Have You “Stratified” Your Employees Yet?

By Mel Kleiman, President, Humetrics I recently learned that when an organization provides a differentiated level of customer service, service quality or service offerings based on the perceived value of each customer, it is sometimes called “customer stratification.” So, I couldn’t help but wonder if this might be a useful tool when it comes to

Recognizing Next-Generation Leaders With 40 Under 40

Nominate your next-generation leader today. The convenience store industry proves time and again that innovation and hard work are the foundation that supports steady, meaningful growth. This growth isn’t only important from a sales standpoint, but is vital to a company’s long-term stability when analyzing the human element. Convenience store companies must be able to

The EMV Journey at the NACS Show

By Ed Collupy, executive consultant, W. Capra Consulting Group “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Yogi Berra may have had some insight into the EMV challenge the Convenience Store industry faces when this “Yogi-ism” was uttered back in 1973. There was discussion and frustration regarding EMV from many attendees of this year’s NACS Show, which

How To Increase Foodservice Visit Frequency

More disposable income and a better experience would encourage more foodservice visits By Tim Powell, Vice President of Consulting, Q1 Productions One of the tenants of marketing a product is very simple: It must be worth the price. In foodservice, the same applies. If a retailer sells a dispensed lemonade for 50 cents, shoppers will

If You Never Start, You Will Never Finish

By Mel Kleiman, President, Humetrics Is there an idea or project on the list in the back of your mind that stays there because it feels like, once you start, there’s no end in sight? Is it one of those “not urgent,” yet, important tasks that could make a real difference when it comes to

Want to Be More Productive? Never Touch Things Twice

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. I have always been interested in how my customers react during rapid changes in fuel costs. Three decades ago, as fuel prices rose, profits would likewise increase, because street prices (dictated by competition) normally rose faster than the average cost of fuel already present

How Would Your Employees Answer These Questions?

By Mel Kleiman If you don’t know how your employees would respond to the following, then it’s time to find out. How many of these items should be on your Top 10 List of reasons why a great employee should want to work for your organization? Would your employees answer, “YES,” to each one? Our managers

Retailers and Suppliers: The Deadly Embrace

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. In 1918, Henry Ford created an efficient environment to facilitate the manufacturing of automobiles. Lacking the cooperation of parts suppliers, the key components required were manufactured on site, providing the just-in-time arrival of parts needed to streamline Ford’s assembly lines. The effects were a reduction

Voting by Proxy

By Tony Huppert,  CEO of Team Oil Inc. I am beginning to understand the corporate takeover of media outlets. At first I thought it was for profit, now I realize it is for control. Now that the political parties are selling the rights to the Presidential Debates to PAY TV for profit, the results of

How U.S. Gasoline Futures Are Driving Towards A 2015 Low

A more confident consumer is driving greater gasoline demand. By Brian Milne, editor, Schneider Electric The seasonal attributes of the gasoline market in the U.S. are on clear display, with gasoline demand sliding since summer’s end, and gasoline inventory restocked to a pre-peak season level, while gasoline futures dropped 34% in value from the start

How to Prepare for NACS

Arriving at the NACS Show ready to mingle and network will increase your chances of coming away with new relationships and future opportunities. By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Before you pack up your golf clubs and wing it to Las Vegas to attend the 2015 NACS Show, it would

How to Attain C-Store Success

Perfecting the shopping experience and operating more efficiently can help a struggling convenience store perform better. By Betsi Bixby Not every convenience store is an elite performer. Challenges do arise that will slow a location’s performance. Of course, finding solutions to right the ship can be challenging as well.  Here are four suggested measures that

How C-Stores Can Influence Public Health

As e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction continue to garner discussion, convenience stores are positioned to play a role. By Carl V. Phillips As the most convenient place to buy smokeless tobacco, convenience stores have been at the center of tobacco harm reduction (THR)—and the substitution of low-risk alternatives for cigarettes—before anyone really spoke about the

How to Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities

Retailers looking for insights on the technology front, whether it’s optimizing data or adding a mobile payment system, can find it at the NACS Show. By Ed Collupy The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show being held this month offers convenience store retailers an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations impacting

When Violence Strikes At Your C-Store

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. You’ve just shot a robber at your convenience store—now what? The decisions you make, and the actions you take over the next few minutes, or the next few hours, may be the most important challenges you will face in your lifetime. The most dangerous

How to Optimize Fuel Supply Profitability

There’s always a disciplined approach to building a high-value fuel distribution business. Mark Radosevich Marketers competing for fuel distribution contracts are facing an increasingly tough environment to garner profitable dealer business. Several years ago some marketers began offering deals whereby the dealer could retain the prompt pay discount (PPD), in an attempt to aggregate rapid

How to Maintain Accurate Inventory Numbers

Controlling inventory can be simpler. By Fran Duskiewicz About 10 years ago when I was at Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes, we stopped our foodservice managers from doing weekly food counts. We had decided it was an unproductive waste of time that was yielding faulty data, thereby hindering our efforts to improve performance in an

How the Rules of Work Are Changing

The rules in some industries may be changing, but the ‘old rules’ still apply to convenience store employees. By Mel Kleiman Except for the recent brouhaha about raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, the business press routinely ignores the approximately 60% of American workers, who are hourly employees. A recent article in Fast

Football Lessons I’ve Learned

With the football season upon us again, there are some life lessons to be gained from those who coach on the gridiron. By Jim Callahan So what does football have to do with addressing employee and management performance levels at convenience stores and truck stops? More than you might imagine. First though, I was struck

Data at the Speed of Thought

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Back in the ‘olden days,’ every Saturday morning around 10 a.m., my mom would take advantage of the most economical child-sitting service in the nation. Each Saturday, the Broadmoor Movie Theatre loosely supervised an auditorium filled with around 100 rowdy preteens at a cost

What Have You Celebrated Lately?

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics Did you notice we tend to save our celebrations for the really big moments in life rather than taking the time to rejoice in the everyday accomplishments that make us proud? That’s unfortunate because it limits the number of celebrations we have. Let’s change that. Why not ask yourself (and

Pick and Choose

By Tony Huppert, CEO of Team Oil Inc. I’m concerned about the misuse of religious freedom and the misguided use of it for personal attention and justification of one’s past experiences. It is troubling to think one can be praised for ‘breaking the law’ by using the religious freedom crutch. Anyone short sided enough not

Fear of Flying

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. A very wise friend once said to me: “At this moment in time, you are exactly where you planned to be. This is what you wanted. This is what you worked hard for. This is your great accomplishment.” You might be able to imagine

Relationships That Matter

I began to conceptualize this month’s edit memo on a shuttle bus from the El Dorado Hotel to the airport in Santa Fe, N.M., following the 2015 National Advisory Group (NAG) Conference. I shared a ride with Brent Mouton, of Hit N Run Food Stores, Joe Sucharzewski, of Dion’s Quik Marts and Vernon Young, of

Why Your Past is the Key to Your Future

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. I’m a computer programmer, accountant and cloud service specialist. Writing is a hobby that I picked up three decades ago. I don’t consider myself to be an especially good writer, and one of my faults is what makes it my hobby and not my career. I