Easy Weighing

METTLER TOLEDO has launched a new compact, battery-operated ML-T balance line. The balances feature larger-than-average weighing pans, while also boasting the smallest in-class footprint. Built-in applications and a straightforward user interface make the ML-T convenient, even for untrained operators. A standard weigh-in guide and large color touchscreen with red light/green light indicators creates easy readability […]

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Premium Soups

Golden Ladle has released two new soup flavors to its line of premium soups: Cream of Tomato and Cream of Potato. Made with high-quality ingredients, these chef-inspired soups deliver a smooth, consistent texture in a boil-in-bag format to allow easy prep. The boil-in-bag format helps Golden Ladle make it easy for operators to provide delicious […]

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Energy Star Ice Machine

Hoshizaki America, Inc. has released the KM-340MAH Slim-Line Modular Crescent Cuber. This ice machine is Energy Star qualified and features improved performance and 20% increased ice production. The signature individual crescent cubes are made on our exclusive dual-sided stainless-steel evaporator for the most efficient heat exchange and Cycle Saver design. This allows Hoshizaki cubers to […]

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Car Wash Installations

Howco Inc. has expanded its team of service technicians to better assist with new car wash installations and upgrades. Howco is the largest provider of service, equipment, upgrades and new installations of Car Washes on the East Coast. With equipment partners, Coleman-Hanna and WashWorld, Howco can help you optimize your return on investment. Howco is capable […]

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Fruit on Bottom Yogurt

Evolution Fresh has released new Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurts, Inspired by Dannon. The vibrant flavors of real fruit, without artificial sweeteners or unrecognizable additives, serve as the foundation for the new yogurts. Each 5.3-ounce single-serve yogurt contains active yogurt cultures, at least 11 grams of protein and only 120 calories. The yogurt is […]

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Soup Stations

Server has released new Soup Stations with merchandising graphics. Designed to spur impulse sales and increase profits, Server’s Soup Stations help to showcase and enhance any soup program. Proudly made in the USA and backed by a two year warranty, these NSF listed rethermalizers quickly heat soup to a safe serving temperature and maintain the […]

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XTS Coffee Brewing System

FETCO has released the new XTS coffee brewing system. Whether you want a great gourmet coffee experience for your customers or just some basic brews, the reliable performance, energy efficiency and ease of operation make the XTS coffee brewing system a perfect fit for the C-Store environment. Through efficient design and construction, FETCO offers equipment […]

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Better-For-You Snack Pack

Justin’s has launched its new Snack Pack product line. Packed in 100%- recycled plastic, this new addition comes in three nut butter and pretzel combinations and delivers the great taste and high-quality ingredients one would expect from the brand. One side Justin’s nut butter, one side gluten-free pretzels, this convenient, all-in-one snack is designed to […]

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Gluten Free Breads

BFree Foods has released its new line of gluten-free wraps, rolls, bagels and bread loaves. The products in this line contain only high-quality, non-GMO ingredients such as whole peas, apples, potatoes, buckwheat, corn flour and more. In addition to exceptional nutrition, BFree breads taste just as delicious as conventional wheat products, plus they won’t disintegrate, […]

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Ready-to-Drink Iced Coffee

Krispy Kreme has introduced three of its ready-to-drink iced coffee flavors to the refrigerated section and beverage aisles of participating grocery, convenience and mass merchant stores nationwide. This new offering is an effort to make Krispy Kreme products more widely available to consumers to meet an increasing demand. The three available flavors are mocha, vanilla […]

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Single-Serve Sauces

Broaster Co. has introduced a new line: Broaster Express dipping sauces. This line of sauces includes six mouth-watering flavors. Customers can choose from Asian Dipping Sauce, Buffalo Dipping Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, BBQ Dipping Sauce, Chipotle Dipping Sauce and Ranch Dipping Sauce. The sauces come in 1.25-ounce portion packs, which are convenient and versatile. Individual packages […]

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Sweet Cigar

Inter-Continental Cigar (ICC) has introduced the Al Capone SWEET Cigar. This new cigar plays off the success of Al Capone Sweet Cigarillos and offers a larger version of the popular product. The cigar is hand rolled in a premium, natural leaf wrapper and cognac dipped for sweetness on the lips. Each cigar is individually sealed […]

