Fuel Savings Rank As Top Loyalty Reward

A new Excentus Survey finds 37% of consumers prefer fuel discounts over other rewards. For the second year in a row, American consumers have identified rewards that help them save on the everyday cost of fuel as their preferred loyalty program currency. Findings from Excentus’ new “Road to Rewards Revisited” annual survey and report also

Fuel Institute Report Examines Fuel Chain Challenges

Study looks to give influential stakeholders a fundamental understanding about how the market functions today. The Fuels Institute has released a new report, prepared by Stratas Advisors, that examines the U.S. fuel supply chain and the challenges that exist for achieving higher adoption rates of biofuels. The report shows that the U.S. liquid fuel distribution

Pump Prices Continue Rise

Only four states are posting average gas prices below $2 per gallon. The national average price of gasoline has climbed for 14 straight days to $2.21 per gallon, according to a report by AAA. The uptick follows the OPEC oil production agreement set on Nov. 30. The national average 20 cents higher compared to this

AAA Predicts 43.5 Million To Road Trip This Thanksgiving

Twelve states see gas price averages dip below $2. With gas prices at a low $2.14 per gallon, AAA forecasts that some 43.5 million Americans will road trip for Thanksgiving this year. At $2.14 gas prices are the second cheapest they have been for the holiday since 2008 when the national average was $1.85. Pump

Colorado Tests Alternative To Gas Tax

A pilot program tests a recording and payment system based on miles driven. Colorado is rethinking its 22-cents-per-gallon gas tax, which is less effective in generating revenue today as vehicles continue to gain better mileage per gallon. The Denver Post reported that beginning in December, The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is rolling out a

TruStar Energy to Open Public CNG Fueling Station

TruStar is continuing to expand CNG across the country by opening Cincinnati’s first public CNG station. TruStar Energy has announced the ground breaking of Kentuckiana Cleanfuel’s public CNG fueling station, the first public CNG fueling station in Cincinnati, Ohio. The public station, located at 2490 Commerce Boulevard in Sharonville, Ohio, will feature three dual-hose dispensers,

TruStar Energy Opens New CNG Fueling Station in Oregon

TruStar Energy has now opened a new CNG fueling station for Rogue Disposal & Recycling. TruStar Energy recently announced the grand opening of Rogue Green Fuels LLC, a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for Rogue Disposal & Recycling Inc. The new station is located at 1125 Anthony Way in White City, Oregon, and

Gas Prices Creep Higher

A number of factors are causing fuel prices to fluctuate. Despite the switch from summer to winter blend gasoline and the surplus of crude oil supplies, fuel prices have increased slightly over last week. According to AAA, as of Mon., Oct. 3, 2016, the national average price for gasoline was $2.22 per gallon, two cents

Empire Petroleum Merges with Arkansas Valley

Empire Petroleum has expanded its array of branded fuel partners through its merger with Arkansas Valley. Empire Petroleum Partners LLC and Arkansas Valley Cos. are merging their assets. This merger will enhance Empire’s fuel volumes in Oklahoma as well as strengthening its relationships with its branded partners, such as ConocoPhillips. The merger will also add

U.S. Gasoline Market’s September Surprise(s)

Fuel marketer intelligence: supply chain dynamics to retail fuel prices. By Brian Milne, Editor, Schneider Electric In a year when soothsayers’ crystal balls are as foggy as London in November, September encompassed a few unexpected surprises for the U.S. gasoline market that underpinned gasoline prices and sharply cut down an inventory surplus. This was especially true

Kum & Go Offers Discounted E-15

Kum & Go offers discounted E-15 at nine Iowa locations. On Sept. 30, 2016, Kum & Go offered E-15 fuel for $1.15 per gallon at several Iowa store locations. The promotion ran from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at a number of stores in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the Iowa City-area. E-15, a fuel blended

C-Store Executive Shares Why Biodiesel is Good for Business

By Jon Scharingson, Renewable Energy Group Inc. A lot of times in this space, I tell you why offering biodiesel makes good business sense for convenience stores. This time, I’m going to let someone else do the talking — namely, a representative from a large c-store company that has experienced the benefits of biodiesel blended

