Cheese Jerky

Snack Patrol LLC has developed a new snack, called Cheese Jerky®, that combines shredded beef jerky with string cheese. This new product, which is already available in stores across the U.S., offers a previously impossible variation of string cheese. To make this snack, premium beef jerky is shredded, then added to Wisconsin farmstead string cheese. Normally the combination would be impossible, but after years of research and product testing, Snack Patrol has developed a proprietary process that allows for the meat to be added without compromising flavor, texture or shelf life. Cheese Jerky® is available in two flavors:  Original Cheese Jerky® and Peppered Cheese Jerky®, with many more to come, such as Pepperoni, Habanera, and Chipotle. The snack is sold in 1.5-ounce sticks, and can be found in the refrigerated section for a suggested retail price of  99 cents to $1.39 per stick.

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