General Mills

General Mills General Mills introduces Progresso Soup Microwave Bowls. Using the finest ingredients and the most complementary flavor combinations, Progresso Soup Microwave Bowls are ready to eat after heating in the microwave for two minutes, satisfying customers’ needs for quick, delicious meals. The bowl is designed specifically for safe use in the microwave and features

San Jamar

San Jamar San Jamar, the leading supplier of towel and tissue dispensers for universal paper, introduces the New Fresh look to its Classic line of Roll Towel and Tissue Dispensers.  The Fresh look is now available on lever and electronic roll towel dispensers, as well as the single 9" JBT dispenser.   This new, neutral design

Cleaning Systems Inc.

Cleaning Systems Inc. Booth #1608 Lustra Professional Car Care Products introduces its newest technological breakthrough—LustraShield-Total Surface Gloss. Utilizing the latest brightening polymers, LustraShield reflects otherwise unseen white light while working to bring back that original show room shine. As an online application the product requires no additional labor and just a little extra wash time.

D&s Car Wash

D&s Car Wash Booth #1027, #1229 For a soft, precisionclean car wash, discover the new Odyssey Soft Touch from D&S. Constructed of durable aluminum, the Odyssey gently glides on overhead rails for a clean open-bay appearance and features state-of-the-art technology and enhancements to provide a thorough, high-quality wash. Options include D&S’s exclusive Wheel Blaster, which

Jim Coleman

Jim Coleman Booth #1800, #1810 ‘s Entry Wizard welcomes customers to the Water Wizard 2.0 with a vibrant greeting and gives instructions on how to select and pay through a brightly colored touchscreen. All forms of payment are accepted and the Entry Wizard offers one of the most comprehensive fleet code and pre-pay systems in

Mark Vii

Mark Vii Booth #2408 The AquaJet GT series of carwashes provide the highest-quality touchfree wash available at a competitive price. Simplified maintenance, outstanding reliability and future expandability are all part of the design. AquaJet GT systems also use less water at a higher speed than many competing systems. This combination of affordable intial investment, low


PUR-CLEAN Booth #1265 The knowledge of quality water and responsible water management is a vital component to a successful car wash operator in today’s highly competitive world of vehicle washing. TheSpot-free Rinse system with its patent-pending “state-oftheart” Water Stabilizer technology is designed to consistently produce highquality spot-free water while eliminating the use and ongoing expense

Natureworks Llc

Natureworks Llc Fresh food packaging from nature—it’s just that simple. NatureWorks PLA is a clear, nature-based food packaging resin made 100% from field corn. Packaging from NatureWorks PLA is a natural fit for fresh, wholesome foods and beverages. Retailers and brand owners around the globe are using NatureWorks PLA packaging to differentiate their fresh food


DYNA-TABS Dyna-Tabs introduces vitamin and herbal dietary supplements in a fast-dissolving tab. Launching in the U.S. with eight SKUs, Dyna-Tabs offer time-crunched consumers a convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling a hectic schedule. The debut line features eight varieties of tabs including Antioxidant Support, Cravings Resist, Immune Health Support, Digestive Assist, Carb

Impact Confections

Impact Confections Impact Confections announce a new Warheads product for 2006. Warheads Double Drops is a Super Sour candy liquid available in a unique two-chamber bottle. Two flavors, in one bottle, make this candy product double the fun. Kids may enjoy one flavor at a time or both—they decide. This dual dropper bottle holds two

Convenience Valet

Convenience Valet Be ready to treat a variety of ailments with the six-SKU counter display from Convenience Valet. This assortment is PSE-free and legal to sell in all markets. It contains 12 each of the newly reformulated versions of Dayquil and Nyquil, Alka Seltzer original formula, Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine, Benadryl, and six each

Tomlinson Industries

Tomlinson Industries The Modular Dispensing Systems Division of Tomlinson Industries offers a one-piece stainless steel trash chute for in-counter applications. Now trash receptacles can be kept under counters and out of sight; eliminating clutter and unsightly trash overflow. These one piece, open-ended chutes direct trash into the waste receptacle. Self-serve areas will remain clear, clean

Alto-shaam Inc.

Alto-shaam Inc. The Platinum Series gas convection oven is now available in a 12-pan capacity. The oven features a unique, transverse-flow burner system to provide even cooking without the need to rotate pans. This system offers a uniform flow of heat throughout the oven interior, even heat distribution and rapid heat recovery for maximum efficiency.