Empire Petroleum Acquires Sunshine Fuel’s Distribution Rights

Empire Petroleum enters into new markets through its acquisition of Sunshine Fuel’s distribution rights. Empire Petroleum Partners LLC has successfully acquired the Missouri, Oklahoma and a portion of the Kansas wholesale distribution rights of Florida-based Sunshine Fuel LLC. Sunshine is a distributor of branded fuels to gas stations in the Kansas City market as well

Kum & Go Hosts Promotional E-15 Offering

Four Kum & Go stations offered discounted E-15 fuel to encourage consumers to fill their tanks with something new. On Wed., Sept. 28, Kum & Go offered E-15 fuel for $1.15 per gallon at four Sioux Falls-area locations. The following locations offered the discounted fuel from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Store 620 – 412

Kum & Go Offers Discounted E15 at Select Nebraska and Iowa Stores

Select Nebraska stores offered E15 for $1.15 per gallon during a one day promotion. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 23, Kum & Go offered E15 fuel for just $1.15 per gallon at several Nebraska and Iowa Kum & Go locations. E-15, a fuel blended with 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, was

Year Over Year Fuel Savings Margin Diminishing

Dramatic fuel price increases were recorded in a number of states over the past week. The year over year savings gap is diminishing as the national average price per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has risen to $2.21. The current national average represents only a nine cent savings over last year, and it is also

Broken Pipeline Drives Fuel Prices Skyward

Pipeline damage leaves some fuel stations without gasoline as suppliers scramble to supply the Southeast with fuel. Fuel prices in the Southeast have spiked as a result of a leak in a pipeline that has resulted in the pipeline’s closure. According to a report from CNNMoney, on Sept. 9, 2016 a section of the Colonial

Kum & Go Celebrates E15 Day

With the lifting of RVP restrictions for the winter months, E15 can now be sold nationwide, and Kum & Go celebrated the return with discounted E15. In celebration of E15 Day, on Sept. 16 Kum & Go offered E15 fuel for only $1.15 at select Des Moines, Iowa Kum & Go locations. The promotion ran

RVP Restrictions on E15 have Ended for the Year

As the RVP restriction is lifted, following the close of the summer months, ACE expresses the hope that Congress will alter these EPA rules so that E15 can be sold year-round. The senior vice president of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) has released a statement to remind retailers that, beginning Sept. 15, 2015, they

Consumers Unfazed by Recent Fuel Price Increases

Rising fuel prices seem to have little effect on current consumer optimism. Over the past month fuel prices have risen 10-cents per gallon, but a recent consumer survey from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) suggests that this price increase has failed to decrease consumer optimism concerning the overall state of the economy. U.S.

VP Racing is Official Trackside Supplier for IJSBA World Finals

VP Racing will offer a variety of fuels to racers competing in the IJSBA World Finals. VP Racing Fuels has been selected by the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) as the Official Trackside Supplier for the 2016 quakysense World Finals. The quakysense World Finals are slated to take place October 1-9 in Lake Havasu

Autumn Brings Falling Fuel Prices

Drivers could see national fuel price average below $2 per gallon in the coming months. Fuel prices are falling as we head into the fall season and the summer driving season comes to a close. Gas prices typically fall at this time each year, but this year’s savings are greater than those of last year,

New CNG Fueling Station Coming to Johnstown, Pa.

A new CNG fueling station is expected to result in significant savings for transit agencies in Pennsylvania. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Sept. 7, 2016 for the construction of a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station in Johnstown, Pa. State local officials, along with the PennDOT deputy secretary for multimodal transportation, Toby Fauver, Cambria

Fuel Prices Fall Following Labor Day Holiday

Lower fuel prices are likely to be in the forecast as the summer driving season comes to an end. Drivers were met with increasing fuel prices as August came to a close, but the beginning of September has been marked by six consecutive days of falling fuel prices. According to the most recent fuel gauge

New Proposal May Bring E15 to New York State

Drivers in New York state may soon have access to cleaner, more affordable fuel. A new rule proposed by the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets may soon alter the state’s fuel regulations to allow the sale of E15 for all vehicles model year 2001 and newer. If approved, New York retailers will have