Ultramar Offers New Gift Card Program

Ultramar works with Fanbox to give consumers new gift card services at all of its Canadian locations.

Fanbox, a leader in relational technology and loyalty programs, developed a gift card program for Ultramar service stations and convenience stores across Canada, which totals 800 corporate and partner stations.

The program developed by Fanbox was launched across the network this past June. It manages gift cards in real time, and integrates to both the till and pay-at-the-pump systems at Ultramar.

“We are very excited about this new gift card program, which will certainly continue to evolve over the long term through new features and the flexibility allowed by Fanbox’s MS2 platform,” said Jacinthe Gratton, Ultramar director of marketing and sales program.

This is the first time Fanbox has worked with a gas station / convenience store retailer. Daleyne Guay, president of Fanbox, said in a press release this is a “major contract” for the company. He said the gift cards work for either the gas station or in store products.

Ultramar, based in Montreal, Canada, markets gasoline and diesel fuel at about 800 service stations and c-stores. It also owns and operates a refinery that has a production capacity of 265,000 barrels of oil per day near Quebec City. Fanbox, also located in Canada, offers retail solutions for about 300 retailers in both U.S. and Canada.

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