Business Storage Solutions

PODS Enterprises LLC has announced PODS for Business, flexible solutions for business use. PODS for Business offers a variety of storage and moving solutions for industries including retail, hotel and hospitality, along with corporate relocation, government, construction and restoration. The PODS for Business solution has allows combination of local and long-distance transportation and secure warehouse […]

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Panoramic Display Doors

Anthony is pleased to announce the introduction of the Vista Elite Cooler Door that provides energy-free panoramic merchandise visibility and excellent anti-fog performance without door or glass heat. Exceeding 2017 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) commercial refrigeration standards, Vista Elite doors utilize Anthony’s Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) technology for zero energy usage to increase energy […]

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iSEE Suction Displays To Be Available In Europe and Latin America

iSEE Suction holds up to 50 pounds for convenient displays. Through an agreement made between iSEE Store Innovations LLC and Display Technologies, an IMI Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company, Display Technologies is now authorized to sell iSEE’s suction display products to beverage clients in Europe and Latin America. iSEE’s suction display products include the iSEE Apex, iSEE

Protein Bites

Inspired by the growing demand for quick, wholesome snack options, thinkThin has shrunk down its nutritious and delicious protein bars to create its latest mini-innovation, the thinkThin Protein Bites and thinkThin Protein Nut Bites. Building on the success of thinkThin protein bars, the new bites are the first time a leading energy bar brand has […]

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Functional Protein Chips

Inventure Foods’ Boulder Canyon Foods brand has launched its first functional food snack chip, called Protein Crisps. Featuring 10 grams of protein and a generous 47 chips per serving, Boulder Canyon Protein Crisps will be available in two varieties – Dark Chocolate and Asiago Cheese. The protein-rich chips are available in three-ounce packages at select […]

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Add Parcel Service

Make life more convenient for customers by offering PUDO. PUDO Inc. provides courier shipping services, plus in-store over-the-counter pick-up services. PUDO requires approximately 40 square feet of space. PUDO provides a tablet and scanner for receiving and passing out the parcels. The process for accepting parcel is very easy and fast. A parcel barcode is […]

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Green Beverage Line

Mamma Chia, creator of the first-to-market chia beverage and celebrated chia innovator, has added the Magic of Chia to the world of green beverages with the introduction of Mamma Chia Organic Chia & Greens. This fresh, new line combines the nutritional powerhouse of chia with vibrant greens, offering category-leading nutrition with great-tasting flavors to provide […]

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Tandoori Naan Breads

Kontos Foods Inc., a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of traditional Greek and Mediterranean foods, has launched the Kontos Rustics Collection, Tandoori-style Naan bread in original and garlic flavors. The new oblong-shaped Naan bread, targeted at retail outlets, restaurants and foodservice establishments, contains no added preservatives. The Naan come two to a pack in a re-sealable […]

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Mango Cigarillos

Due to popular demand, Game has brought back Game Mango Cigarillos effective Oct. 7, 2015 as an everyday item. Originally scheduled to be a limited time offer in the first half of 2015 only, consumers and retailers have been demanding this become a mainstay of the Game Cigars lineup. Game Mango is available in two […]

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Watermelon Mimosa & Moscow Mule

Diageo has brought back Smirnoff Ice Watermelon Mimosa based on popular demand. This ready-to-drink cocktail is refreshingly sweet, and made with juicy watermelon flavors as well as hints of delicious Prosecco. Meanwhile, Smirnoff Ice Moscow Mule is the newest addition to the delicious line-up of Smirnoff Ice flavors. It’s inspired by the popular cocktail and […]

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Powerbar Shake

Powerbar has evolved! Driven by the combination of sports science and consumer insight, Powerbar delivers the power of protein to the c-store channel. New for 2016, PowerBar, the original energy bar, is launching its first ready-to-drink high protein shake for the convenience channel. Available in chocolate and vanilla, this new shake is designed in a […]

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Citrus Ale

Samuel Adams has introduced new Rebel Grapefruit IPA as the newest addition to the Rebel family. Rebel Grapefruit is brewed with real grapefruit for a big punch of citrus that amplifies the tropical fruit and citrus notes of one of the Sam Adams brewers’ favorite West Coast hops, Mosaic. Rebel Grapefruit’s flavor and aroma come […]

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Authentic “Smoking”

