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By Bill Scott There is an old parlor game where seven or eight people sit in a circle, and it begins when one person whispers a ‘secret’ into the ear of the person to their right, and that person whispers it to the person to their right, and so on and so forth. When the

In Order To Win, Sometimes You Just Have To Start Something

Buc-ee’s thinks outside the box. By Bill Scott I sort of remember Buc-ee’s from the early 80s when I visited with my family in Lake Jackson, Texas. Lake Jackson is a lazy little town that has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past 40 years or so. The story of Buc-ee’s is more

November-December 2016 Comparisons

By Bill Scott The November-December 2016 sales comparisons are in and the products tied for the largest gain in sales for December 2016 were FANTA PINEAPPLE (20-ounce) and COBRA (32-ounce), both entering the Top 100 with a gain of 27 positions each. Following close behind, COKE CLASSIC (two liter), and LITTLE DEBBIE MINI CHOCOLATE DONUTS

You Are Losing Money

By Bill Scott Having immediate, real-time access to your data is no small thing. How does this… Become this… Become this…. Become this… ?? Those who may tell you that collecting data from point-of-sale (POS) systems intermittently and trying to use it later, have never had the capability of seeing the benefit of knowing where

How To Double Your Profit

By Bill Scott My fascination with convenience stores began in 1950, when I was a child growing up in Shreveport, La. I used to ride in the car with my Mom to a Pak-A-Sak convenience store that was located just a little too far outside of the imaginary boundaries set for a wandering seven-year-old boy.

October-November Comparisons Are In

Are these top 100 products in your convenience stores? By Bill Scott Four products tied for first place in best performance during this period. They were Monster Java Mean Bean 15-ounce to rank at No. 72, Jailhouse Time ended up in position No. 79, Monster Java Loco Moca 15-ounce to position No. 99, and Frito-Lay

The Four Classifications of Products

By Bill Scott I WAS HAVING a discussion with Grant Rogers and Mel Haynes Sr. this morning regarding the grading of products in convenience stores, and the way I see it, it boils down to four classifications. Without reading further, can you guess what they are? Before we get into that, imagine pebbles of various

Somewhere We Missed The Ramp To The Freeway

By Bill Scott … and the world is passing us by AFTER WORKING IN the convenience store industry for nearly four decades, I have concluded that for the most part, the convenience store has evolved from the great American dream, to a sweat shop employing hordes of apathetic workers who deliver sub-standard service to zombie-like

My Bucket List

By Bill Scott “Bucket lists, often celebrated as things to do before you die should include things to do while you are alive.” As a provider of services to retailers and convenience stores here is mine: Eliminate the 70% of inventory that is either not selling or unprofitable. The remainder is cross-subsidizing your losses and

The Trolley Problem

When we do nothing, the situation is often worse than performing any other action. By Bill Scott Google published an article last week that I will recap just a little bit, because it resonates like a bell on a different issue I have struggled with for 16 years regarding “Computer Assisted Ordering” in convenience stores.

Second and Third Quarter Comparisons

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC The winner for the greatest advancement in positions is: Nestle Pure Life Jumping up 267 positions to a ranking of 37, quite impressive for H2O. No other product even came close. Fuze Berry Punch one Liter rose 67 positons, followed by Kool Box, Powerade Lemon Line 32 ounce, Powerade

August-September 2016 Figures Are In

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC What happened in September? There was little change in the first three-quarters of the rankings in the Top 100, but from there down it got crazy. The prize for making the greatest showing was Coors Light 16 ounce six-pack, which rocketed into position 99 for a gain of 165

Are We Watching the Birth of a Two-Tier Supply Chain?

Allen Saunders: Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. —Readers Digest, 1957 By Bill Scott, president, StoreReport LLC The interesting thing about evolution is that it is a slow progression of minuscule occurrences that can only be evaluated when viewed through hindsight. ‘Technology Impact Analysis’ is the armor against a

How Geography Impacts Sales

A store’s location, customer demographics and product mix play a big role in potential profits, but sometimes it’s the small business details that mean the most. By Bill Scott A few years ago, while counting items in one of our client’s stores, I noticed what appeared to be an out-of-balance situation involving Ben & Jerry’s


By Bill Scott, president, StoreReport LLC Most of us started out with the drive to do something outstanding with our lives; but, somewhere along the way, we felt compelled to compromise on the important things that resulted in a hum-drum existence of simply making a living, further exacerbated by the feeling that we had failed.

How Many Good Sellers Have You Unknowingly Dropped?

By Bill Scott, president, StoreReport LLC Last year, in March, a manager at one of my customer’s stores asked me to find out when the last sale of a certain item occurred. I reported back that the last sale occurred in November of the previous year. A little more digging around and I discovered the

Consigned Inventory in Retail Stores

Is consigned inventory in the convenience channel possible? By Bill Scott, president, StoreReport LLC Gasoline and diesel fuel is the single, highest investment a convenience store can make. In the past, it was common practice for fuel distributors to keep convenience store tanks filled with fuel and only bill the stores AFTER the fuel was

July/ August 2016 Comparisons Are In

By Bill Scott, president, StoreReport LLC Taking samples from 33 stores located in the southeastern U.S., the same Top Ten items held their own with the exception of 20/32 ounce Ice Cup dropping four positions and making way for Newport cigarettes moving up one position to command position number 10. Note: Not all of these


There are some things we simply cannot live without. By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC PART TWO The Worst Punishment of All Solitary confinement, isolation from all forms of human contact could be the cruelest punishment of all. While many of us enjoy the solitude of our quiet time alone, no human contact for an


  By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC PART ONE In September of 2010, nearly six years ago, Convenience Store Supply Chain Management was launched. In less than six years we have grown from one member to 15,777 members (as of this writing). If each of our members owned a convenience store, we might be considered

July 2016 Convenience Store Performance Results Are In

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC Summer is definitely here in the Southeast U.S., and you don’t have to go outside to realize it. Just one look into the inventory movement in our convenience stores tells the story. The skirmish over what products are selling the most is concentrated in the cold liquids department. Remember,

Public Speaking Is My Passion

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC I remember the first public speech I ever gave. It was in 1978 to a group of business people and professors at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. It must have been a horrible sight to behold. I worked on my speech for a month, and read it as

The Awesome Power of Inventory

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC It was in the summer of 1984, 32 years ago, a time that preceded the commercial use of the Internet; when Microsoft Windows, Networking, Powerpoint, the World Wide Web, Web Browsers, E-mail, J-Peg images, Broadband, Google, Wi-Fi and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” were yet to materialize. My newest

Stop Buying Inventory That Won’t Sell In A Delivery Cycle

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC While this rule may not apply to all types of retailers, in the convenience store environment, it makes a lot of sense. Aside from the fact that convenience stores generally have limited storage space, they are not receiving the margins necessary to offset the cost of maintaining overstock. But

Mass Markets are Dead, Long Live the Mom and Pops

By Bill Scott, President, StoreReport LLC Last week, a friend was complaining about the fact that he had gained thirty-pounds since Christmas, and he didn’t know where it came from. Neither could he recall any unintentional life changes. He didn’t sit down and eat one, 30-pound meal in a single sitting, that’s for sure. If