Convenience Distribution Marketplace Concludes in Vegas

Held Feb. 16-18, the event welcomed distributors, retailers and exhibitors from across the country. The Convenience Distribution Association (CDA), formerly AWMA, the trade organization working on behalf of convenience products distributors in the U.S., wrapped up its 2016 Convenience Distribution Marketplace in Las Vegas last week. The 2016 Convenience Distribution Marketplace was held Feb. 16-18

How Starbucks Is Altering Its Loyalty Program

The new Starbucks loyalty program is likely to be met with mixed reviews. Loyalty programs are a key driver of repeat business for a number of businesses, and Starbucks has recently made some big changes in its loyalty program. A new report from Forbes has indicated that Starbucks came to the decision to make changes

Mondelēz International Releases Cocoa Life Sustainability Report

Mondelēz International has committed to maintaining a sustainable cocoa supply chain. The first progress report on the Cocoa Life sustainability program has been released by Mondelēz International. The report highlights the impact that the program has had across its six cocoa-growing origins: Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, India and Brazil. The Cocoa Life program

Core-Mark Releases Fourth Quarter Earnings

An investor call was recently held to discuss the company’s fourth quarter earnings. On Feb. 25, 2016, Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc. released the company’s earnings for the fourth quarter which ended Dec. 31, 2015. The results were released before the market opened the morning of Feb. 25. An investor call was also held at 9

Brand Keys Reveals Difficulties in Achieving Emotional Engagement

The Brand Keys 2016 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index has identified the beverage brands that are meeting customer’s emotional values. The 21st annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) has reported that emotional engagement has recently become more difficult to achieve for beverage companies. Emotional engagement is considered a leading-indicator of consumer behavior, sales and

AdvancePierre Expands Leadership

Celeste Clark brings a wide range of expertise to AdvancePierre’s board of directors. Celeste Clark, Ph.D., has been appointed to the board of directors for AdvancePierre Foods (APF). Clark, the recently retired senior vice president of Global Public Policy and External Relations for Kellogg Co., brings expertise in global communications, nutrition science, regulatory affairs, corporate social

Hershey to Build West African Health Center

Hershey is moving beyond helping farmers to grow quality cocoa by helping promote the well-being of those in West African communities. The Hershey Co. has partnered with cocoa suppliers Blommer Chocolate and Olam Cocoa to build a community health center to provide access to basic health care to West African cocoa communities. The new center

MFA Oil Acquires S&S Oil and Propane Co.

MFA Oil has significantly expanded its existing market making its fourth acquisition of the company’s current fiscal year. MFA Oil Co. has completed its acquisition of S&S Oil and Propane Co. Inc. MFA Oil is the seventh largest propane retailer in the U.S., and the acquisition of S&S, a propane, refined fuels and lubricants retailer

Cumberland Farms Adopts ENFOS Platform

The current Cumberland Farms financial system will now be facilitated by a program from ENFOS. Cumberland Farms Inc. has officially entered into an agreement to implement the ENFOS Environmental Liability Management Platform to support the company’s current programs. Cumberland Farms will deploy ENFOS software solutions to support the management of its remediation program including, project

Graham Rahal Becomes Life Support Ambassador

Life Support has chosen Graham Rahal to bring energy and excitement to the face of its healthy recovery shot. IndyCar driver Graham Rahal has become a marketing partner to Life Support for the company’s 2016 marketing endeavors. In addition to winning two races, Rahal, a Columbus native, finished fourth overall in the Verizon IndyCar Series point

BP Rolls Out New Look, New Fuel At Branded Locations

Improved gasoline to debut in April, while brighter canopy lights and bolder colors are set to help entice customers. BP stations are set to get consumer-drawing makeovers as the company updates its BP-braded network of retail stations this year, as well as an upgrade to a new and improved version of BP’s leading fuel brand,

Wawa Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Some 3,000 former Wawa employees seek compensation for losses incurred due to an alleged policy change. Former Wawa employee, Greg Pfiefer, has proposed a class-action lawsuit against the c-store chain. According to a report from Philly Voice, Pfiefer, who worked for Wawa from 1992-2009, has claimed that Wawa has defaulted on an agreement to allow

Kwik Trip Commits to Expanding Healthy Options

Kwik Trip has committed to helping its customers live healthier lives. Kwik Trip is being recognized by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) as the first convenience store to help consumers make healthier choices and to complete its commitment to expand healthier options across its stores. “With more consumers expecting to find fresh and

CST Releases Financial Results for 2015

CST Brands has reported on the company’s great success for the year 2015. Financial results for the fourth quarter and the year ending Dec. 31, 2015 have been released for CST Brands Inc. CST Brands Inc. remains one of the largest independent retailers of motor fuels and convenience merchandise in North America. Review of 2015

Diesel Prices Dip Below $2

Diesel enjoys new price lows not seen since 2005. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Feb. 17, noted that for the first time since Feb. 14, 2005, the average U.S. retail price for on-highway diesel fuel had fallen below $2 per gallon. The price currently sits at $1.98 per gallon. The last time the

Are You Doing the Right Things in the Best Possible Way?

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics As the old saying goes: “You cannot do more with less.” In other words, instead of cutting this and trimming that, look at doing it better or differently. Ask: “Are we doing the right things,” and, if we are, “can we do them another faster/better/cheaper way?” Creative problem solving is

First Things First

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics As I see it, some of the biggest wastes of any organization’s time and resources are: The flood of incoming, unimportant email Meetings over 60 minutes long Firefighting (reacting to events that seem like emergencies) To avoid falling into to these distracting traps, come up with a list of the

What Is The Worst Mistake You Can Make?

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics Not doing everything in your power to make sure you and your managers are great coaches is the worst business mistake you can make. Although not everyone can be a great leader, most of us can be great coaches. A great coach knows how to pick the best players, find

Why Innovation Is So Important

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics What got you here will not keep you here or take you to the next level. If you’re not changing and evolving, the world is going to pass you by. Of the three giant retailers that were startups in 1961, K-Mart is not even in the 2015 list of Top

Are You Focused on the Right Things?

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics Where is your focus? Is it on staving off the impacts of the economy and/or the competition instead of on what you can do to improve the experiences of your customers and your employees? If so, to really get ahead of the game, I suggest you focus on the latter —

The Dos and Don’ts of Internet Job Postings

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics While this is not an endorsement for the Indeed job board, they just issued a set of guidelines I encourage everyone to use when posting your firm’s job openings online… “Indeed is the number one job site in the world and the recruitment tool of choice for all kinds of

Values vs. Culture Fit

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics Often, interviewers try to determine how well an applicant would fit the existing corporate culture by asking questions like: “Are you willing to work late hours?” “Do you prefer to be part of a team or to work independently? Is it important to you to have a private work space?”

How to Pump Up Profits

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics Trying to cut costs and/or services to increase or maintain profitability is a common, but mistaken strategy. Yes, there probably is fat that can be trimmed and we need to look at every line item expense, but if you compromise the customer and/or employee experience, you threaten the viability of

How to Formulate Success

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics While you probably do extensive recordkeeping to track how well your team meets customer service standards and goals, I doubt you track how well you are doing when it comes to taking care of your internal customers — your employees. What are you doing to ensure they keep coming back

Discount C-Store Planned for Niagara Falls

Seneca Nation has proposed a new project that has some c-store owners up in arms. Some mixed feelings are being expressed by small business owners in Niagara Falls, N.Y. as plans for a new Seneca convenience store have been announced. According to a report from Time Warner Cable News, Seneca Nation plans to open a