Educational Session Features Steps To Better Branding

Maverik’s Ernie Harker guides retailers through developing a unique brand. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor In an education session on Wednesday, titled, “Fans and Focus Through Branding,” Ernie Harker, executive director of CREATE at Maverik, walked attendees through a step-by-step process of building a unique brand with a competitive advantage. “Does your brand

Idea of the Day: Check Social Media Before Hiring

Today’s Idea of the Day: Check social media accounts before hiring new employees. Have you met a candidate that you like for a job opening? Do they seem too good to be true? In addition to standard background checks, search Facebook and other social media platforms to learn more about them. You might be surprised

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Curb Appeal

Today’s Idea of the Day: Curb appeal counts. You may not have a budget for shrubbery and mulch, but investing just a little operating capital on your exterior can make a big difference when it comes to attracting new customers. Remember, for any potential customers, all they know about your brand is what they see

McLane Introduces DSD Mobile App

New Direct Store Delivery (DSD) from McLane checks deliveries against price book to identify unapproved items, saving c-store operators time. McLane Co. Inc. has released its new Direct Store Delivery (DSD) app for Android mobile devices. Working in conjunction with the company’s popular Premium Order Management Suite (POMS) applications and Grocery Mobile platform, DSD enables

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Training

Today’s Idea of the Day: Train, train and retrain employees. Training employees isn’t something top quartile c-stores do only once. Training employees must be an ongoing process. Don’t be shy about retraining employees in areas where they are deficient. Re-certify their training when it comes to sales of age-restricted products like alcohol and tobacco. What’s

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Food Variety

Idea of the Day: Showcase food variety on a daily basis. Consumers like routine but they also like variety. Foodservice operators can appeal to both by offering a different themed menu item every day. Think Taco Tuesdays, Pizza Fridays and Meatball Sub Mondays. Not only will it offer customers the variety they crave, but it

NAG/CSD Idea of the Day: Consider Catering Options

Today’ Idea of the Day: Consider Catering Options. If you have a foodservice menu, consider offering catering to local businesses. If you offer sandwiches, for example, contact the local funeral homes and see if you can be their exclusive sandwich caterer for wakes and visitations. Send your ideas to Erin Rigik Del Conte at

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: LTOs

Today’s Idea of the Day: Use limited time offers (LTOs) to drive brand awareness, urgency and new customers to your store. Limited time only products that arrive seasonally can help make your store a destination and build a craving with customers who will be excited to return for the product when it again appears on

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Collectibles

Today’s Idea of the Day: Put a date on collectibles. If you’re selling collectibles, such as cups, toys or other items, be sure to put the date on the item. Customers like to collect items over a long period of time and look back at how long they’ve been collecting them and recognize which item

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Consumer reviewers

Today’s Idea of the Day: Have consumers review and tweet/post about your new food items. Customers today trust reviews by other consumers more than they trust advertisements. If you’re debuting a new food item, bring in a group of customers and allow them to taste test the new addition to the menu. Then ask them

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Foodservice P&L

Today’s Idea of the Day: Develop a foodservice P&L. If your chain intends to take foodservice seriously, then a product and loss (P&L) report created just for foodservice can help you take your food game to the next level. The P&L should monitor waste/spoils, inventory, sales, purchases, labor costs and determine the net margin after

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Social Media

Today’s idea of the day: Hire a 17 year old to do your social media. No one has their finger on the pulse of social media trends quite like today’s teenagers. They know what’s trending and where better than anyone. When the 17 year old turns 19, move them to another role at the company

Chevron Debuts aFANity Rewards Program

Fans in select states can earn sports related rewards through Chevron’s new program. Chevron U.S.A. Inc. has launch the aFANity Rewards Program, a sports-themed rewards program where sports fans can win items and experiences that fit their passion. The program is available to residents of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Classes for Managers

Today’s idea of the day: Give classes to help managers at each store learn how to read a P&L. By teaching managers how to read a profit and loss (P&L) statement you’re also showing them what you are tracking and how you are tracking it, how losses impact the company and the costs and expenses

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Commit to new products

Idea of the day: When testing a new food product, be it a roller grill item or a grab-and-go sandwich, commit to testing the product in a big way. Some stores cautiously test new items by only putting out a small amount of the new item and then slowly adding more if they’re selling. Instead,

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Digital gift cards

Today’s idea of the day: Offer digital gift cards as an option alongside your physical gift card display. Younger generations prefer to do things on a mobile/digital platform when possible and digital or electronic gift cards are no exception. While many customers appreciate having a tangible gift card, you can boost sales by also offer

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Compete on Snacks

Today’s idea of the day: Look at what supermarkets are doing with food snacks and see what you can replicate. Snacks today span more than chips and meat sticks. As customers turn to snacking throughout the day, prepared food bites that they can eat either between meals or as they graze all day long are

Loyalty’s Evolving Landscape

For convenience retailers, opportunity lies in using data to tailor loyalty programs to customers. By Erin Rigik, Senior Editor Tony Huppert, founder of Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley, Wis., was surprised to find the USA Rocket on the Team Oil Travel property is a Pokéstop in the popular Pokémon Go game, which launched

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Partner with Local Schools

Today’s idea of the day: If you offer a pizza program consider partnering with local schools to supply pizza for their pizza days and other events. Schools frequently have pizza days for kids and/or for teachers and staff. Wouldn’t it be great for business if all those pizzas were coming from you? Consider offering them

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Dollar Wednesdays

Today’s idea of the day: Dollar Wednesdays! If you’re running a foodservice program continued sampling is imperative to grow interest in your food menu. Consider offering a food item for $1 on a set day each week. For example, offer $1 pizza slices on Wednesdays during specific hours. This gives guests motivation to try your

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Chicken

Today’s idea of the day: Consider offering chicken as a breakfast daypart option. Everyone knows chicken is a big winner for c-stores during the lunch and dinner dayparts, but some c-store retailers are also seeing success offering chicken for breakfast. Chicken can be a big seller any time of day. Whatever doesn’t sell during breakfast

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Insurance

Today’s idea of the day: Determine how much you are paying your insurance agent or broker. When you’re determining if your business is over-insured or under-insured or going through the Request for Proposal Process, where all agents/brokers provide quotes for the same information, don’t forget to ask the agent or broker what you are/would be

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Cellophane

Today’s idea of the day: Use cellophane packaging for your grab-and-go sandwiches. When Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco USA, switched to plain cellophane wrapping on his grab-and-go sandwiches last year, he saved money and saw sandwich sales soar. Clear cellophane packaging allows customers to really see the sandwich and it conveys “fresh,” and “hand-made in

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Product matching

Today’s idea of the day: Draft off a local quick-service restaurant (QSR) by offering the same limited-time-offers (LTOs) that they are advertising. For example, if you offer fresh sandwiches and a major sandwich chain is offering a new meatball sub in your area and running a major advertising campaign for that item, chances are your

NAG Wraps Up In Savannah

NAG 2017 Conference location announced. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor The National Advisory Group (NAG) Conference concluded on Sept. 14 with two final sessions aimed at helping retailers gain new ideas. Josh Tahan, research consultant for Study Hall Research, presented information from the company’s “2016 Foodservice Perception Study.” As this is Study Hall