NJOY is delivering the most authentic “smoking” experience to date with new NJOY Daily, which blends Satisfaction, Performance, Authenticity, Flavor and Design for an experience that’s more than 90% as satisfying as a cigarette during the first seven minutes of use. The disposable e-cigarettes are available in three flavors: robust Rich Tobacco, the chilling Cool […]

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English-Style IPA

Guinness has introduced the new Nitro IPA. Nitro IPA is made using Guinness-style nitrogenation and India Pale Ale characteristics, giving Guinness Nitro IPA a hop-forward IPA profile with the qualities of a classic Guinness pint, like a creamy mouthfeel and thick head. This English-style IPA has a strong flavor coming from five different hop varieties […]

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Chocolaty Fruit

Zola has introduced a new product line: Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit. This new product launch expands Zola’s portfolio beyond beverages into healthy snacks and reinforces the company’s ability to develop great tasting better-for-you products in multiple categories. Zola Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit is a combination of indulgent dark chocolate and tropical fruit from […]

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Limited Edition Cigarillo Flavor

Swedish Match’s Game Leaf is introducing its first Limited Edition flavor, Black Cherry, into its lineup of Natural Rolled Leaf cigars. Since its launch in March of 2015, Game Leaf has been nominated as a Best New Product within the industry and has been widely popular with consumers. Black Cherry joins a lineup of four […]

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Apple Chips

World Finer Foods has added ThreeWorks Apple Chips to the Company’s comprehensive assortment of award winning products. ThreeWorks Apple Chips are born right on the tree, picked, sliced, dehydried (it’s a company secret), naturally flavored and popped into fun portable canister packages. This innovative production process maintains the natural apple flavor and creates a unique […]

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Mini Sweets

Rich Products Corp. has  created a lineup of “mini-hybrid” treats that possess many of the qualities consumers want most from their sweet goods. For this inventive dessert project Rich’s focused on three larger consumer preferences – mini desserts, hybrid desserts and natural/no-artificial-ingredient desserts. The company then combined the best elements from each of the concepts […]

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Ultimate Nutrition Bar

ViSalus has introduced the Nutra-Bar – a delicious and nutritious snack product designed to support any healthy lifestyle goal while adding more flavor variety and greater flexibility for on-the-go lifestyles. Nutra-Bars are the latest products available as part of ViSalus’ wholesome line of snacks, which follow its successful launch of Vi Bites in 2014, and […]

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Healthy Food Bars

Quest Bars have earned a reputation for making clean eating fun. The award-winning bars from Quest Nutrition come in 18 delicious flavors, including fan favorites Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and S’mores. Every flavor comes packed with 20+ grams of protein, plenty of fiber and no added sugar. They’re the perfect bar for […]

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Steel Cut Meals

Grainful is expanding on the success of its Steel Cut Meals line of savory frozen entrées with three new varieties. Grainful debuted Tuscan Bean & Kale, Thai Curry and Cheddar Broccoli meals at the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Convention Oct. 10-13 in Dallas. These entrées are made with 100% whole grain steel cut oats, perfect […]

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All-Natural Cleaning Vinegar

Mizkan Americas is launching Four Monks—an all-natural cleaning vinegar for a better, safer way to clean, just in time for the winter holidays. Four Monks is a safer, better way to clean the kitchen, vegetables, home windows, floors and more. Four Monks can maintain mowers, appliances and engines, and is safe for use around pets […]

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Nutritious Breakfast Biscuits

Lance Quick Starts has introduced five new flavors to its lineup of convenient, delicious and nutritious breakfast biscuits designed to make the morning meal a lot easier—and a lot more interesting. Included in the new flavors are Bacon Cheddar, Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Raspberry Greek Yogurt, Everything Bagel and Chocolate cream. The Bacon Cheddar flavor boasts […]

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Express Food Program

Chester’s International has introduced the all-new Chester’s Express program. The new program was officially released as an option to Retailers during the NACS Show 2015. The Express program’s smaller footprint and simplified menu makes it easier than ever to operate a Chester’s location. Operators can be ready to serve world-famous Chester’s fried chicken in as […]

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Enhanced Fuel Price Software

PriceAdvantage has announced the v2015.2.0 release of PriceAdvantage software, which features a new, powerful economic model and a robust list of product enhancements. The newest release adds enhanced functionality that helps fuel marketers make informed, strategic pricing decisions. For example, the revamped economic model boasts a patent-pending algorithm that lets users create what-if scenarios, analyze […]

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