Dark Roasted Flavor

Lavazza announces the launch of Intenso, a superior coffee experience set to satisfy the palates of the growing number of coffee lovers who prefer an intense, dark-roasted flavor. An artful blend of the best Arabica and the finest Robusta beans, Intenso’s dark roasting enhances strength and body, making way for a lingering, dynamic and characteristically […]

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Snack Medleys

Kar’s Nuts has introduced two new Second Nature five-count pantry packs. The pantry packs are available in Wholesome and California Medley for on-the-go healthy snacking. The pantry packs were unveiled at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in May. These Medleys are non-GMO, gluten free, low in sodium or sodium-free and made with no artificial preservatives, […]

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Cut Cash Handling Costs

Gunnebo has introduced the new Gunnebo Cash Management Solutions for retailers. With Gunnebo’s Cash Management Solutions, you can cut your cash handling costs, take control of your cash, improve store security, automate manual counting and re-counting, streamline time-consuming reconciliation processes, reduce risk of loss and theft and track cash interactions across all of your locations […]

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Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Red Gold has once again teamed-up with Pop! Gourmet Foods and Huy Fong Foods to introduce Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce in seven-gram packets. Whether your customers are sit down diners or grab-and-go customers they will love The Original Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce in seven-gram packets. Made from an intensely flavorful blend […]

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Spicy Specialty Pizza

Hunt Brothers Pizza has announced the reintroduction of the popular Buffalo Chicken Pizza. This fan favorite limited time offer (LTO) is now available across the country, while supplies last. This bold LTO is packed with 100% all-natural white- meat chicken topped with a mixture of ranch dressing, Frank’s RedHot sauce, and mozzarella and Monterey jack […]

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Fish Sandwich

National Fish & Seafood’s Matlaw’s brand has introduced a new fully-cooked fish square that makes a fantastic fish sandwich. This new sandwich is the perfect grab-and-go item. The squares are cut from whole, wild caught pollock fillets, coated with extra crunchy panko breading and deep fried, locking in moisture for super tender flakier fish. Just […]

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Novelty Easter Candies

CandyRific has introduced a number of new Easter treats for 2017, including Embossed Egg Tins, Easter Candy Fans, a Peter Cottontail Light-Up Fan and eight-inch dispenser with jelly-beans, and Light-Up Bug Fans topped with adorable oversized insects. The Embossed Egg Tins feature the M&M’s characters embossed on cheerful Easter Eggs. Each keepsake egg comes with […]

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Versatile Food Packaging

Tray-Pak Corp. is expanding upon its success with Milliken & Co.’s advanced NX UltraClear polypropylene (PP) by producing several new packaging designs using this glass-like, heat-resistant polymer. Tray-Pak’s containers enable supermarkets and convenience stores to enhance the appeal and convenience of fresh-to-go foods with value-added packaging. The containers are suitable for hot and cold foods, […]

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Monitor Cooking Oil Waste

Frontline International is offering foodservice establishments greater control over their oil management processes with its new proprietary M3 Data Management system. M3 (Monitor, Measure and Manage) is an available Web-based add-on system that works in concert with all of Frontline International’s waste oil management systems. M3 makes it easy to track all statistics concerning your […]

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New Summer Applesauce Flavor

Knouse Foods has now added a new flavor to its Musselman’s Apple Sauce line. This new, on-trend flavor, Mixed Berry, is available in the 4.5-ounce format. Made from fresh-picked apples for peak flavor and strawberry, red raspberry and blueberry puree, the new Mixed Berry is sodium free, with no artificial flavors, added sugars or high-fructose […]

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A Surprise In Every Bite

Hershey’s is bringing together two Reese’s brand favorites in one cup to create the perfect peanut butter cup bursting with delicious Reese’s Pieces candy in every bite. Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups debuted this July in standard two-cup size 1.5-ounce (SRP $1.29), and in king two-cup Big Cup size 2.8-ounce (SRP $1.99). For More Information […]

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Peanuts with a Kick

Kar’s Nuts has introduced a blazin’ new flavor to its line of snacks. Kar’s Sriracha Bold & Spicy Peanuts have just the right blend of spices with a little ‘hot-cha-cha’ to put you back in business. Available in 2.5-ounce, 3.5-ounce and 6.5-ounce bags, the new peanuts sell for an SRP of 99 cents to $2.89. […]

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ATM Currency Converter

Cash Depot has introduced Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). For the ATM owner, DCC offers a way to generate a new stream of income. With each DCC transaction, ATM owners are entitled to additional revenue based on the total withdrawal amount. For ATM owners who have machines in popular tourist spots, adding DCC could add a […]

