Murphy USA Attracts Customers Through Whrrl

Murphy USA, a national gas station and convenience store chain co-located at Walmart, has partnered with Warner Bros. and is driving business with a social networking campaign through Whrrl, Mobile Commerce Daily reported.

When customers check in on Whrrl- a Web site where people can find friends that share their real world patterns-at one of Murphy’s 1,200-plus locations, they have the chance to win movie tickets, concession cash and other prizes related to the new Warner Bros. film Due Date.

“Due Date is a film about a soon-to-be-father forced to hitchhike cross-country with an aspiring actor in order to make it to his child’s birth on-time,” said Heather Meeker, director of PR and marketing at Pelago, makers of Whrrl, Seattle.

“Because Murphy USA is a well-known nationwide gas station located in the heart of America, it was a natural tie-in to have Due Date-related prizes – including movie tickets and concession cash – offered at Murphy USA when customers check in on Whrrl,” she said. “Not only will customers learn about Due Date upon check in, they can also virally share if they win a prize to their networks on Facebook and Twitter.”

Murphy partnered with Whrrl before for its first promotion. The gas station gave consumers the chance to win $50 worth of free gas – when their customers checked in on Whrrl while at the pump. That program was highly successful with 44% of users checking-in were shopping at the convenience chain for the first time. And 85% chose Murphy over a nearby competitor.

Now, Murphy is extending that promotion to give away Warner Bros. Due Date-related prizes when customers check in on Whrrl at Murphy. Once they check in, they are immediately accepted into the Murphy USA Society, which brings together people who are passionate about the brand to make and share recommendations with each other.

Each check-in and Murphy-based recommendation earns a customer additional chances to win. In other words, the most socially loyal customers have the best chances to win. Brands can determine loyalty based on these recommendations and see who the top members of their Society are. The more people check in on Whrrl at Murphy and leave great recommendations, the more they “level up” in their “Society” on the Web site. The higher a person levels up, the more Murphy understands exactly who their most loyal customers are.

“This is an integrated campaign,” Meeker said. “Murphy USA’s location-based social loyalty program is through Whrrl. “In addition, Collective Bias is helping Murphy USA power promotions on mobile and social platforms such as giveaways via text messaging and the Murphy USA Facebook page.”



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