Pennsylvania Retail Licensees Gain Access to LOOP

Pennsylvania licensees can now order wine and spirits through a convenient online ordering system. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) has now made the Licensee Online Order Portal (LOOP) available foe 15,000 retail licensees to use. LOOP is a new Internet-based system, which was developed by PLCB, that allows licensees to order wine and spirits

Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Wildberry Smoothie

Dunkin’ Donuts has expanded its line of fruit smoothies to help guests cool off this summer. Just in time for the summer heat, Dunkin’ Donuts has added the new Wildberry flavor to the brand’s Fruit Smoothie line. The Wildberry Smoothie is freshly-prepared with creamy low-fat yogurt, blended with real strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. Wildberry

Starbucks to Launch Bottled Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew

Select grocery and convenience stores will soon offer new bottled Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee. Just in time for summer, Starbucks has announced the launch of a new bottled Starbucks Cold Brew coffee. According to a news release from Starbucks, coffee lovers can now purchase the new Starbucks Cold Brew coffee from grocery and convenience stores,

Swiss Farms to Debut its Own Signature Coffee Line

In celebration of its new coffee line, Swiss Farms is offering free coffee and mini donuts to customers from June 19-24.  Swiss Farms has announced the launch of its own line of signature premium coffee. The new Swiss Farms Coffee line includes three premium coffee roasts. Starting on Father’s Day, Sun., June 19, Swiss Farms is offering

Philadelphia Becomes First City to Impose Soda Tax

A new tax on certain non-alcoholic beverages in Philadelphia has been enacted, not to deter customers from consuming caloric beverages, but to make the city more money. On Thurs. June 16, 2016, Philadelphia became the first state to enact a 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax on soda, tea, sports and energy drinks. This is the first success of

Cumberland Farms Debuts HYPERFREEZE

In celebration of the branding of its frozen beverage, Cumberland Farms is launching a digital scratch-off promotion. Cumberland Farms has officially given its fan-favorite frozen beverage its own unique identity. The frozen drink now sports the official title HYPERFREEZE. In addition to the dink’s new name, the company has also redesigned the cups to give

Alcoholic Sodas

A new alcoholic soda has now hit the market, with the recent debut of Hard Frescos, an alcoholic nod to Mexican street sodas. The new line consists of natural, premium-brewed alcoholic hard sodas, made with high-quality ingredients. Real cane sugar, real fruit and real juice. Inspired by the fresh pressed juices that are part of […]

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Beverage Industry Outlook Remains Favorable

Manufacturers in the beverage industry continue to evolve to meet consumers’ needs, and this has helped the industry to remain vital. Current trends and the future outlook for the beverage industry were discussed at the recent Beverage Digest “Market Smarts” Conference in New York, and Wells Fargo Securities, who presented and sat on a panel

Coffee Creamers Join the Clean Label Movement

Coffee creamer manufacturers are looking to meet consumer demand by developing creamers with fewer ingredients. A new report from Packaged Facts has revealed that there may be a great deal of product innovation on the horizon in the coffee creamers market. In recent years, the majority of product development in this particular market largely consisted

Sheetz Applauds Pennsylvania Liquor Law Reforms

New reforms to the Pennsylvania liquor laws will grant consumers greater convenience, as they will now have the ability to purchase beer and wine at Sheetz stores.  Customers of Pennsylvania Sheetz Convenience Stores are being granted the convenience of purchasing beer and wine at Sheetz stores. Pennsylvania’s newly adopted modernized bill, PA-HB 1690, will change

Consumers Cut Calories by Increasing Bottled Water Consumption

Bottled water has gained popularity, as Americans continue to become more health conscious, and many Americans are increasingly choosing bottled water as a means to cut calories. A new study from the Beverage Marketing Corp. (BMC) has revealed that a tremendous rise in U.S. bottled water consumption has resulted in significant caloric savings among consumers.

