'Bing' in the New Year

‘Bing’ in the New Year Coca-ColaNorth America introduces two new flavors: Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke andBlack Cherry Vanilla Coke, while putting Vanilla Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke—big sellers for the company—on hiatus. Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Cokewill feature a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (ace-k). Both beverageswill be available in a range of

Alto-shaam Inc.

Alto-shaam Inc. The Platinum Series gas convection oven is now available in a 12-pan capacity. The oven features a unique, transverse-flow burner system to provide even cooking without the need to rotate pans. This system offers a uniform flow of heat throughout the oven interior, even heat distribution and rapid heat recovery for maximum efficiency.


Deli-cious Convenience products from Advance Food Co. save time and labor, while decreasing food safety concerns. 54th Street Deli Sandwiches and Wraps are fully cooked, individually wrapped and combine handmade quality with grab & go convenience. Sprazzo Pizza has authentic flavor, pizzeria quality and heat & serve convenience. For more information from Advance Food Co.

Springtime Taffy

Springtime Taffy What’s not to love about tulips and taffy, especially when they come in a package of Adams & Brooks Fairtime Tulip Taffy. Perfect for spring and summer confectionery sales, Tulip Taffy comes in a clear 12-oz. laydown bag with multi-colored printed tulip inner wraps around pink, yellow, green, lilac, orange and blue Fairtime


VEEDER-ROOT Veeder-Root offers its new Mag Plus Probe for leak detection. The Mag Plus Probe is designed with a small canister for easy installation in a wide variety of risers and offers a wide temperature range of -40 to +50 Celsius for robust measurements even at lower temperatures. In addition, the new probe provides accuracy

Leading Brands Inc.

Leading Brands Inc. Leading Brands Inc. announces the launch of TREK Natural Sports Drinks and NITRO Energy Drinks in both the United States and Canada. TREK is an all-Natural Sports Drink that is sweetened with pure cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup (as are other products). TREK Natural Sports Drinks are ‘osmotically balanced’

E Instruments Group LLC

E Instruments Group LLC E Instruments Group offers the newest Mini Air Pro-LV50, a portable, compact, economical and highly accurate thermo-anemometer, which is widely used throughout the HVAC industry. The Mini Air Pro is designed for simplicity and one-handed operation. The air velocity and temperature meter is equipped with unique features such as high stability

Sweet & Slow Roast

  Lettieri’s Inc. has launched one of the American consumer’s favorite sandwiches: Lettieri’s new BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. The BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich is made from slow-roasted pork simmered in a mouth-watering tomato-based barbeque sauce, sweetened and mixed with just the right amount of molasses. A “hearty helping” (total product weight is 6.25-ounce) of BBQ

Online Management

Dropcards announced it will become the first online marketer to offer clients a way to manage promotions on its site. Food and beverage brands of all sizes will be able to coordinate marketing efforts on the new Dropcards platform from inception to completion of its digital promotions. Dropcards bear aunique PIN number unlocking access to

Earthy Jerky

Jack Link’s Beef Jerkyis giving health conscious consumers more of a good thing by introducing anew organic line of beef jerky products. Jack Link’s new Organic Beef Jerky offers consumers a flavorful and satisfying taste experience, while meeting their growing demand for organic, convenient snack foods. New flavors include: Original Organic Beef Jerky, Peppered Organic


QUICKSTOCK.COM C-Store operators nationwide now have a great new way to purchase their popcorn packaging. QwikStock.com has just added the Popcorn 2000 line of buckets and bags from International Paper to its product assortment. Perfect for Theatres, Sports Arena’s, C-Stores and more, Popcorn 2000 comes in five different bucket sizes from 32 to 170 oz.

