Strongbow to Launch Flavorful Fall Program

This autumn, Strongbow will engage with customers and drive sales through a comprehensive fall program. Strongbow Hard Apple Cider has announced that it will be launching a new program this fall to encourage LDA+ shoppers to incorporate Strongbow’s award-winning range of flavors into their harvest season. Strongbow’s comprehensive fall program will incorporate national TV spots,

Relax and Refresh

Marley Beverage Co. (MBC) has unveiled a new line of naturally-sweetened, ZERO calorie Mellow Mood Relaxation Drinks. The company has also introduced new flavors to its One Drop premium ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees. The new ZERO Mellow Mood Relaxation Drinks is a line of natural, decaffeinated teas and sparkling waters that provide a delicious and refreshing […]

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Ready-to-Drink Cold Brews

Peet’s Coffee has unveiled its new ready-to-drink (RTD) line, which features Baridi Black, Coffee au Lait and Dark Chocolate. The new line features high-quality ingredients, including Peet’s freshly-roasted beans that are cold brewed to the same standard used in its cafés. The new Baridi Black Cold Brew is the purest expression of Cold Brew from […]

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Water, Tea and Gen Z

Younger consumers are redefining top sellers among packaged beverages. By Anne Baye Ericksen, Contributing Editor Earlier this year, John Archer noticed the display for LaCroix sparkling water in his local grocery store kept growing in size and prominence. He wondered what would happen if he elevated the brand’s real estate in his convenience store As

Cold-Brew Coffee

WhiteWave Away From Home has introduced new STōK Single-Serve Cold-Brew Coffee to its coffee bar portfolio. Cold brew is the fastest growing coffee beverage, expected to grow 149% by 2018, equaling $23 million in sales. (Nielsen Custom Database IAOC ending Dec. 31, 2014). STōK is brewed low and slow at a cool temperature for a […]

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Berry Lemonade

Stout Brewing Co.’s latest brand, Drink Like A BOSS, is expanding its portfolio with the addition of a new flavor, Berry Lemonade. The new flavor is hitting retail stores this month. Motivated by consumer and distributor feedback, Stout Brewing Co. felt the timing was right to introduce a new SKU to the Drink Like A […]

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Tropical Refreshment

Verday has introduced new Coconut Chlorophyll Water. Coconut Chlorophyll Water combines the tropical flavors of coconut with the antioxidant and cleansing power of green juice. Verday has zero calories, zero diet sweeteners, zero preservatives and is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and Paleo. While many customers don’t realize the amounts of hidden sugar and calories in […]

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Cold Brew Coffee Competition Heats Up

Warm months call for cool and refreshing coffee. Cold coffee is becoming a hot new trend this summer, with 10% of consumers surveyed by Packaged Facts drinking iced coffee most often. A number of restaurant and foodservice establishments are adopting iced or chilled coffees, as are retailers who offer ready-made beverage options. While 10% drink

Category Growth in Beverage Market

Overall, the beverage market experienced growth in the recent four week period. During the recent four-week period ending July 16, 2016, each beverage category in the market recorded dollar sales growth. A number of different factors drove growth in the period, but underperformance by certain brands hindered category growth. Beverage Dollar Sales Broadly Positive A

DEWcision 2016 Winner Announced

MTN DEW PITCH BLACK has been named the winner of DEWcision 2016; therefore, the flavor will remain on shelves indefinitely. Over the past three months, Mountain Dew fans have been voting in the DEWcision 2016 election and competing in online challenges to decide which limited edition MTN DEW flavor would join the brand’s permanent retail

Growth Slows for Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sales

Many retailers attribute the sequential slowdown in beverage sales to poor weather conditions. A number of factors contributed to a slowdown in non-alcoholic beverage sales during the second quarter of 2016. In a new survey of beverage retailers from Wells Fargo Securities retailers revealed which factors led to the recent slowdown in non-alcoholic beverage sales. The

7-Eleven Unveils Big Red Slurpee

America’s original red soda is now available in Slurpee form at select 7-Eleven stores. 7-Eleven Inc. has partnered with Big Red to introduce a new Big Red summer Slurpee flavor. 7-Eleven showcases national and regional soda favorites that consumers love by recreating them as Slurpee flavors. Sipping on a Big Red soda in the summertime is

Tropical Teas

Red Diamond has announced the launch of new TROPICAL TEMPTATIONS flavored iced teas. These exotic, island-inspired iced teas begin with the finest of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas and elegant green teas. With eight ripe, sun drenched flavors these teas provide a refreshingly clear crisp beverage alternative that your customers desire. The new […]

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What are Consumers Sipping on this Summer?