Advance Food Co.

Advance Food Co. Convenience products from Advance Food Company save time and labor, while decreasing food safety concerns. 54th Street Deli(tm) Sandwiches and Wraps are fully cooked, individually wrapped and combine handmade quality with grab & go convenience. Sprazzo(tm) Pizza has authentic flavor, pizzeria quality and heat & serve convenience. Advance Food Co. 505-797-4827

Manitowoc Beverage Equipment

Manitowoc Beverage Equipment Manitowoc Beverage Equipment (MBE), a leading manufacturer of ice/beverage dispensers for the foodservice industry, offers the industry’s first built-in ice crusher providing two types of ice from a single ice maker/ice dispenser combination. Integrated within the Servend MDH302 and MDH402 ice/beverage dispensers, icepic delivers the option of cubed or crushed ice. When

Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis Spunkmeyer The Otis Spunkmeyer O-riginals program lets retailers turn Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough into custom creations with the cookies customers love. With hundreds of topping combinations possible through the use of colorful sprinkles, shapes and icing-boost incremental sales with these high-impulse items. Program support includes easy-to-make recipes, monthly promotional ideas, a sprinkles and toppings

Rexall Sundown

Rexall Sundown The latest edition to the Pure Protein line combines rich peanut butter and chewy marshmallow. The Pure Protein Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse bar carries 28 – 32 grams of high-quality protein and only 2 – 5 grams of net carbs each. The bars have been repackaged with attractive graphics and easy-to-read nutrition information on

Sunny Delight Beverages Co.

Sunny Delight Beverages Co. The Sunny Delight Beverages Co. announces the introduction of a new 16-oz. offering available in Orange, Orange fused Strawberry, Orange fused Peach, Orange fused Mango, and Fruit Punch. Packaged in PET bottles, this new SunnyD line-up retains 180-day shelf-life at ambient or chilled temperatures. Expected Convenience Store retail price of 99′

Fireking Security Group

Fireking Security Group FireKing Security Group announced availability of a new feature for the company’s flagship Image Vault DVR solution: License Plate Recognition. License Plate Recognition, another weapon for the c-store’s arsenal in the battle against gas drive-off theft, is an image processing technology that is used to identify vehicles by their license plate numbers.

Handy Wacks Corp.

Handy Wacks Corp. Handy Wacks Corp. a major manufacturer of plain and printed waxed deli and tissue products for the food service industry, has been servicing this arena for over 75 years. The company serves needs from basket liners to sandwich wrappers and can randomly print up to three colors. Handy Wacks Corp. 800-445-4434


MIWE MIWE’s efficient shop oven, the Gusto 3.43, is a flexible, real German baking oven with all the features you would expect from MIWE. The 3.43 holds three half sheet size pans and has a reversible fan in the bake chamber to assure an even bake. Standard programmable controls make it easy for the operator

Pierre Foods Inc.

Pierre Foods Inc. New from Pierre, a hand-made sandwich that brings true restaurant quality to the packaged food segment. Introducing the Breaded Chicken Breast Fillet with Ranch Sauce Sandwich—the first offering from the Pierre Select hand-Made Sandwich line. Featuring a marinated, whole chicken breast fillet covered in a lightly seasoned breading, zesty ranch sauce and

Ruiz Foods

Ruiz Foods The new line of El Monterey Butcher Wrapped Burritos uses quality meats and cheeses, flavorful spices and ingredients all rolled in freshly baked tortillas and hand-wrapped in butcher paper for that authentic, specially made presentation. Perfect for the "grab and go" c-store consumer, the four flavors (8-oz. each) are microwaveable in less than

U.s. Smokeless Tobacco Co.

U.s. Smokeless Tobacco Co. U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (USSTC) will launch new and improved Skoal Bandits moist smokeless tobacco pouches. Replacing the existing Bandists line, the new Skoal Bandits will come in Mint and Wintergreen flavors and debut at retail on August 14. Every can of new and improved Skoal Bandits will contain 20 compact

Bic Usa Inc.

Bic Usa Inc. The new BIC® Gripper™ lighter and case has a style so fierce it will reach out and grab customers. As the market leader, BIC continues to give consumers new ways to Flick Your BIC®. BIC® Gripper™ is one of many new product introductions for BIC in 2006 and is available now. Its