Changing Demographics Influence Packaging Preferences

The consumer desire for transparency extends beyond package design. The U.S. has recently experienced dramatic changes in demographics, lifestyles and eating patterns. These changes include changing population distribution, fewer married couples, more people living alone, smaller household size and multi-generational households. These trends have had a great influence upon packaged foods, according to market research publisher Packaged Facts


Dr. Berman Supports VirMax Performance Supplement

VirMax Performance Supplement receives support from renowned sex and relationship educator and therapist. Natural Product Solutions LLC and Kretek International Inc. have announced that Laura Berman, PhD will be at NACS to discuss the science behind the VirMax Performance Supplement line. Berman will be available to answer questions about how these clinically-tested natural supplements help men and women live healthier,

New York to Raise Minimum Wage

New York Governor announces plans to move ahead with plans to raise minimum wage.  Last week, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Cuomo of New York announced that, by 2018, minimum wage will be increased to $15 per hour in New York City. Cuomo added that the increase would be implemented upstate as well by 2021.

Hershey Ranks High in Sustainability

Hershey’s sustainability efforts are being recognized on a global level. The Hershey Co. has secured a place on the World and the North American Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI). Hershey is one of only 13 companies from the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry included in the World Index and is ranked in the 93 percentile overall. Hershey’s rankings in the

Lawyer From AmEx Case Chooses to Represent Himself

Accused lawyer in scrapped AmEx case chooses to represent himself in court. Shortly after causing a $75 million deal between American Express and major merchants to all through, Gary Friedman has decided to represent himself in court, despite advice from his legal team. Friedman was the lead lawyer for major merchants suing American Express; however,

How to Improve Restroom Appearance

The best way to improve restroom appearance by cleaning for health. Not only is a clean restroom a crucial element for maintaining customer satisfaction, it is also a matter of concern for public health. Illness-causing bacteria and germs can be found on many bathroom surfaces, and these contaminants can be easily spread to customers, which can also

Food Groups Fight New Food Taxes and Fees

AFFI seeks to protect consumers and food makers from increasing food costs in 2017. As the fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget is constructed, food groups fear that funds required to support the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDAs) food safety programs will add burdensome new costs to consumers and food makers. With this concern in mind,

California Lottery Expands Pump Program

Lotto Commission fuels more opportunity sales at c-stores. As convenience stores work harder to entice more customers to enter their locations once they’re done pumping their fuel, the California Lottery Commission is rolling out a program to make it easier for patrons to gas up and go. The California Lottery plans to expand on a

Judge Rejects American Express Settlement

Lawyer comprises fairness of class action agreement. A U.S. judge this week rejected a proposed class action settlement between American Express Co. and merchants who sued the company over swipe fees. The ruling was based on the assertion that a lawyer for the merchants’ compromised the fairness of the agreement. According to a Reuters report,

Overtime Regulations Discourage Employee Advancement

New proposed overtime regulations will generate significant costs for job creators and leave little room for employee choice and opportunity. A hearing was held July 23, 2015 on the Department of Labor’s proposed changes to federal overtime rules. The hearing, held by the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, chaired by Representative Tim Walberg, explored the potential impact of the proposed changes

How Are Summer Job Trends Shifting For Teens?

As fewer teens are entering the workforce for the summer, even fewer are finding work in retail. When school lets out for summer vacation, many teens flock off to find a summer job in order to fund their summer activities, at least that has been the case for many years now. However, a recent study

Some 178 Employers Sign Letter Endorsing New Legislation

Employers support the Common Sense Reporting and Verification Act of 2015. A letter supporting legislation aimed at providing employees and employers with more effective means for determining eligibility for Exchange tax credits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been signed by 178 employers and trade associations. The letter has been sent to sponsors of

Seizure Order Prevents Counterfeit Zig-Zag Sales

North Atlantic Trading Co. has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeit products. Seizure orders have been successfully executed against merchants and wholesalers found selling counterfeit Zig-Zag cigarette paper products. The orders were executed by attorneys at Venable LLP in representation of North Atlantic Trading Co. (NATC). The seizure orders are part of North Atlantic’s strategy

