Nuggets of Truth

Invigorate beverage sales by creating a thrilling fountain beverage program with greater appeal, bigger profits and more reliable machines from Scotsman Nugget Ice, The Original Chewable Ice. Nugget Ice is slower to melt than flaked and uses less water and electricity than cubed. For more information from Scotsman, 888-ICE-2823  

Sweet / Salty Treat

Snyder’s of Hanover announces a special edition pretzel variety: Chocolate Dips made with Hershey’s brand Chocolate. The Pretzel Dips feature Snyder’s of Hanover Mini pretzels enrobed in Hershey’s Milk and White Chocolate. Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Dips add that sweet/salty variety to its traditional lineup of products, which include Pretzel Pieces and Pretzel Sticks. Pretzel

Coca-cola North America

Coca-cola North America Coca-Cola North America introduces two new flavors: Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, while putting Vanilla Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke- big sellers for the company-on hiatus. Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke will feature a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (ace-k). Both beverages will be available in

Sunshine Rooms Inc.

Sunshine Rooms Inc. Sunshine Rooms Inc., a leading manufacturer of glass structures for more than 25 years, announces the release of its latest product line: Crystal Structures car wash buildings. The attractive all-glass buildings create a visibly safer environment that attracts increased business both day and night and justifies higher wash prices to maximize profits.

Home Market Foods

Home Market Foods Home Market Foods is a value added, center-of-the-plate, fully cooked meat manufacturer. Core item competencies include meatballs, shaved steak, BBQ, meatloaf, RollerBites (roller grill item) and a variety of other key product offerings. A Research and Development orientated company that works to bring customers’ ideas from concept to reality. Home Market Foods

Taste of Nature Inc.

Taste of Nature Inc. Cadbury Adams USA LLC, the maker of Sour Patch Soft and Chewy Candy, will be entering the cotton candy category through a license agreement with Taste of Nature, Inc. Each colorful pack of Sour Patch Cotton Candy includes up to four sour then sweet flavor blasts including signature flavors red berry,

Swipe Usa

Swipe Usa Swipe USA, a leading Bay Area ATM management firm, has selected the TNS ATMLink from Transaction Network Services, Inc., a provider of business-critical network and data communications services for transaction-oriented applications, that will enable Swipe to expand its ATM offerings with faster machines powered by high-speed wireless communication — providing quicker transactions, bundled

Dixie Foodservice

Dixie Foodservice Dixie Foodservice is pleased to announce the all new Dixie Java Hot Cup. With the ultimate blend of flash and function, any retail coffee operation will benefit from the latest in eye-pleasing style and packaging technology. The Dixie Java Hot Cup has the strength of ultra-durable side wall construction and reinforced leak-proof seams,

Herr Foods Inc.

Herr Foods Inc. Add spice to snacking with Herr’s new Monterey Jack Green Chile Dippers. These crunchy tortillas cause a spark with fire-roasted green chilies and smooth Monterey Jack. Made from top-quality ground corn and premium green chilies, these tortilla chips are cooked in pure vegetable oil. Afterward, they are flavored with a special blend

Swisher International

Swisher International has added Peach, Mild and Mild Menthol packs to the Santa Fe Little Cigar line. The three new flavors, in addition to Santa Fe Original and Santa Fe Menthol, offer customers one of the widest selections of high-quality little cigars that are sold at every day low prices. Santa Fe Little Cigars are

Brilliant Brews

  Brewing the richest, most consistently flavorful coffee just got easier thanks to Curtis’ Alpha G3 Automatic Coffee Brewing Systems. Equipped with exclusive Curtis Generation Three (G3) Technology, the revolutionary Alpha line of decanter brewing systems delivers greater precision, more advanced control, quality-enhancing features and profit potential than any other brewer on the market. The

Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll Industries just sweetened the pot for consumers on sugar restricted diets with the unveiling of new Sugar-Free Tootsie Roll Midgees! This chewy, chocolatey treat, sweetened with Splenda, offers the same great taste and texture as the original, without any of the sugar. Its the perfect indulgence for diabetics or anyone limiting their sugar

The Pour House

The Pour House Brew exceptional coffee anywhere, all the time, with the new Curtis Caf Pour-Over Systems. Available in four models that brew directly into a Curtis airpot, glass decanter or insulated server, the Caf Pour-Over Systems have a large, widemouth inlet with an attached flip-open lid for easy filling, and a precisely engineered spray

Savor The Flavor

There is an easy way to maintain food temperature in your c-store. Hatco Corp.offers the Flav-R-Savor Low Profile Holding Cabinet, built only 31-7/8″high to specifically fit beneath work counters. This easy-tomaneuver cabinetis versatile, accommodating up to six full-size sheet pans on 3″ centers,11 fullsize sheet pans on 1″ centers or 12 2″ deep food pans.