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Subtly Salty Popcorn

Popcorn, Indiana has introduced Himalayan Pink Salt to its Popcorn portfolio. Inspired by the small town that bears its name, these delicious little bursts of joy that come out of the big red bags are enhanced with Himalayan Pink Salt, offering rich popcorn flavor with a subtle, pleasing salt taste. All Popcorn, Indiana products are […]

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Clean Label Hot Pockets

Nestle Professional has announced the launch of newly- improved Hot Pockets grab-and-go sandwiches, complete with a cleaner label and quality ingredients. With no artificial flavors or partially-hydrogenated oils, newly-improved Hot Pockets have lower levels of sodium and saturated fat. Each sandwich is comprised of superior ingredients such as 100% Angus beef, hickory ham, signature peperoni […]

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Single-Serve Ice Cream Cups

Timed for July’s National Ice Cream Month, Yuengling’s Ice Cream has announced the launch of its new eight-ounce single-size serving cups, complete with spoon attached inside the lid. The product combines the convenience and novelty of a “grab-and-go” serving and a more satisfying and substantial size than competitors 3.4-ounce or five-ounce cup products. This new […]

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Chilling Cigarillos

Swisher International has announced the release of new Swisher Sweets Arctic Ice limited edition cigarillos, which provide a frosty blast of ice mint. Now available for shipment to stores nationwide, Swisher Sweets Arctic Ice comes in a resealable two-count pouch with the “Sealed Fresh” guarantee. Arctic Ice is now available in “two for 99 cents”and […]

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Tropical Teas

Red Diamond has announced the launch of new TROPICAL TEMPTATIONS flavored iced teas. These exotic, island-inspired iced teas begin with the finest of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas and elegant green teas. With eight ripe, sun drenched flavors these teas provide a refreshingly clear crisp beverage alternative that your customers desire. The new […]

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Cleaning Made Easy

Oreck Commercial and Hoover Commercial support all types of foodservice cleaning needs. During hours of operation, it can be challenging to maintain a clean environment due to spills and other cleaning needs that must be dealt with immediately, with minimal disruption. These real-time cleaning needs tend to occur in smaller spaces that experience high traffic. […]

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Hand-Made Signature Sandwiches

AdvancePierre Foods has extended its premium Pierre Signatures line with three restaurant-style sandwiches: Monterey Style Grilled Chicken, All Beef Jalapeño Cheeseburger and Barbecue Pork Rib. Hand-made with premium, restaurant-quality meats, cheeses and sauces, each sandwich starts with AdvancePierre’s acclaimed microwavable hearth-baked roll for bakery-fresh flavor. Each sandwich is hand-wrapped in a clear package, conveying a […]

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Nutrient Packed Beverages

Fury Beverages LLC has now introduced the new Nature’s Fury NutriDrinks. These new beverages offer consumers a convenient way to replenish their bodies in a healthy manner. In promoting overall wellness, New Nature’s Fury NutriDrink provides 100% of the recommended daily vitamins including A, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and vitamin D per serving. Made […]

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Sweet and Savory Snack Mix

Kar’s Nuts has announced the addition of an exciting new flavor to the Kar’s Fresh Harvest line. The new Kar’s Salted Caramel Delight brings together a trio of America’s favorite flavors to create a decadent treat. Milk chocolate sea salt caramels, decadent caramel covered peanuts and gently roasted, salted peanuts team up for a mouth-watering […]

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Distinctive Packaging

Kontos Foods Inc. has announced a redesign of its retail flatbread packaging. The new packaging will be in all retail markets by late August. In celebration of the history of these breads, the new design features an oval above the Kontos logo to identify the regions of the world where each type of flatbread originated. […]

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Stay Fresh Cigars

Swisher International, in collaboration with Drew Estate, has now reintroduced ACID G-Fresh Cigars. The G-Fresh Cigars come in innovative G-Fresh foil pouches, which ensure longer-lasting shelf life and promise consistent product quality for each individually-packaged cigar. In addition to the updated and improved packaging, ACID G-Fresh will also feature new blends only available in the […]

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The Gift of Coloring

Incredibly Charming Paper & Gifts (ICPG) recently debuted its new Coloring Gift Collection at the National Stationery Show (NSS) in New York City. This new collection includes travel mugs, weekly desk pads, canvas bags, ceramic coffee mugs, desk calendars, greeting cards and list pads. During the NSS, ICPG also debuted its holiday gift and party […]

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