IRS Returns Over $100K Taken From Convenience Store Owner

The government is refusing to pay fees and other costs to wrongfully accused convenience store owner. After a year long battle, the federal government has returned the $107,702.66 that it took from Fairmont, N.C. convenience store owner, Lyndon McLellan, last year. The case was dismissed more than a month before McLellan’s money was returned to him, and

Ryko Solutions Acquires MacNeil Wash Systems

Combined company will form second largest car wash equipment provider in world. Ryko Solutions Inc., the largest provider of managed car wash systems in North America, has entered into a purchase agreement whereby Ryko will acquire MacNeil Wash Systems Ltd. of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, a supplier to the tunnel car wash segment of the industry. 

Car Wash Industry Boasts 2012 Growth

Wash Count program allows the International Carwash Association to help operators evaluate their business against national data. Data supplied by retail car wash locations through the International Carwash Association’s Wash Count program showed that the U.S. car wash industry continues to recover with the overall economy, posting gains in both average car washes per location

Consumers Want Deals When Purchasing Gas

Female consumers are more likely to be swayed by cash discounts than males. Price, deals, discounts and loyalty programs are increasingly influencing where consumers purchase gas, how much they spend, and which brands they purchase, finds recent motor fuels research by The NPD Group. Volatile gas prices and a challenging economic environment have taught fuel

Ryko Grows Revenues By 22% In 2012

Ryko experienced double-digit growth in all three segments of its business; maintenance services, car wash equipment, and cleaning solutions. Ryko Solutions Inc., North America’s largest manufacturer of car wash equipment and a major provider of national technical services, cleaning products, and marketing programs, achieved one of its best annual performances in 40 years of business

Magic Johnson To Headline The Car Wash Show

“The Car Wash Show is a great way to discover key strategies and resources to grow your business,” says CEO of the International Carwash Association. The International Carwash Association has announced NBA basketball legend and entrepreneur Earvin “Magic” Johnson as the keynote speaker for The Car Wash Show 2013, which will take place April 22—24

Sonny’s Partners With Fastech

Effective immediately, Fastech can be contacted directly with questions regarding the sales, service, installation, and support of Sonny’s car wash equipment and control systems. Sonny’s The CarWash Factory has added Fastech Inc. to its select service organization (SSO) network. Under the partnership, Fastech will distribute, install, and service Sonny’s Tunnel Equipment and AutoPilot CarWash Control

Ensuring the Safety of the Supplements on Your Shelves

Convenience store operators who ignore the manufacturers and distributors with whom they do business may find themselves facing serious liability issues. By Scott Melville and Steve Mister. More than 150 million Americans take dietary supplements every year, trusting that they’re doing something good for themselves. And their trust is well justified, as most supplements maintain

Ryko Acquires R.W. Mercer’s Car Wash Operations

“With the acquisition of Mercer’s carwash operation, Ryko has completed our plan to provide direct sales and service throughout the Midwest,” says Ryko CEO. Ryko Solutions Inc., a North American manufacturer of car wash equipment and a major provider of service support and cleaning products, has acquired the assets and operations of R.W. Mercer’s car

Cash Isn’t King at Cleveland Car Washes

American Pride has switched from cash-based operations to tokens, and customers are coming back stronger than ever. By Howard Riell, Associate Editor. Brian Costa operates five American Pride car washes in the Cleveland area. All told, there are 29 self-service bays and six touchless automatics. Until early 2000 each location was quarter-based. Then, when the

Car Wash Upgrades on Deck for 2012

Convenience store and petroleum retailers with car washes have faced a challenging 3-4 years in the car wash industry, and as a result have mostly refrained from new development of car wash sites. “We know from our equipment sales reports that there have been low levels of investment, particularly at petroleum c-store car wash sites,”

Emerging Opportunities for HBC

Retailers have come to accept that the health and beauty category (HBC) could never compete with tobacco or foodservice in terms of profits or volume, but it serves an important purpose for convenience store customers. For that reason alone, a diverse offering of cold medicines and personal hygiene products should be a staple on convenience