Coffee Coup

As temperatures surge, Boyds Coffee iced coffees offer customers cool, thirst-quenching alternatives. The full line of iced coffee recipes includes: Thai Iced Coffee, a rich and creamy caramel blend; Mexican Iced Coffee, a delicious combination of caramel and cinnamon; French Vanilla Iced Coffee, the perfect hint of Bourbon Vanilla and cream; Almond Roca Iced Coffee,

All-Natural Treats

Sconza Candy introduces a new line of six packaged natural confections right from the farm. Called the Sconza Naturals, each of the creations starts with a whole premium dried nut or dried fruit which is drenched in chocolate or yogurt. From chocolate whole dried cherries to natural chocolate whole almonds, all Sconza Naturals are line

Surprising Splash

  Cadbury Adams LLC introduces the first center-filled pellet gum, Trident Splash.This new gum innovation is available in two surprising flavor combinations, Peppermint with Vanilla and Strawberry with Lime. These delicious center-filled pellets provide a burst of sweet and refreshing flavors with every chew. New Trident Splash is sugar-free and not only tastes great, but

Cool customer

Cool customer TaylorCo. introduces its compact, four-flavor FCB (frozen carbonated beverage)machine. The Model C302 allows retailers to revitalize their beverage salesby serving customers more of their favorite soft drinks in an exciting frozentaste sensation. Model C302 features a modular countertop design or can be placedon a syrup storage cart for a selfcontained floor model. The

Windsor Foods

Windsor Foods Windsor Foods takes convenience foods to a new level with the introduction of EZ Eats Craveable Microwaveable Snacks. The cups are designed with a recloseable self-venting lid and are 100% microwaveable. These grab-and-go portable cups fit perfectly into any car or truck’s cup holder for easy snacking. Available in three craveable flavors: Beef

Natureworks Llc

Natureworks Llc Fresh food packaging from nature—it’s just that simple. NatureWorks PLA is a clear, nature-based food packaging resin made 100% from field corn. Packaging from NatureWorks PLA is a natural fit for fresh, wholesome foods and beverages. Retailers and brand owners around the globe are using NatureWorks PLA packaging to differentiate their fresh food

Coca-Cola North America

Coca-Cola North America Dasani Sensations will put a new twist on water category sales by combining all the benefits of water with great fruit taste, no calories and some fizz just for fun. Dasani Sensations follows the successful 2005 launch of Dasani flavored water beverages and is sweetened with Splenda brand sweetener, mixed with natural

Piccadilly Circus Pizza

Piccadilly Circus Pizza Piccadilly Circus Pizza announces a new fried breakfast burrito that cooks in just 60 to 75 seconds. This microwave-only burrito – with a south-of-the-border kick – makes for a great grab ‘n go breakfast item. Individually wrapped, the 6-oz. burrito features sausage, egg, potato, cheese and salsa for a taste that wakes

Hatco Corp.

Hatco Corp. Hatco Corp.’s new FlavR-Savor Tall Humidified Holding Cabinet offers an optional transport package that is perfect for high volume operations. Improve efficiency by having meals close to serving areas, while keeping food hot and safe. The transport package includes: stand-off handles and heavy-duty 5" x 2" casters for easy movement; full perimeter bumpers

Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp. Taking an idea from "napkin-sketch" to a fully functioning merchandise display on the retail floor has been made easier with Clip Strip’s new POP Kit. Designers at development meetings are more productive with samples of actual POP display connectors, fasteners, hang tabs, hooks, clips, etc., available for them to manipulate and experiment

Airlink Mobile

Airlink Mobile The increasingly popular Airlink Mobile’s wireless prepaid handsets are landing in c-stores across the country. With Airlink Mobile’s free nights and weekends, free new phone offer, low price point and great margins, retailers have found that the company provides the best prepaid wireless program for the c-store industry. Current product offerings include pre-paid