Dunkin’ Donuts Celebrates National Iced Tea Day

Dunkin’ fans can celebrate National Iced Tea Day with a free Iced Green Tea from participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Dunkin’ Donuts is helping its guests in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire celebrate National Iced Tea Day by offering free Iced Green Tea to customers at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants. On June 10, Dunkin’ Donuts

Baltimore May Soon Require Warnings on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Legislation has been introduced that would require sugar sweetened beverages to sport a new warning label.  Pending the approval of new legislation by the Baltimore City Council’s Health Committee, Baltimore may soon become the second city in the U.S. to require warning labels on sugar sweetened beverages. According to a report from WBAL News Radio,

Beverage Sales Expected to Grow during 2016

As quarter two progresses, retailers have reported significant growth in multiple beverage categories. This growth is expected to continue throughout the year. New innovations and heavy promotions from a number of beverage manufacturers have led to strong category growth in the beverage category in the second quarter of 2016. Memorial Day Holiday Sparks Beverage Sales

U.S. Justice Department Expected to Approve AB InBev’s Takeover of SABMiller

Concerns of craft brewers have little effect on the U.S. Justice Department when considering the approval of the merger of AB InBev and SABMiller. Approval is expected to come within the month for Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA’s takeover of SABMiller Plc. Reuters reported that the U.S. Justice Department is set to approve the transaction, under certain

The Beverage Market Faces Declines

Beverage manufacturers may need to resort to stronger pricing in order to offset volume sales declines. As consumers shift toward healthier lifestyles, the beverage market, especially the carbonated soft drinks sect, is struggling to regain favor among consumers. New data has revealed that the beverage market did not fare well in the recent four week

Iced Tea is Trending

Many consumers will celebrate National Iced Tea Month, as the majority of tea drinkers prefer iced tea over hot tea. A recent survey of Americans from the Tea Council of the USA has revealed that iced tea is preferred over hot tea among tea drinkers (84% versus 75%). As June is National Iced Tea Month,

Nutritional Beverages Replace Meals for On-the-Go Consumers

A growing number of consumers are turning to nutritional and performance drinks to attain proper nutrients in their busy lives. As consumers continue to grow more health conscious, and their busy lives continue to make it difficult to attain proper nutrition through the traditional three meals a day, many consumers are looking to alternative meal

U.S. Cities Seek to Tax Sugary Beverages

Beverage Industry analysts fear that a tax increase on sugar-sweetened beverages will discourage consumers from purchasing and consuming soft-drinks and other sugary beverages. As a number of cities across the U.S. begin to wage war against soft drinks, industry analysts fear that the new attention being placed on these sugar-sweetened beverages may threaten their sales.

Craft Claims Gain Favor in Alcoholic Beverage Market

More than half of American alcohol consumers believe that craft alcohol brands are of better quality than big brands. New research from Mintel has revealed that craft alcoholic beverages are rapidly gaining global popularity. Not only have craft beer brands become highly sought after, but craft spirits are also on the rise. Indeed, new research

Starbucks Takes the Reigns of the Cold Coffee Market

Starbucks is heating up the competition in the cold coffee market, just in time for summer. Starbucks Corp. has laid the foundation for a new “cold bar” of coffee and espresso products, with the introduction of a new line-up of cold beverages. Affirming the company’s investment in the cold coffee category, this new menu focuses

Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Exclusive Summer Refreshments

Dunkin’ Donuts fans in New England will have access to low calorie, fruity refreshments this summer. Dunkin’ Donuts stores throughout the six New England states are providing a new way for customers to quench their thirst this summer, with the launch of new Fruited Iced Teas. These new innovative beverages feature a fruity twist on

Rutter’s Upgrades Blending System

Through a partnership with f’real foods, Rutter’s plans to install more than 80 B4 blenders. Rutter’s Farm Stores has partnered with f’real foods to upgrade its blending system. The partnership began as a test in 2008 and has since become a foundational offering in Rutter’s stores. Rutter’s announced it will be replacing its f’real first-generation

Bottled Water Gains Popularity

As consumers continue to grow more health conscious, bottled water is rising above other major beverage categories. A recent report from the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), in conjunction with Beverage Marketing Corp. (BMC), has revealed that, in 2015, the sales and consumption of bottled water had risen significantly from the previous year. Additionally, the

Growth Expected in Alcoholic Beverage Market

A new report from Research and Markets has revealed the key growth drivers in the alcoholic beverage market. A new report has been added to the Research and Markets report offering. The new report, “Alcoholic Beverage Market in the US 2016-2020,” covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the alcoholic beverage market from