Innovative Dressings Package

The KRAFT YES Pack, an innovative dressings package introduced in January 2012 by Kraft Foodservice, is designed to deliver maximum yield with greater ease.  Made from flexible yet durable plastic, the YES Pack allows operators to easily squeeze out up to 99% of the dressing inside without creating any inconvenient mess for the user. The KRAFT YES Pack—which stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability—provides foodservice operators with the same delicious KRAFT Dressings that customers rely on day-to-day in new, more efficient packaging.  Available in a two/one-gallon format, the YES Pack allows operators to stock a greater variety of flavors with a smaller investment. Unlike traditional rigid jugs, the YES Pack eliminates the need for messy scraping and dangerous cutting thereby maximizing dressing yield.  The flexibility of YES Pack delivers an extra two ounces of dressing per case, reducing waste and allowing for more dressing on salads.

“It’s all about meeting the needs of the operator,” said Mat Odigie, associate business manager at Kraft Foods.  “This new, cutting-edge design will significantly increase yield while improving back-of-house efficiencies–and do it all with minimal waste.”

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