Many consumers are seeking unique cool and refreshing summer flavors to sip on as the summer season heats up. New research from the Harris Poll has revealed that consumer beverage preferences tend to change with the seasons. A recent survey of drinking-age Americans has revealed that many are looking for something to beat the heat,

Dunkin’ Donuts Further Commits to Sustainable Sourcing

Dunkin’ Donuts is working with the Rainforest Alliance to help the brand reach a higher level of sustainable sourcing. Dunkin’ Donuts is working to fulfill its commitment to sustainable sourcing by expanding its current work with the Rainforest Alliance. The extension of this partnership helps Dunkin’ Donuts to incorporate certified products in its coffee portfolio

Coca-Cola Celebrates the Olympics with New Global Campaign

In preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola is encouraging fans to celebrate their own Gold Moments. As the  Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games approaches, Coca-Cola is working to remind its fans that celebrating gold is not reserved for those standing on top of the world’s most elite podium. The Coca-Cola

The Beer Institute Strives for Greater Label Transparency

A number of major brewers have agreed to the standards of the new Brewers Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. In an attempt to help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to choosing which beer to purchase, The Beer Institute has launched a new initiative to encourage member companies to display specific information on their products, packaging

Bud Light Announces 13-City Summer Tour

Bud Light is hosting a summer campaign, featuring performances from this summer’s hottest music artists. This summer, the Bud Light Party is working to unite the nation over refreshing, ice-cold Bud Lights and the nation’s hottest musical talent, during a a 13-city tour. Furthering the campaign conversation, super delegates of the Bud Light Party campaign

Nutrient Packed Beverages

Fury Beverages LLC has now introduced the new Nature’s Fury NutriDrinks. These new beverages offer consumers a convenient way to replenish their bodies in a healthy manner. In promoting overall wellness, New Nature’s Fury NutriDrink provides 100% of the recommended daily vitamins including A, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and vitamin D per serving. Made […]

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7-Eleven Celebrates Slurpee’s 50th Birthday

7-Eleven is introducing a new Birthday Cake Slurpee flavor in celebration of Slurpee’s 50th birthday. Monday, July 11 is 7-Eleven Day, and as the company’s iconic Slurpee drink is turning 50 this year, 7-Eleven is celebrating its birthday (July 11) with its biggest celebration yet. In celebration of Slurpee Fiftee and 7-Eleven’s 89th birthday, participating

Beverage Sales Heat Up as Consumers Look to Cool Down this 4th of July Weekend

Cold beverage sales are expected to reach their peak over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Retailers are expecting a spike in business over the coming holiday weekend, in fact, many are predicting that this will be the busiest weekend of the year. Convenience store sales increase as the weather heats up. Store sales from

Portable Wine Spritzers

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is giving wine drinkers a reason to celebrate with the national launch of Barefoot Refresh Spritzers in convenient and portable cans. The exciting new concept in wine adds a touch of summer to any season. The sleek 8.4-ounce cans are able to go many places where wine bottles and glass aren’t […]

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SuperAmerica and The ICEE Co. Announce New ICEE Flavor and Promotion

A new promotion from ICEE and SuperAmerica is giving fans the chance to win free ICEEs for a year. Select SuperAmerica stores are now offering an exciting new ICEE flavor at an unbeatable price as a part of a new promotion. The ICEE Co. and SuperAmerica, have teamed up with Minnesota United FC player, Jamie

Growth Throughout the Beverage Market

All beverage channels recorded growth in the recent period ending June 18. During the recent four-week period, the beverage industry experienced growth across all channels. A number of brands continue to outperform, and they are helping to drive substantial growth in the market. All Channel Sales Results – Beverage Dollar Sales Improve A new report

Discovering New Energy

As summer gets underway, energy drink producers, as well as convenience stores, hope consumers will embrace new energy selections. By Anne Baye Ericksen, Contributing Editor The Beverage Buzz Memorial Day Retailer Survey by Wells Fargo Securities reported recently that beverage sales notched upward 5.5%, which is a slight improvement over the 4.9% recorded during last