches New Global Initiative to Feed Children

Hershey will use new initiative to support the nutritional needs of children in Ghana. The Hershey Co. has launched a new Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action. The goal of the initiative is to help supply Vivi to school children in Ghana.  Vivi is a vitamin and mineral-fortified nutritional supplement which is produced from high-quality

When Violence Strikes At Your C-Store

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. You’ve just shot a robber at your convenience store—now what? The decisions you make, and the actions you take over the next few minutes, or the next few hours, may be the most important challenges you will face in your lifetime. The most dangerous

Wal-Mart Loses Case Against Five Former Employees

Could a Utah Supreme Court ruling endanger employees and customers in situations involving armed shoplifters? A four to one decision from the Utah Supreme Court has sided with five former Walmart Employees suing for wrongful termination. According to a report by Deseret News, the case follows the termination of five employees who were terminated after disarming

Changing Demographics Influence Packaging Preferences

The consumer desire for transparency extends beyond package design. The U.S. has recently experienced dramatic changes in demographics, lifestyles and eating patterns. These changes include changing population distribution, fewer married couples, more people living alone, smaller household size and multi-generational households. These trends have had a great influence upon packaged foods, according to market research publisher Packaged Facts

Dr. Berman Supports VirMax Performance Supplement

VirMax Performance Supplement receives support from renowned sex and relationship educator and therapist. Natural Product Solutions LLC and Kretek International Inc. have announced that Laura Berman, PhD will be at NACS to discuss the science behind the VirMax Performance Supplement line. Berman will be available to answer questions about how these clinically-tested natural supplements help men and women live healthier,

New York to Raise Minimum Wage

New York Governor announces plans to move ahead with plans to raise minimum wage.  Last week, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Cuomo of New York announced that, by 2018, minimum wage will be increased to $15 per hour in New York City. Cuomo added that the increase would be implemented upstate as well by 2021.

Hershey Ranks High in Sustainability

Hershey’s sustainability efforts are being recognized on a global level. The Hershey Co. has secured a place on the World and the North American Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI). Hershey is one of only 13 companies from the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry included in the World Index and is ranked in the 93 percentile overall. Hershey’s rankings in the

Lawyer From AmEx Case Chooses to Represent Himself

Accused lawyer in scrapped AmEx case chooses to represent himself in court. Shortly after causing a $75 million deal between American Express and major merchants to all through, Gary Friedman has decided to represent himself in court, despite advice from his legal team. Friedman was the lead lawyer for major merchants suing American Express; however,

How to Improve Restroom Appearance

The best way to improve restroom appearance by cleaning for health. Not only is a clean restroom a crucial element for maintaining customer satisfaction, it is also a matter of concern for public health. Illness-causing bacteria and germs can be found on many bathroom surfaces, and these contaminants can be easily spread to customers, which can also

Food Groups Fight New Food Taxes and Fees

AFFI seeks to protect consumers and food makers from increasing food costs in 2017. As the fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget is constructed, food groups fear that funds required to support the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDAs) food safety programs will add burdensome new costs to consumers and food makers. With this concern in mind,

California Lottery Expands Pump Program

Lotto Commission fuels more opportunity sales at c-stores. As convenience stores work harder to entice more customers to enter their locations once they’re done pumping their fuel, the California Lottery Commission is rolling out a program to make it easier for patrons to gas up and go. The California Lottery plans to expand on a

Judge Rejects American Express Settlement

Lawyer comprises fairness of class action agreement. A U.S. judge this week rejected a proposed class action settlement between American Express Co. and merchants who sued the company over swipe fees. The ruling was based on the assertion that a lawyer for the merchants’ compromised the fairness of the agreement. According to a Reuters report,

Overtime Regulations Discourage Employee Advancement

New proposed overtime regulations will generate significant costs for job creators and leave little room for employee choice and opportunity. A hearing was held July 23, 2015 on the Department of Labor’s proposed changes to federal overtime rules. The hearing, held by the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, chaired by Representative Tim Walberg, explored the potential impact of the proposed changes

How Are Summer Job Trends Shifting For Teens?

As fewer teens are entering the workforce for the summer, even fewer are finding work in retail. When school lets out for summer vacation, many teens flock off to find a summer job in order to fund their summer activities, at least that has been the case for many years now. However, a recent study