Baking Breakthrough

Rich’s Exact Bake rolls are the latest breakthrough in dough technology. Exact Bake enables operators to meet the growing demand for fresh-baked, quality products without the complex, and time-consuming step of proofing. It’s simple: Just pan, retard, finish and bake. From kaiser and hoagie rolls, to French hamburger and a great variety of dinner rolls,

Light Up The Night

Happy Hour Fluid Motion lighters are the newest design addition to Calico Brands’ very successful 3D lighter line. The Happy Hour 3D lighters feature popular drinks that appear to be the real thing as the liquid butane of the lighter shows through each glass. Calico Brands’ marketing department put in hours of research for field

Label-Making Magic

  K-Sun Corps. new LABELShop 2010-PC and MaxiLabelV2 Windows software is a winning combination for anyone who wants to design and print industrial and material grade polyester tapes with permanent acrylic adhesive for clear identification of tools, storage containers, racks, bins, shelves, parts, manuals, safety signs and more. The K-Sun LABELShop 2010-PC Printer connects to

Hands-Free Convenience

  KZCO adds the I-OpenR to its automated product line. KZCO’s patented I-OpenR allows for hands-free disposal through an automated swinging door availablefor installation in a wide variety of trash bins. The I-OpenR provides retailers with a cleaner, more efficient facility by reducing embarrassing spills and subsequent cleanup. The I-OpenR includes an LED trash level “smart

Miller Brewing Co.

Miller Brewing Co. For football fans, Sunday is the biggest day of the week. They spend the whole week thinking about next week’s game – where they’ll watch it and what they’ll drink. Whether it’s a tailgate party or a house party, beer is a big part of the sports-watching tradition. Football 2006 will clearly

Taste the revolution

Taste the revolution MillerBrewing Co. is offering a fun and interactive promotion to grab the attentionof customers. Promotion specialists will hold “taste rallies,” challenging customersto join the “Taste Revolution” movement by choosing Miller Lite. From Marchthrough April, “Join the Taste Revolution” allows Miller to talk directly tocustomers on a variety of emotional and functional levels,

U.s. Smokeless Tobacco Co.

U.s. Smokeless Tobacco Co. U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (USSTC) will launch new and improved Skoal Bandits moist smokeless tobacco pouches. Replacing the existing Bandists line, the new Skoal Bandits will come in Mint and Wintergreen flavors and debut at retail on August 14. Every can of new and improved Skoal Bandits will contain 20 compact

Wm. Wrigley Jr Co.

Wm. Wrigley Jr Co. Doublemint fans have a new way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with new Doublemint Twins mints. Doublemint Twins mints are the first new product introduction from the Doublemint brand in more than 90 years. With their unique blend of two flavors in one mint, new Doublemint Twins mints will


BRANDEDCUPS.COM Following up on the early success of its paper and plastic products, BrandedCups.com has recently added a line of foam cups to its offering. BrandedCups.com strives to answer of foodservice operators for custom printed disposable cups with reasonable minimum quantities. BrandedCups.com focuses on independent foodservice operators with a special emphasis on independent c-store operators

Pepsi-cola North America

Pepsi-cola North America Pepsi-Cola North America announces its expanding it beverage portfolio with Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, a limited-time flavor extension available exclusively this holiday season. Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is a crisp lemon-lime soft drink flavored with a hint of cranberry. It will be available for eight weeks, beginning in November, in packaging that

Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp. Clip Strip Corp. (CSC) continues innovating with the release of Double-sided Metal Merchandising Strips. Attach them to steel shelving systems with a Price Channel Adapter (DSH-88) and expose merchandise to both directions of the selling aisle. At the same time, CSC’s Double-Sided Merchandise Strips double the capacity of conventional metal merchandising strips


PriLabs introduces two new energy drinks, Encore and Re5, onto the ever-growing market. For the young generation where music is the lifeline to everyday life, Encore is a refreshing multidimensional brand with an audio/visual identity based on music. The brand connects music and rhythm to an energy drink and its effects on the consumer, and

Tools for Buying

DTN announced important enhancements to DTN Fuel Buyer, a Web-based application that provides instant access to supplier price messaging from DTN DataConnect. Users can now leverage enhanced analysis tools in DTN Fuel Buyer to add contract prices and special prices based on a differential off-rack or index prices at multiple terminals, and can create product

Candy That Cares

  To help find a cure for breast cancer, dedicated packages of Fruit Punch flavor of Sport Beans jelly beans by Jelly Belly will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The new pink ribbon packaging includes a pledge todonate 5% of the sales of Sport Beans energizing jelly beans to the non-profit group. The campaign