Transitioning to Next-Generation Leadership

Thinking about a change in leadership can be intimidating, but planning ahead can save your business from turmoil should the unexpected occur. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor When preparing next-generation leaders within a convenience store company, the process of transitioning leadership can be challenging at best—especially when it’s a family-owned business. Savvy retailers

U.S. Gasoline Futures Drop Back in Spring Transition

Fuel Marketer Intelligence: Supply Chain Dynamics to Retail Fuel Prices  By Brian Milne, Schneider Electric Sliding from a 1.5-year high on the first day of March, the April gasoline futures contract rolled into the nearest delivery position in trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, signaling the spring transition to more stringent fuel specifications. Known

Chevron, Albertsons Expand Rewards Program to St. George, Utah

Customers can earn points shopping for groceries at Albertsons and redeem them at their local Chevron or Texaco. Albertsons Companies LLC, and Chevron Products Company, a division of  Chevron U.S.A. Inc., are bringing their popular Gas Rewards program to customers in St. George, Utah. Customers who earn Reward Points by shopping at their local Albertsons

Gehrts Reinvents Tobacco at Kum & Go

Years of experience on the manufacturer side has provided Jodi Gehrts a unique perspective on tobacco retail. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor This April marks Jodi Gehrts 24th year in the tobacco industry, first on the tobacco manufacturing side, followed by nearly 10 years overseeing the tobacco category for Kum & Go. For

Vespole Directs QC’s Foodservice Future

After climbing the ranks from a part-time employee to director of food service, Jennifer Vespole knows what it takes to make a food program a success. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor In December 2016, Jennifer Vespole, director of food service, celebrated her 29th anniversary with Whitehouse Station, N.J.-based QuickChek (QC), which operates 148

Spinx Goes Local

Spinx incorporates local fruits into its Fresh on the Go program to appeal to shopper demand for more locally-sourced produce. As consumers increasingly look for clean labels, sustainable sourcing and food that remains fresh along the path from farm to table, the demand for local food has grown. In response, some restaurants have added their

QuickChek Wins With Fresh Sales

From simple ingredients to label transparency and merchandising to showcase ‘fresh,’ QuickChek is meeting consumer requests for better-for-you food. By CSD Staff Just as foodservice and food offerings in the convenience channel have changed with time, the concept of fresh is now naturally positioned at the forefront of the customer experience. Consumers’ demand has grown

Grab and Go Gets Hot

As dayparts blur and snacking soars, Rutter’s appeals to customers with quality and variety. Rutter’s Farm Stores’ 66 locations offer a complete grab-and-go experience with 83 hot grab-and-go offerings. Items span many flavors and sizes of burgers, fried & grilled chicken sandwiches, subs and wraps, tornados, pork egg rolls and stromboli. The York, Pa.-based retailer’s

Building A Better Foodservice Program

In CSD’s 2017 Foodservice Edition, we look at the latest trends and basic principles that convenience  retailers are following to ensure  quality offerings, modern menu options and bigger profits. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor The foodservice landscape continues to shift. Customers want transparency, clean labels and better-for-you foods, but quality and variety are

Snickers Launches 360-Degree Super Bowl Campaign

A 36-hour live stream and a 30-second Super Bowl commercial are among the events Snickers has planned.  Mars Chocolate North American Inc.’s Snickers brand is set to feature a 30-second commercial during the third quarter of Super Bowl L1, featuring actor Adam Driver, this Sunday, Feb. 5. But Snickers isn’t stopping there. The Snickers brand

2017 Social Media Awards

CSD presents its fifth annual review of social media trends, best practices for the new year and c-store retailers succeeding on social platforms. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor For the fifth straight year, Convenience Store Decisions reviewed the Facebook (FB) and Twitter pages of more than 60 c-store chains and is recognizing those

Rutter’s Expands Grab-And-Go Selections With Hot Pouch

Kiosk side items now available in the grab-and-go section thanks to state-of-the-art packaging. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor On Tuesday, Jan. 17, Rutter’s debuted a new hot grab-n-go pouch to put highly-craveable side items from its popular kiosk service at the fingertips of grab-and-go customers. The new offering will be available at 53

