Convenience Valet, Finiti E-Cigarettes Partner

New alliance helps extend reach of e-cigarette brand.

Finiti e-cigarettes has entered into a strategic alliance with Convenience Valet and Advantage Sales & Marketing to represent and distribute its electronic cigarette products.

Finiti e-cigarettes will now be available through many distribution partners, including Core-Mark, Eby-Brown, Grocery Supply Co., H.T. Hackney Co., DOT Foods, LibertyUSA and C.D. Hartnett Co.
These alliances and partnerships will extend the accessibility of Finiti e-cigarettes to convenience and grocery stores across the country.

“By adding these distribution partners to our growing list of distributors, we’re ensuring that consumers will find Finiti e-cigarettes on-shelf at the stores they frequent,” said Russell Stone, president of Finiti Holding Co. LLC.

Finiti e-cigarettes are an alternative to traditional cigarettes, providing nicotine without smoke. Instead of burning tobacco, Finiti uses clinical-grade nicotine and water vapor to replicate the normal smoking experience in a smoke-free, ash-free, odor-free way.
Available in a range of SKUs, including rechargeable kits, disposable e-cigarettes and lifestyle kits, Finiti e-cigarettes are available in regular and menthol. Finiti products are priced to suit every lifestyle, beginning at $9.99 for a disposable cigarette that lasts as long as two packs of traditional cigarettes.

Introduced in 2011, Finiti e-cigarettes pledge to be a better choice for smokers and commit to producing the highest quality products, supported by ethical marketing and responsible business practices. Finiti Branding Group LLC is based in Northbrook