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Organic Craft Beers

Dr. Jekyll’s Craft Brewery has introduced a line of organic craft beers with super food ingredients. Now beer lovers can fortify their diets with acai berry, turmeric, flax seed oil, cinnamon oil, hawthorn berry, grapefruit fiber and other nutrients with three new brews: Bio Beer, Beer Attack and Beer Belly. Dr. Jekyll’s teamed with bitechnology […]

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Eco-Friendly Ovens

Alto-Shaam has introduced several ENERGY STAR rated CT PROformance and CT Classic Combitherm ovens. The ovens, rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are engineered to provide unmatched performance, precision and quality, and are the all-in-one solution for efficient and consistent volume food production. The CT PROformance and CT Classic with EcoSmart technology boost energy […]

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Organic Peanut Butter Cups

Justin’s has introduced Organic Mini Peanut Butter Cups. Available in dark and milk chocolate, these bite-sized versions of Justin’s finely-crafted organic peanut butter cups are 100% organic, gluten-free and made with Justin’s famous peanut butter and Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa. Portable and sharable, Justin’s Organic Mini Peanut Butter Cups come individually wrapped in a 4.7-ounce […]

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Real Fruit & Yogurt Snacks

Promotion in Motion Co.’s Welch’s brand has introduced new Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks. These new snacks are made with real fruit centers covered in creamy yogurt. Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks are an excellent source of Vitamins A (25%), C (100%) and D (25%), a good source of Calcium (10%) and are low fat. […]

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Flexible Filter System

Frontline International has introduced the Flexible Filter System. This new standalone filtration system allows operators to easily swap out different filter media depending on the restaurant’s needs and usage. The three filter media choices Frontline offers are stainless steel, paper and a disposable carbon filter. Stainless steel is the most economical choice, whereas paper may […]

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Snack Bites

The Hershey Co. has introduced new Hershey’s Snack Bites. These new candies deliver an exciting snack experience by combining delicious nuts and Hershey’s iconic confection brands. These tasty snacks include a balanced concentration of crunchy nuts in every bite. Two varieties Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds Snack Bites and PayDay Snack Bites will be available […]

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Sweet & Salty

Mars Chocolate has introduced new COMBOS Sweet & Salty Chocolate Fudge Pretzel. This new item features creamy fudge filling surrounded by a salty, crunchy pretzel shell. It follows the successful 2014 launch of COMBOS Caramel Crème Pretzel and COMBOS Vanilla Frosting Pretzel. The COMBOS Sweet & Salty Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Medium Bags ship in a […]

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Sweet and Sour

Wrigley has introduced new Sweets & Sours Skittles. This new line of Skittles features a delicious mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors all in one pack. Skittles Sweets & Sours candy will include the perfect mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors: Sweet Strawberry, Sweet Orange, Sour Watermelon, Sour Cherry and Sour Blue Raspberry. […]

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Dessert Inspired Yogurt

Müller Yogurt has introduced a new line of dessert-inspired Yogurt varieties. The flavors in this new line include Strawberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Brownie Supreme, Dulce De Leche Delight and Peach Cobbler. These new flavors are hitting grocery shelves nationwide this month. The dessert inspired flavors feature creamy, signature Müller yogurt on top of a layer of […]

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Coconut Collection

FAL Food and Beverages has introduced new product offerings from Coco Joy, the first all-natural portfolio of coconut products. The Coco Joy collection now includes premium classic and flavored coconut waters, natural and flavored coconut milks, natural and flavored coconut oils, coconut flour, coconut sugar and coconut chips. The FAL Food and Beverages group now […]

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New Cookie Flavors

Ezaki Glico U.S.A. has introduced two new Pocky flavors to its popular Pocky product line: Chocolate Banana Pocky and Cookies & Cream Pocky. Chocolate Banana Pocky pairs the light crunch of a chocolate cookie stick with a smooth banana flavored cream, while Cookies & Cream Pocky pairs a chocolate-flavored cookie stick with a sweet cream […]

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Backup Power Solutions

Generac Power Systems offers a full range of backup power solutions, including mobile gaseous generators and its Protector Series line. Generac’s mobile gaseous generators are ideal for owners with multiple locations. Mobile gaseous generators are designed for applications that require temporary power or when a permanently installed generator is not feasible. They also can be […]

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Cactus Water

Nature’s Best Powered by KeHE is now distributing Caliwater Cactus Water. Both the 11.2 ounce (330 milliliter) and one liter of the brand’s fresh prickly pear cactus beverage are available to retailers. Caliwater contains fewer calories and less sugar than all of the leading coconut waters and aloe juices currently on the market. Caliwater contains […]

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