3rd – 4th Quarter Comparisons Are In

By Bill Scott THIS IS CRAZY. The big surprise this quarter are ‘arrowheads’. Arrowheads are just that. Manufactured pieces of stone that look exactly like arrowheads. Shoppers are buying them by the handfuls at two/$1, and the stores can’t keep them in stock. The stores in this sample sold 1,711 in the first few months

Growth Energy, E15 Retailers Raise Funds to Battle Breast Cancer

Growth Energy teams with retailers during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Growth Energy partnered with major fuel retailers Sheetz, Minnoco, Protec Fuel and Murphy USA for its annual Pink Out program to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer during the month of October. For each gallon of clean burning E15 sold, two cents were donated

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Coffee Bar

Today’s Idea of the Day: Customers crave customization and new flavor experiences at the coffee bar. Engage customers by showing them how to combine brewed coffee with an offerings from the cappuccino machine and syrups to create a recipe of the month. This can be done through signage at the coffee bar. If you have

Chevron, Texaco Customers Can Win Super Bowl LI Trip

Customers who swipe their Visa card at the pump are entered to win. Chevron through its partnership with Visa is offering customers a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl. Chevron U.S.A. Inc. customers will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl LI from Visa when using

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Inventory Tobacco

Today’s Idea of the Day: Inventory tobacco products at shift change. Tobacco products are small and expensive items that are easy targets of theft by dishonest employees. Prevent theft temptation by requiring employees to do a complete cigarette pack and other tobacco products count at every shift change. While it may frustrate staff initially, once

CSD Seeks Nominations For Annual Social Media Awards

This January, CSD will again evaluate best practices and best c-store posts and campaigns across social media. Convenience Store Decisions is embarking on its 5th annual social media awards, and this year is seeking convenience store chain nominations in a number of categories: Best engagement with a single post or promotion by a c-store chain

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Dinner Bundles

Today’s Idea of the Day: Offer dinner “bundles” or combo deals. Send a clear message to customers that you’re a dinner destination by offering dinner “bundles” or meal deals. Too often, c-stores aren’t top of mind during the dinner daypart. Consider changing that by advertising a dinner bundle, such as two sub sandwiches, a two-liter

Back Office & Forecourt Evolution

From state-of-the-art back-office software programs to innovative forecourt marketing and ordering systems, the convenience channel’s bottom line is benefiting from the latest technology. By Lisa White, Contributing Editor It would be difficult to dispute the many groundbreaking developments in forecourt marketing and back-office technology. From beacon programs to ordering apps and scanning software that provides

Beverage Lines Blur

Innovation abounds in packaged beverages as crossover between segments can cause confusion in the cold vault. By Erin Rigik Del Conte, Senior Editor Consumers continue to demand healthier beverages as they move away from sugary drinks, but innovation continues across the beverage spectrum including among more indulgent flavors and appeals. As innovation grows, the lines

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Basics

Today’s Idea of the Day: Focus on the basics of foodservice. Before adding to your foodservice program, ensure you have mastered the basics. The basics include superior customer service, well-presented and appealing food, and a spotlessly clean convenience store. These basics will factor into consumer perception of quality and price. No matter how upscale your

What Does A Trump Presidency Means for C-Stores?

NACS to work with the administration to ensure c-store retailers’ voices are heard.  Trump has won the 2016 presidential election. What does a Trump presidency mean for c-stores? Republican majorities in both the House and Senate mean the Trump administration will likely to have free rein to push though its agenda. The Affordable Care Act

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Highlight Healthy Snacks

Today’s Idea of the Day: Use signage to identify healthy snacks. Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier snack options, and many customers don’t think of c-stores as having healthy options. A little signage can help change these perceptions and help health conscious customers navigate the snack aisle. Do you offer healthy snack bars? Healthy chips?

CSD/NAG Idea of the Day: Upsell Contests for Employees

Today’s idea of the day: Move tobacco accessories by incentivizing employees to upsell an accessory with every purchase. Consider running a contest with your associates to see who can upsell the most lighters, rolling papers or e-liquids/cartridges to ensure they’re letting customers know these accessories are available every time they buy a tobacco product. Set